A Guide to The Emerging Trend of CBD Wax

CBD comes in tens of forms like gummies, oil, capsules, foods, vaping fluids, etc. What is amazing is that the forms in which CBD comes are increasing day by day. However, there is one problem with most CBD products. Whether they are gummies or oil, they have low CBD concentrations.

One of the biggest reasons people fail to experience some of the incredible health effects of CBD is its low dose intake. So, what could be the probable solution? It appears that one of the better ways to take CBD at higher dosages is using CBD wax.

Since more people experience the health effects of CBD after using its wax, its popularity is also rising. In just a few years, its demand has increased by multiple times. Now CBD waxed is among the most demanded CBD products.

CBD wax

What Is CBD Wax?

As already said that CBD wax is among the most potent products. It has a wax-like consistency due to higher CBD concentration and higher viscosity. Ideally, CBD wax must be a dry and easy-to-handle product.

Unlike CBD oil, which manufacturers produce by adding small amounts of CBD isolate or distillate to the carrier oil, CBD wax is a real thing. It may have lower purity than CBD oil made using isolate, but it has much more potency.

CBD, by nature, is a fat-soluble substance. Thus, when extracted using various methods, one gets a CBD resin as an intermediate product. One can either create purer isolate or some other products from here.

How To Make CBD Wax

CBD experts often describe wax as something that is quite comparable to CBD resin. Therefore, people may use it as a final product or intermediate to make other products from it. However, unlike CBD isolate, or distillate, it is less pure and may contain other cannabinoids and terpenes, which may be beneficial, though it may also cause more side effects.

Nevertheless, market data indicates that the popularity of wax is increasing. This is readily explained as people are looking for something more potent and a product that really works.

What Is CBD Crumble?

Crumble is just another kind of wax. Basically, CBD wax comes in different consistencies, with some thicker and butter-like, while others are less thick or even solid and may readily crumble. CBD is made by heating cannabis extract and using different air pressure settings. Some settings would produce CBD butter as an end product, while others a crumblier product.

CBD oil and crumble

How To Make CBD Crumble

Though CBD crumble is a type of CBD wax, it is more solid and less buttery, and it crumbles or breaks into small, uneven pieces. Therefore, consider it a drier form of CBD wax. Since it is drier, it may be easier to pack and carry than something that is buttery.

One can create CBD crumble by heating for longer and reducing the pressure to remove most of the moisture. This would produce CBD wax crumbles. Then, one can directly eat these crumbles, smoke them, or even add them to different food items.

Of course, to create a crumbly product, extra effort is needed. For example, one may need to circulate the resin multiple times through the closed loop system during extraction. In addition, the resin has to go through multiple cycles of cooling and heating. Finally, once the pure product is ready, one must place the final extract for about three days in a vacuum oven at higher temperatures to get a truly crumbly product.

CBD Crumble vs. CBD Wax: What’s The Difference?

It is one of the common questions. There is not much difference between CBD crumble and wax, and they are the same things. Crumble is just a bit drier and easier to use. Depending on the preparation temperature and air pressure, one may get live resin, crumble, budder, shatter, and more. As one can understand that the primary difference between them is consistency. Generally, drier forms like crumble are more potent.

How To Use CBD Wax & Crumble: Method & Effects

There are innumerable ways in which this high-potency product can be used, and thus imagination is the only limit. One can also use this product in some unique ways.

Thus, for example, one may use it when smoking an old-fashioned pipe. One may smoke it along with tobacco and even without much of it. Nevertheless, some tobacco would be needed to convert the wax into an inhalable vapor. Though it is not good to smoke, but smoking crumbles may be an option for those who smoke a pipe.

Another good way to use it is just eating these crumbles. One can eat them directly or add them to various foods. They are also quite good for adding to different baked items. However, eating pure crumbles is one of the ways for those wanting to experience the immediate effect of high-dose CBD.

To conclude, CBD wax and crumble are some of the crude and more potent forms of CBD. As a result, some find it easy to use CBD in these forms. However, it is worth understanding that creating CBD crumbles is quite a laborious process, and thus it may be relatively expensive.

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A Guide to CBD Pens: Do They Work?

Vaping is on the rise worldwide and is growing in popularity day by day. It is especially popular among young adults. It has helped many quit smoking, and what is good is that now many vaping liquids are also enriched with ingredients good for health. CBD pens are just an excellent example of this.

There is a reason why the wellness industry must pay greater attention to vaping. The prime benefit of vaping is the instant effect of any ingredient and excellent bioavailability. In addition, it means that vaping CBD has the advantage of faster action.

For example, consider using CBD oil, which has good sublingual bioavailability but not so good bioavailability when ingested. This is because the intestines take a long time to absorb CBD, which also results in much wastage. Consequently also takes a long time to start acting. However, in the case of vaping, it works almost instantly, and the lungs directly and immediately absorb CBD vapors.

It is worth understanding that people often use CBD for health conditions requiring quick action. For example, more and more people use CBD products to manage conditions like anxiety and seizures. However, if a person takes a CBD capsule, it will start working quite slowly and may not prevent anxiety or seizure in its early stages. So, why not consider vaping?

CBD vaping

First Off What Are CBD Pens

CBD pen is just another name for a vaping device. However, there is some difference, as manufacturers make these devices more specifically for CBD e-juices. These pens are quite like regular vaping devices with some minor differences to ensure better availability of CBD.

Additionally, there is something called disposable CBD vape pens. These pens come pre-filled with CBD e-juice, and one can simply discard them once the CBD has finished.

Generally, disposable pens contain a higher quality of CBD e-juice, and they are also simpler to use. However, they are slimmer and often represent a cigarette.

Nevertheless, both disposable and refillable devices or CBD pens are equally good with their own pros and cons.

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How Do CBD Pens Make You Feel

CBD pens do not contain THC, and thus they would not cause a high. However, this does not mean that CBD does not affect mood or the brain’s working. People use CBD for its various effects on mood. However, most of the effects of CBD are quite mild.

Thus, most people who use CBD pens report feeling relaxed, experiencing a sense of calmness, pain relief, and reduced fatigue. Additionally, frequent use may also prevent mood swings and reduce inflammation.

Here it is vital to understand that the effect of CBD pen also depends on the other ingredients. Most CBD e-juices would have some aroma, essential oils, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds.

Should I Use CBD Vape Pens for Anxiety

It is perhaps a good idea to use CBD vape pens for anxiety. Some people are highly prone to anxiety attacks, and seven a small threat may make them so nervous that they may find it difficult to cope with it.

However, the problem with medications is that they start acting too late. In many instances, an acute anxiety attack is over by the time medications start working.

It is best to prevent anxiety attacks in their early stages as soon as one starts feeling unusually worried. CBD vape pens are good because they might provide an almost instant relaxing effect. In fact, many people start smoking tobacco to overcome stress and anxiety. However, vaping CBD is a much healthier and more effective way to control anxiety.

CBD vape pens can help control anxiety and anxiety-related physical signs and symptoms. Thus, it may help reduce pain sensation and even reduce anxiety-associated gastrointestinal issues.

What Are Some of The Best CBD Vape Pens

Theoretically, one can simply buy CBD enriched vaping liquid and use it with just any vaping device. However, it is better to use devices specifically created for the purpose, as they have the right kind of heating filament to ensure maximum CBD bioavailability.

When it comes to choosing the devices, there is a choice between disposable and refillable. Disposable devices come pre-filled with CBD and are ready to use. They are also cheaper to procure. However, disposable may be more expensive over the long run.

Refillable CBD vape pens, on the other hand, are made to last long, and thus they are relatively more expensive. However, they are a better option who vape frequently. Additionally, one can also buy different kinds of CBD e-juices for such devices.

CBD vape pens

What Are Some of The Best Disposable CBD Vape Pens

There are numerous options in the market, and here we introduce some of the best-known brands. This would help both the consumers and business owners looking to introduce vaping products understand how the good vaping products must look like.

Secret Nature CBD Vape produces a range of premium products, both disposable and refill cartilages. This company specializes in full-spectrum CBD oil containing different cannabinoids and terpenes for the best vaping experience. This also helps provide the true plant aroma.

Cheef Botanicals CBD Pen is another example of a company producing an excellent range of CBD vaping products, from disposable vape pens to cartilages. What is good about this company is that it produces CBD vaping products in every imaginable flavor like lime, pine, blackberry, pineapple, mango, and many more. In addition, they have a nice and colorful product packing and provide an aromatic experience.

Funky Farms Reserve, as the name suggests, it produces a range of CBD vaping products that particularly focuses on young adults. And, yes, they also share numerous ideas about using CBD, like adding to various recipes and more.

Farmacy Bliss Vape Pen is good because it contains a moderately good dose of CBD. They have full-spectrum CBD oil that is free from solvents and rich in terpenes. Terpenes provide both aroma and flavor to the products.

PCKT One Plus, their products are for experienced users, as they have ultra-long batter life. However, this also means that their device is bulkier and does not look like a pen or cigarette. But, then larger size often means faster heating, long-lasting battery life, and a better product experience in many cases.

To conclude, there are many CBD vaping devices available. However, for those starting vaping and looking for something relatively affordable and for casual use, disposable CBD pens might be the best option. Moreover, they are quite slim and discreet.

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The Best CBD Payment Processors

So, you have probably done many studies about CBD and are interested in getting started. Most likely, you know where to source the products and how to meet the country’s regulatory requirements.

The next logical step would be micro-business planning. It would be about deciding where to sell, how to sell, setting up the sales platform, and more.

Many would like to have a dedicated online store for their products. However, it is generally not very challenging, as setting up an online store using different platforms is pretty simple and does not cost much. There are many options here, from WooCommerce to Shopify, and all are pretty simple ways of getting started.

However, when people start setting up the online store, many may suddenly hit the wall as they realize that most payment processors are not ready to accept payments for CBD products. It is true that CBD is legal. Nonetheless, regulations are still evolving.

In addition, many payment processing services consider CBD business as a high-risk business, quite like pornography, dating, or online gambling. Thus, they are not ready to manage payments of CBD companies.

The payment processor is a third party, a financial institute, that can process or accept payments via various means like debit and credit cards. Then, after taking their small commission or service charges, they transfer the rest of the amount into your business account.

payment processing

How To Choose a CBD Payment Processor

As mentioned, most payment processing gateways still regard CBD as a high-risk business. It is true that CBD is now entirely legal in most parts of the world. However, the problem is with the continually changing legal environment.

Some of the reputed payment processors worry that they might also get into trouble for not following specific regulations. Thus, they prefer to stay away from high-risk businesses like CBD, pharmaceuticals, online dating, or gambling.

The problem is not only in the unclear legal framework or regulatory hurdles, but experience shows that people buying such products are also more likely to engage in fraudulent activities.

Thus, not every payment processing company would be ready to work with CBD merchants. However, here are some things to know when opening a merchant account with payment processing companies.

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White label CBD products

Must be ready to process high-risk transactions

When you start your business, make clear to the payment processing company that they are ready to process CBD-related transactions. Generally, these are companies with much experience in processing high-risk transactions and experience working with websites that provide services like online dating, gaming, travel services, and more.

Here it is vital, to be honest about your products. The Internet is full of information when someone working with low-risk products like selling gift cards also decided to start selling CBD products. And suddenly, they realized that their account got suspended as their payment processing company would not work with CBD products.

Easy to integrate with common platforms

Once you have found the right kind of company that is ready to work with CBD products, another thing to look at is that their services must be easy to integrate with the most common platforms.

So, let’s say that if you have a WordPress website with a WooCommerce store, then the software solution provided by the company must be easy to set up and should not pose any challenges. Otherwise, you may need to spend lots of money on setup costs and may also experience frequent problems.

POS availability

This factor only counts if you are planning to have an offline store. In such a case, you would also need POS system integration. Though most payment processing companies may provide this service, however pay extra attention to the quality of software, ease of use, and reporting functions. Therefore, even if you are not planning to have an offline store, it is good to have a payment processor that provides this option, just in case your plans change in the future.

Low transaction fees

Let’s be honest, most payment processors working with high-risk businesses have higher fees. For example, they may charge a hefty upfront fee and massive commissions for processing every transaction. Thus, try to learn about all the service fees, including setup, statement, terminal, monthly or annual charges, and more.

Of course, it is also essential to understand how they charge a fee. Generally, most good payment processing companies would just deduct a small percentage from each transaction. This is quite a convenient option for beginners, as you are paying from the profit and not out of pocket.

Does PayPal Process CBD Payments

No, PayPal does not handle CBD payments. If you have other stores and have been working with PayPal, be very clear about it.

There are many cases when people did not know about it, just because they have been working for PayPal for so long and have been using PayPal as a payment processor for years. But, when they started selling CBD products, they got into trouble.

Using PayPal for CBD may result in account suspension, or the company may hold funds for a large amount of time. For example, there are reports when PayPal held the funds for six months or more!

CBD payment

Are There Any High-Risk Payment Processors for CBD

Yes, there are many. Things are now much better than they used to be even a decade back. There is not considerable competition in the financial sector. Thus, tens of companies, banks, and other organizations provide payment processing services. Therefore, one must carefully understand the pros and cons of each payment processing company.

Which Is the Best CBD Payment Processor for Me

Though there are many payment processors, here are a few of the better ones known to work with CBD sellers.


One of the oldest payment processing companies was founded way back in 1988 and thus has been in the business from quite an early day of eCommerce. Over the years, their tools have become much better and easy to integrate with many custom features. They also provide excellent customer support. The only downside is that they might be a bit slow to respond to queries.


It is quite a dynamic and fast-growing company, with many reputed customers. Therefore, they are a good choice for more extensive platforms as they have excellent experience in handling large clients. Moreover, they support different kinds of credit and debit cards. However, on the downside, they have a small monthly fee for their services, which is apart from a small fee per transaction.

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It is a company that prides itself as a provider of high-risk merchant accounts. They are ready to work with different industries, from porn, and gaming, to CBD, without any issues. For them working with regulated products like CBD is not an issue. It means that they have a fast account approval process.

Easy Pay Direct

Last but the most reputed payment processor in this list is Easy Pay Direct. It is quite an old company, established in the year 2000. They have experience in working with both high-risk clients and large, well-established eCommerce stores. They are handling the business transactions of many reputed CBD companies.

Thus, Easy Pay Direct has quite a good software solution that can handle all kinds of transactions with almost zero complaints. They have one of the best payment gateways in the industry. However, it also means that they have some setup fees and descent monthly fees, along with high processing rates.

Surely, the above list is not comprehensive, and many more payment processors can work with the CBD industry. Moreover, the CBD industry is not risky compared to online gaming, dating websites, etc. Therefore, though most of them would be able to handle financial transactions securely, nonetheless, one should choose any payment processors after due diligence.

If you have any questions regarding payment processing for CBD products, we would be glad to help you with it.