Andrej Reljič, MSc

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Andrej is a digital marketing specialist and the managing director of a digital advertising agency He has more than 10 years of digital marketing experience, including SEO, content writing, digital advertising, website optimization, automation, and more, Andrej is mainly responsible for writing and reviewing insightful marketing-based content at Essentia Pura.

Andrej is achievement-driven, punctual, and responsible.

MSc in Business Management, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

  • Slovenian Business School (SBC)

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Vision – Create Wellbeing

At Essentia Pura, we are passionate about hemp and with the help of our B2B wholesale partners, we want to restore the positive image that hemp deserves for its health benefits. That’s why we strive to produce superior CBD products from CBD oil into other safe CBD formulations and bring them to the CBD market.