CBD Oil vs CBD Vape Juice: Similarities & Differences

CBD is among the most popular natural remedies. It has tens of health benefits. Therefore, no surprise that it comes in many forms. 

CBD oil is one of the oldest and most popular ways of consuming CBD. Other oral forms are gummies and tinctures. However, in recent years the popularity of tinctures has decreased for various reasons.

Before we move on to discussing similarities and differences between CBD oil and CBD vape juice, it is essential to understand that CBD tincture is a very different thing, though many online sources wrongly use these terms interchangeably.

CBD is an oil-based product, whereas tincture is an alcohol-based product, thus making them very different things. Though they are used for similar reasons, their chemical properties differ, as alcohol is highly flammable and relatively volatile.

What Is CBD Oil, exactly?

CBD oil is not extracted from cannabis plants, as many people imagine. Instead, manufacturers extract CBD from the plant and then mix it with carrier oils creating CBD oil. Using this method results in a high-purity product. 

First, extracting pure CBD using supercritical CO2 extraction or other extraction methods ensures that one gets highly refined CBD isolate or CBD distillate. 

When we have CBD isolate or distillate, we can mix them in oils of our choice, add other beneficial compounds like terpenes, and create safe yet highly beneficial health products.

Thus, CBD oil is a cannabinoid/CBD mixed in carrier oils like olive oil, other vegetable oils, MCTs, and so on. It may also contain other phytocompounds like terpenes and some essential oils to improve its aroma and provide added health benefits.

CBD oil is relatively simple to produce, safe, and thus the preferred way of using CBD. 

However, in recent years, the popularity of vaping is also increasing. Thus, many young adults are looking for CBD-infused vape juices as they understand that this would have some added benefits.

CBD Oil vs CBD Vape Juice: What’s The Difference?

Interestingly enough, there are many similarities between CBD oil and CBD vape juice, which is why it is very important to know the minor differences that make them entirely different products.

Manufacturers would use either CBD isolate or CBD distillate to produce these products. They would mix CBD in an oil base, add some other compounds like terpenes for added benefits, and might add aromas to improve the product experience. 

Different kinds of oils/fats used to produce the products

However, the difference between the two groups is in the kind of oil manufacturers use to produce these two very different products. For CBD oil, theoretically, producers can use any edible oil. However, for vape juice, just any oil would not work. One needs to use oil that would create vapours on heating. Hence, vape juice is most likely to use propylene glycol, glycerin, and no other vegetable oils.

Vaping juices tend to have a more intense flavour

Additionally, vaping oils also have a stronger flavour. After all, people vape not just for health benefits but also for relaxation, pleasure, and stress reduction.

When it comes to CBD oil, many people prefer CBD’s earthy flavour and do not like masking agents or flavours. Moreover, CBD oil is taken sublingually and not for enjoying the flavour. 

However, vaping has a dual purpose. One also expects it to provide a pleasant experience.

CBD oil has fewer additives

There is a reason why CBD oil is safer, and it generally has fewer additives. However, some producers of vaping juices may add different chemicals to improve the overall product experience. Some of these additives may also help in the formation of vapours. However, this also makes vaping juices less safe when compared to CBD oil.

Vaping juices have lower amounts of volatile compounds

Vaping juice is heated to produce vapour; thus, even small amounts of volatile oils may produce intense flavour. However, there are also limitations to what kind of essential oils or phytocompounds can be added to vaping juice. Some compounds are less stable, and when heated, they might change or lose some of their properties. 

This is why we have CBD tincture for ingestion, but one cannot add alcohol to vaping juices, as it is unstable at extreme heat and flammable. It means that when adding any substance or compound to vaping juices, manufacturers need to pay special attention to its boiling point and inflammability. 

Can I Vape CBD Oil?

Theoretically, you may vape CBD oil, but in practice, no. Some CBD oils might produce vapour, depending on the kind of oil used to produce those products. However, in most cases, it will not work; thus, it is not recommended even to try it, as it may spoil your vaping pen.

CBD oil contains oils that do not produce vapours. Instead, they might burn at higher temperatures. Thus, inhaling this smoke may even harm health. Moreover, it is not likely that your vaping pod would be able to produce those kinds of high temperatures. Hence, you may be able to inhale only some of the volatile parts of the CBD oil, like terpenes that vaporize at lower temperatures.

Since CBD oil has far more viscous oils, if heated, they may form a layer on the heating coil of the vaping pod and thus spoil it. Vaping pod may also become clogged. 

Therefore, it is not a good idea to use CBD oil for vaping, as they were never produced for the purpose.

Can I Ingest CBD Vape Juice?

Though not recommended, the answer is yes. CBD vape juice does not contain anything that may be highly toxic, though it may have a more intense flavour. Hence, one can ingest CBD juice in small amounts. 

However, some CBD juice might contain substances that are harmful to health when ingested in larger amounts, like some may cause allergies. Hence, consuming CBD vape juice is not recommended. However, if someone swallows it accidentally, it is not likely to cause any side effects.

Are There Any Similarities Between the Two?

As we have already mentioned above, there are more similarities between the two than differences. Both are made using CBD isolate or distillate mixed in an oil base. In addition, both of them may contain other beneficial compounds like terpenes and flavours. 

The main difference between the two is the kind of oils used to produce these products. This difference is minor yet relevant, making two of them completely different kinds of products.

CBD Oil vs CBD Vape Juice: Which One Should I Use?

There is no right or wrong answer to this, as lots would depend on personal choices. However, if you don’t vape, then the recommendation is not to start vaping due to some associated health risks. In such cases, you should choose CBD oil.

Therefore, this question is valid for those who vape. However, for non-vapers, CBD oil is the logical and healthier choice.

However, if you vape, then CBD vape juice may be a better choice for managing stress and anxiety, as these emotional changes are better countered by vaping. In addition, Vaping CBD can have an almost immediate effect.

However, CBD oil may be a better choice for more severe issues like chronic pain due to its prolonged action. Moreover, CBD concentration in CBD oils is often higher when compared to CBD vape juice.

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