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CBD Vape Pens How to Choose the Right One?

People are using CBD for all the reasons, and why not? After all, it helps in so many health conditions. But, more importantly, it is good to reduce stress and anxiety and stay calm. 

Therefore, no surprise that after CBD oil and gummies, CBD vaping is the most popular way to experience the benefits of CBD. 

However, there are many questions regarding CBD vape pens, and we have already written an article about if these pens work or not. In another article, we have answered some common questions regarding vaping CBD.

Additionally, we have also written a detailed article about Geek bars, which are single-use or disposable vape pens containing nicotine but not CBD.

This article looks into how to choose the right kind of CBD vape pen. We will focus more on non-disposable vape pens, factors to consider when choosing one, and more. Moreover, we cannot neglect another aspect: the vape pen is a style statement.

What Is a Vape Pen?

These are pretty simple devices. Any vape pen has a rechargeable battery and a heating coil. The battery heats the coil, thus heating the vaping juice, producing inhalable vapours. So, everything is pretty simple. 

However, there are different kinds of models for different needs. For example, some people vape frequently and would like to have something more reliable, while others prefer more discreet models. Thus, the smallest among them look almost like cigarettes and are therefore called cigalikes. 

However, larger ones produce more vapour and are made to last long. Therefore, they are much thicker and are called vape mods. Then there are models which are in between these two options. These are slightly larger than cigalikes, but smaller than vape mod and are often called vape pens.

Thus, a vape pen is essentially a mid-sized vaping device that has the benefit of both the smaller cigalikes and vape mod. This is the reason why some people prefer vape pens over other models.

Vape pens could be for multiple uses; thus, they can be refilled with e-liquid. However, they might also be disposable. Some people just like disposable ones due to ease of use, as they are almost hassle-free. Nonetheless, disposable pens are still made to last for quite a long like a few thousand puffs. Hence, with casual vaping, they might last for several weeks and even months.

Choosing Correctly Depends on Your Inhalation Style...

Theoretically, you can just buy any vaping device according to your liking, and it is likely to work well. Nonetheless, there are some minute differences that matter. For example, every device produces different amounts of vapour and has varying resistance to inhalation. Thus, your ultimate experience of using any vaping device would vary.

Most vaping device manufacturers make their products by keeping inhaling styles in mind. They know that some prefer vape devices that are more like cigarettes, while others prefer devices that may produce more vapour. Some the feeling vaping produce in their throat, while others may prefer inhaling all the vapour directly to the lungs. Then there are those who vape differently every time. Fortunately, there are vaping devices for every inhaling or vaping style.

Mouth To Lung Vaping (MTL)

These are people who vape more like they are smoking a cigarette. They would like to draw vapour into their mouth before inhaling it into their lungs. These people living the strong throat hit provided by such kind of inhaling habit. These kinds of people also prefer higher CBD or nicotine concentrations.

Best Vape Pens for MTL Vapers

These categories of vape pens are the most selling devices. There are many models in this category, like Innokin T22 PRO, Aspire Zelos 3, Voopoo Seal, and many more. Most of these devices are quite good for beginners and experienced vapers alike. They have excellent batter life and wattage, provide good flavour, and come in different shapes and sizes. 

Direct To Lung Vaping (DTL)

This is a very distinct category of vapers, and they like to directly inhale most of the vapor to their lungs. Thus, they want devices that produce lots of clouds and yet it must not have much resistance. Such people may prefer low-dose CBD or nicotine e-juices.

Best Vape Pens for DTL Vapers

These vape pens last long as they generally utilize lower power coils. However, their experience differs from cigarette smoking. Some of the good vape pens for those who prefer DTL style are Voopoo Vmate, Aspire Favostix, and many more.

Restricted Direct Lung Vaping (RDL)

This vaping style is between MTL and DTL. These people like the feeling in their throat, and yet they also like to inhale bigger clouds. Thus, RDL vape pens would have generally higher resistance to provide that nice feeling in the throat and yet allow smooth inhaling.

Best RDL Vape Pens

Quite like DTL vaping pens, they do not require much power and generally have a low resistance coil to preserve the flavour of the vapours. Thus, they last for quite a long. However, they only have a bit higher inhaling resistance compared to DTL vaping pens. Some good examples of these devices are Aspire Riil X Vape Pod Kit, Geekvape Z50 Vape kit, SMOK Nord 50W Pods Vape kit, and many more.

Tank-Based Vapes vs Pod-Based Vapes: Which Is Better for Me?

The difference between the two types, which are traditional tank-based and pod-based, is minor, and it would not have any major influence on your vaping experience. However, it still may influence your choice. Some find take-based pens more comfortable to use, while others pod based.

For most people getting started with CBD vaping, perhaps tank based vape pen would be a better choice. These vape pens are sturdier, have a larger coil, and have a better battery life to produce more vapour. But, more importantly, their tank can be refilled with the e-liquid of your choice. Thus, one would have a greater choice of CBD vaping juices.

Unlike tank-based systems, pod-based pens use pods specifically made for that vape pens. As one can imagine, it means that this may limit your choice of CBD vaping juices. In most cases, your choice may be limited to the pods that fit into that particular vaping pen. However, pod-based pens are easier to use, as there is no need to clean tanks, and they are sleeker.


There are many benefits of CBD. CBD vaping is surely better than nicotine. Although vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes, nicotine is still bad for health. Therefore, it is quite a good idea to switch to CBD vaping, which is least likely to cause side effects. Moreover, it would help provide an immediate relaxing effect. When choosing a vaping pen, there are a few things to consider, like your inhaling style and how often you vape.