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Top 6 White-Label Cosmetics Manufacturers in Europe

Ever wanted to launch your brand of cosmetics? Well, it has never been as simple as these days. To own a cosmetic brand, one does not essentially need to make products from scratch. In fact, there is no need to manufacture a product at all. Numerous companies can provide fantastic quality products. Thus, all that one needs to do is think about branding and place an order.

Manufacturing and branding/selling are two very different things. Even some of the major global brands do not produce their products. People are more likely to associate themselves with certain brands, trust them, like them, and be loyal to them. However, consumers would rarely like to know who is producing the products.

Moreover, not manufacturing the product have some benefits, too. It means that various organizations can specialize in certain areas. For example, some organizations or individuals can specialize in just marketing and creating brands. On the other hand, manufacturers can focus on creating good products.

Large cosmetic producers would often get their products contract manufactured. Since their orders are large, they would provide all the details about product specification, ingredients, packaging, etc.

White-label cosmetics manufacturers differ.

They already have a range of ready-made products. They typically focus on small businesses. Therefore, those looking to start their business do not need to think about a product. White-label manufacturers would provide a catalog of their products. They will give samples, provide certificates, and other details. What they primarily do is put the logo or label of the client on the product.

These days the best way to find white-label cosmetics is through the internet. However, one may also find them through other channels like trade shows. Although finding white-label cosmetics is not an issue, but choosing the right one may be challenging.

Features of a good white-label cosmetic manufacturer

White-label manufacturers mean that the manufacturer has everything a person needs to get started with the cosmetics business. Furthermore, it means that such a manufacturer should have an excellent range of products to choose from. Further, one should also check the reviews about the company. Below are some of the vital features and qualities to look for in a white-label cosmetics manufacturer.

Certifications or quality standards

Cosmetics are not registered with regulatory authorities like medications. Nevertheless, things are not as simple. Although regulatory authorities in most countries do not control or check cosmetic products. Still, they do keep an eye on production units and safety data of cosmetic products.

Thus, a facility producing cosmetics would be inspected by the US FDA to ensure that manufacturers are following the highest of standards in the US. Additionally, in the US, there is also a voluntary cosmetics registration.

Similarly, in the EU, one does not need to get some license or approval from the European commission for selling cosmetics. However, European regulation EC 1223/2009 requires that the cosmetics manufacturer must follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This helps minimize the risk of poor-quality products making their way into the market.

Moreover, suppose someone is planning to sell cosmetics in the EU. In that case, it is obligatory to file an online notification at the cosmetic products notification portal (CPNP). Although it is free of cost procedure, it will require many documents regarding how the product was produced.

Thus, it is always good to know about additional requirements in any specific country regarding cosmetics products and ask white-label manufacturers about those documents.

If ordering products overseas (outside the US or EU), then make sure that the production facility is certified by the local authorities.

Product safety characteristics

Cosmetics are not medications. Thus, regulatory bodies are less interested in their efficacy in any nation. However, most regulatory bodies would be highly interested in the safety of the product. Thus, it is always good to ask the manufacturer to provide safety data of the product.

Quality of raw materials

It is essential to ask the white-label cosmetics producers about the quality of raw materials. Any product is only as good as the quality of raw materials used. Furthermore, it is vital to understand that there is a massive difference in the quality of ingredients. Thus, ask about impurities, presence of heavy metals, organic or not organic, vegan or not, and so on. Some of these features may also help in product promotion.

Also, check that the product you are planning to buy or launch in any specific country does not contain any banned or restricted ingredients. For example, the European Commission maintains a database called CosIng, where one can learn more about ingredients. Understand if any ingredient is safe or banned for use in cosmetics products.

Specialty certificates

Specific brands may help make your brand stand out. Thus, always ask white-cosmetics manufacturers about such certificates, such as the certificate that the product is organic, natural, vegan, etc.

Natural cosmetics manufacturing process

Natural beauty products manufacturers generally follow some processes. First, they only use raw materials having natural origins like minerals and plants. In rare cases, some may also use ingredients of animal origin.

The manufacturing process would generally start with the procurement of raw materials. The next step would be checking the raw quality materials. This would be followed by the mixing and filling processes resulting in the semi-finished or finished products.

Once the product has been produced, it will be certified for quality, and then it is ready for shipment.

Some natural beauty products manufacturers may have in-house hemp extraction of natural ingredients from various plant materials.

Who in Europe can supply you with top white-label cosmetic products?

White label cosmetics Europe has some distinct benefits of quality. Some of the best manufacturer are from Europe, products from such a manufacturer would be easier to market. In addition, such a producer would be able to provide most documents needed to get started. Since finding a good white label cosmetics manufacturer may be challenging, we have created a list of some better-known companies.

1. Essentia Pura

Essentia Pura is a Slovenian company, founded in 2014. It is working in manufacturing and white label CBD cosmetic products like CBD body lotion, CBD balm and other CBD related comstic products. It engages in supercritical CBD extraction and has, together with industry experts and scientists, pioneered numerous applications, processes, and developments that merge science, technology, nature, and healthcare. This is why quality of the products is of paramount importance to the company. Essentia Pura aims for the highest possible standards in its quality control procedures, based on this,  their supply chain is regularly audited and all manufacturing and R&D are performed in a highly controlled laboratory environment and by a team experienced in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

2. Alchemist labs

Alchemist labs is a Greek company with more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing cosmetic products. It specializes in vegan and organic products. Its facilities have EU GMP and are registered with US FDA. They offer a fantastic range of products like black spot removal, skin whitening cream, anti-wrinkle formulations, eye life serums, and much more. What is good about this company is that they work with small minimum order quantities. Usually, they may agree with as few as 100 packs of a product. Needless to say, that each product will be labeled as per the client’s requirements.

3. Delia cosmetics

Delia Cosmetics is a relatively young company that has been in the business of white-labeling for about 20 years. It’s a polish company. It has all the certifications needed to do business in the EU, like GMP, a certificate that products were not tested on animals, and much more. They have an excellent range of products for almost all conceivable needs like face, eyes, lips, makeup removers, body care, hand care, feet care, hair care, and men's care.

4. HAS cosmetics

HAS cosmetics is an Italian company. It’s a company that produces many premium brands and products. Thus, it is one of the more expensive options. However, it may be the right choice for those looking to focus on the premium product segment. They may also be suitable for those looking to scale their business. The company has dedicated managers for various customers. They are also ready to develop specific products according to clients’ requirements. However, their high-quality services come at a higher price tag.

5. Madara cosmetics

Madara cosmetics is a young and dynamic company from Latvia. It may be a good partner for those who would like to start small and then increase the scale. They usually accept a minimum order of 1000 packs, although smaller quantities may be negotiable. Their website also provides excellent information about various natural ingredients, their role in cosmetics, and much more. This company can help create unique products for its clients.

6. PHB ethical beauty

PHP ethical beauty is a White label cosmetics manufacturer UK-based. It offers a range of products in a variety of packings. The company has many preformulated products, though they may also provide customized products too. They can provide all the certificates needed to sell products in the EU. The products are available in small minimum order quantities. They also offer certificates that may help add value to the products like 100% natural, vegan, halal, cruelty-free, and much more. They fully comply with the safety requirements of the EU. Thus, this company could be a good partner for beginners and those looking to scale their business.

Working with white-label cosmetic manufacturers

When starting to work with white label cosmetics manufacturers, ask them to provide information about the range of products in their stock ready for white labeling. Ask them about the minimum order quantities. Also, make sure that they have quality and safety certificates valid in the country where you are planning to sell your products.

Additionally, it would be good to ask if they provide custom-made products or not, and what are the minimum requirements. Also, ask for other certificates that may help add value to the products, like certification regarding that the product is vegan or halal or organic, and so on.

To conclude, starting your cosmetic brand is possible and is much easier than you think. White-label cosmetics may help start a business even on a shoestring budget.

Essentia Pura has 5 CBD skincare products available for white label! Visit our website to discover more about our CBD cosmetic line. Send us an e-mail to receive the catalog, and head over to the contact page to order your samples.