Private Label CBD Products

From your initial idea to a finished product.

We Follow A Collaborative Product Development Process To Create Private Label CBD Products Specific To Your Brand And Needs.

Our Private Label Service allows you to create unique and personalised Private Label CBD Oil or Private Label CBD Skin Care products that are tailored to your company’s needs. Within this service, you have the freedom to realize your ideas and develop and perfect your very own formulas.

What we are

  • Completely new, custom formulas or customisation of existing products from our product catalogue.

  • Extensive packaging selection from our packaging suppliers or offering you the possibility to bring your own packaging.

  • Preparation of product information files (PIFs) and other relevant cosmetic files including cosmetic product safety reports (CPSR).

  • CPNP registration and product data submission.

  • Performance of stability and compatibility tests.

  • Support and guidance for the certification process. Products can be certified as natural, natural-organic or organic by the ECOGEA institute.

  • Support and guidance in the marketing of CBD products.

Essentia Pura™

How does it work?

Every customer is an individual, and so each product is unique. This is why we offer you all our services according to the principle in which you only use what you need. No wastage.

Reach Out To Specify
Your Requirements.

Work alongside our research & development team

to develop and optimize the formulations according to your specifications.

Receive and test the first samples of your product.

If you’re happy, that gives us a green light for manufacturing.

If it’s not exactly what you expected, we can modify it.

Select a wide range of packaging options

to suit your product requirements.

Create your design 

with our handpicked award-winning creative agency.

Receive the market-ready products 

that you & your customers were looking for.

Get in touch with us

present your idea or preferred characteristics, and we will use our extensive experience to find the best way forward for you.