dr. Preet Sal SB

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Dr. Preet Sal, is a physician (M.D.) specialising in diabetes. dr. Preet is particularly interested in metabolic disorders, considering they are rising in every corner of the world. His goal is to raise awareness about the non-communicable disease among the population as he believes that there is a need to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Dr. Preet is a licensed medical practitioner with a registration number of 22999 in the Indian Medical Registry. He did his practical as a diabetes specialist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi (JCI-approved hospital).

His professional experience is divided into medical practice and working in higher management for pharmaceutical and biotech multinationals at various international destinations.

He has been involved in clinical trials of numerous drugs, food supplements, and vaccines. During his career, he worked in senior management for business institutions like Searle (part of Pfizer, US) and Indian Immunologicals Limited (Hyderabad, India).

Currently, he works as director of the European Institute of Knowledge and Innovation and editor of several research journals.

Kazakh National Medical University

  • Fellowship in diabetes, Royal Liverpool Academy
  • Lifetime member of the Indian Medical Association (UP/12531/14/469/204643/2015-16/L)

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