Mag. Manca Bolčina, MPharm

Master of Pharmacy, Head of Research & Development

Manca Bolčina, head of Research & Development, has been working at Essentia Pura since 2019.

Manca is responsible for the creation of new formulations and products along with Quality Assurance to make sure that every product leaving Essentia Pura’s manufacturing facility is fully compliant with legislation and meets the highest industry standards in the cosmetic and food industries.

She started her professional career working as a pharmacy technician and then moved to work as a lab assistant at Essentia Pura.

Manca is passionate about creating cosmetic, skincare, and nutraceutical products that are innovative, high quality and efficient. She wants to help people alleviate stress, help them focus, and help them sleep.

He values relationships, quality, honesty, and sustainability and has a goal to develop the highest quality skin care and nutraceutical products that make a difference in someone’s life.

Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana

  • Masterclass in formulation of natural skin care products
  • Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society

Follow The Science

Vision – Create Wellbeing

At Essentia Pura, we are passionate about hemp and with the help of our B2B wholesale partners, we want to restore the positive image that the hemp deserves for its health benefits. That’s why we strive to produce superior CBD products from CBD oil into other safe CBD formulations and bring them to the CBD market.

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