CBD E-Liquid: Everything You Need to Know

As the name suggests, these are vaping liquids. Initially, vaping was created as a safer option than tobacco smoking. However, now, it has become a kind of activity in its own right. Thus, many people who vape now have never smoked tobacco.

Vaping is relatively safe, though much still remains unknown, and it may still cause some side effects. However, vaping juices are improving, and their side effects are quite rare.

When it comes to CBD E-liquids, they are even safer, as they are free from nicotine. Nicotine has many ill effects on health, even when inhaled in small amounts. However, CBD, on the other hand, has multiple health benefits.

There are also some well-known benefits of CBD E-liquids, like higher CBD bioavailability and immediate health effects. Thus, CBD vaping is good for quick stress relief. However, health benefits would depend on how the CBD E-liquid was made, the concentration of CBD in any CBD E-liquid, and what other constituents are.

What Is It?

CBD e-liquid is a vaping liquid or vaping juice that is enriched with CBD. As a rule, it is nicotine free and thus has completely distinct health effects when compared to regular vaping juices.

CBD E-liquid mainly contains four components: propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine base (or sometimes a mixture of PG and VG), some moisture, flavour, and CBD. 

However, the ratio of PG and VG would vary, and so would the choice of flavour. Similarly, some may use CBD isolate to make CBD E-liquid, while others use broad-spectrum distillate. Vaping juices may also contain other ingredients like terpenes for improved flavour and enhanced health benefits.

In all CBD E-liquids, PG and VG form the oily base that produces the cloud. However, these oils lack many characteristics. Hence, CBD E-liquids have other components like flavour, and terpenes, for improved product experience, along with CBD or cannabidiol.

What is 50/50 CBD E-Liquid?

When it comes to CBD E-liquid, it is mainly made of two components, and those are PG and VG, as other components are there in small amounts. So, for example, CBD vaping juice contains mostly PG and VG and only a few milligrams of CBD, terpenes, and flavour. 

Hence, the quality of any CBD E-liquid depends on the quality and ratio of PG and VG added. It is these oils that are responsible for the formation of the cloud. Among them VG ish thicker in consistency, while PG has a relatively sweeter taste.

50/50 CBD E-Liquid contains PG and VG in equal amounts. It is among the most commonly used combination, as most people like the cloud produced by such a combination. However, some vaping juice manufacturers may alter this ratio to provide a distinct vaping experience. 

Generally, higher VG is preferred in CBD E-liquids for direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping, and higher PG content is better suited for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping.

Does It Smell Like Weed?

It may or may not. Generally, CBD E-liquid does not smell like weed at all. This is because most producers of CBD vaping juices would use pure CBD isolate or broad-spectrum distillate to make their products. These high-purity ingredients do not have a weak smell. Moreover, most CBD E-liquids would have added terpenes to enhance the vaping flavour and boost its health effects.

People need to understand that manufacturers of CBD E-liquids would not use some crude CBD extract. Since crude extracts would have low potency and a higher risk of side effects, they prefer buying high-quality CBD isolate or distillate to make their products. This high-purity CBD is extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction, thus ensuring that one only gets health benefits from CBD products and the final product is free from impurities.

Of course, some CBD E-liquids may smell like weed, as some people do not like flavours and prefer the original weed-like smell. Hence, some CBD vaping juice producers may intentionally produce such products.

Does CBD E-Liquid Get You High?

No, CBD E-liquid will not get you high, and if it does, then it means that the liquid was probably not produced legally. Legally produced CBD E-liquids are mostly THC-free. However, some of them may have THC in small concentrations, like 0.02%. 

However, there are reports when people reported high from CBD E-liquids. However, such liquids are not good for health. In addition, it is worth understanding that THC is not good for lung health, and high THC products are more likely to cause lung disease. Thus, one should only buy CBD E-liquid from reputed brands.

Are There Different Strengths?

It is vital to understand that CBD vaping juices have excellent bioavailability. One may also experience CBD benefits from vaping in small amounts. Hence, CBD E-liquids would have lower CBD concentrations when compared to CBD oil. 

Moreover, CBD E-juices are made to last much longer. Thus, for example, one may need several drops of CBD oil daily to experience its benefits, but one would experience similar benefits from a much smaller amount of vaping juice. Hence, for example, one millilitre of vaping juice may last for as many as 300 puffs.

These juices come in different strengths, like 300 mg, 500 mg, 600 mg, and even 1200 mg per bottle or tank of CBD E-juice. The most common packing is 30 millilitres.

Hence, let’s say that you bought a 1200 mg pack of 30 ml CBD E-juice. It means that each ml of it would contain about 40 mg of CBD. So even if one smokes 30 puffs, one would still get just about 4 mg of CBD. Studies show that 75 mg of CBD a day is good and safe.

Hence, CBD E-juices are good and safe. They contain an adequate amount of CBD, but overdosing using CBD E-juices is not possible unless one vapes too much.

How Is It Made?

CBD E-liquid is made in a very similar way to CBD oil. However, one uses a mixture of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) instead of carrier oil. 

It is common practice to take equal amounts of PG and VG (50/50) and mix CBD isolate or distillate to it. Additionally, manufacturers would add flavour to the juice. These are the bare minimum requirements. Of course, to differentiate their products, manufacturers may need other organic compounds like terpenes.

How Are Different Flavours Created?

It is pretty simple; manufacturers added different flavours to CBD E-liquid. It is worth noting that most of these flavours are synthetic, though one may also add natural flavours. 

Synthetic flavours are often less costly and, more importantly, safer as they are less likely to cause allergies or other health issues.

To sum up, making CBD E-liquid is not challenging. If you are already into the CBD business, making vaping juices must not pose any challenge to you. If you still have questions, contact us, and we will gladly assist you.