Mag. Luka Zavrtanik, MEng

Expert Reviewer For CO2 Extraction Equipment

Luka Zavrtanik has a degree in Mechatronics and worked in testing, concept design, and prototype manufacturing in various small and mid-sized companies.

His interests cover supercritical fluid extraction including supercritical CO2 extraction. With his extensive experience in this field, he is providing value-added content for readers who would like to learn more about the manufacturing process at Essentia Pura.

Luka strives for perfection, gathering knowledge, and using it to progress personally and professionally in industry fields, such as manufacturing, automation, and similar.

Master of Science – Mechatronics

Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering

Follow The Science

Vision – Create Wellbeing

At Essentia Pura, we are passionate about hemp and with the help of our B2B wholesale partners, we want to restore the positive image that hemp deserves for its health benefits. That’s why we strive to produce superior CBD products from CBD oil into other safe CBD formulations and bring them to the CBD market.