Effective CBD Skin Care Products: What’s Out There Now?

CBD is not just about body aches, mood, or other body disorders. Several beauty products use CBD for its perceived benefits. And, remarkably, emerging research shows that it may have some unique advantages for skin care.

Thus, it is no surprise that cosmetics producers add CBD to skin care cosmetics, creams, moisturizers, balms, body lotions, and every conceivable cosmetic item.

Experts think it is perfect for reducing sebum production, preventing oily skin, managing acne, and even preventing skin hyperpigmentation. Additionally, CBD helps reduce skin inflammation and may have some hydrating effects.

Another benefit of adding CBD to skin care products is reduced skin irritation and increased resilience to environmental toxins. It may even help with some allergic conditions, too.

CBD Skin Care Products In 2022: What’s Out There Now?

Although there are many CBD products for every need, CBD-infused cosmetics generally cost little more than regular cosmetic products. Thus, reasonably, users want to learn about the added benefits of using such products.

Hence, new CBD products are all about added benefits. They generally belong to the class called cosmeceuticals. These are cosmetics that can even manage some skin disorders or chronic problems. Thus, a person buying CBD cosmetics expect a little more, like reduced fine lines, lesser skin irritation, help with skin inflammation.

However, once the user has experienced the benefits of a specific CBD cosmetic brand, they are likely to stick with it for long. Thus, CBD cosmetics often have greater brand loyalty.


How Does CBD Work on Your Skin?

Almost every second person is living with skin issues. Moreover, skin aging is unstoppable, but most would like to slow it down. Skin issues are caused both by some local skin problems and systemic diseases. Thus, metabolic disorders and gut diseases may also affect skin health.

There is considerable research showing that CBD may help in some conditions.

Reduces inflammation and helps with eczema

CBD acts on CB1 and CB2 receptors present throughout the body. However, CB2 receptors are especially in abundance in the skin. Thus, it may help alter immune response, suppress inflammation, help get rid of allergies. Hence, CBD helps suppress inflammation and may benefit those living with eczema.

Reduces oil production

CBD acts on both nerve endings and oil-producing glands in the skin. Thus, it helps normalize skin oil production. What is good about it is that it does not cause skin drying or irritate the skin. Therefore, it is suitable for prolonged use, too.

Helps manage acne

Acne is a significant problem in many population groups. It is challenging to manage due to many factors. It is caused by hormonal changes, infection, inflammation, the hyper-reactive response of the skin, and much more. CBD is sebostatic and anti-inflammatory. Thus, it lowers skin inflammation and, at the same time, reduces sebum production, resulting in considerable benefit in acnes.

Have a soothing action

Some people like the soothing action of topical CBD that may last for a few hours. They might not have any severe skin conditions, but these are the people who dislike the way their skin feels. So, CBD is not just about managing skin disorders. It is also about a unique experience.

Prevent damage due to free radicals

Quite like other natural extracts, CBD also possesses antioxidant capacity. Thus, it helps neutralize free radicals. As a result, it may have a role in reducing photodamage to the skin. It also helps slow down skin aging.

Hydrating effect

CBD helps keep skin hydrated. These actions are due to the direct effect of cannabinoids and other hydrating components in various cosmetic products.

CBD and skincare

What Forms Can CBD Skin Care Products Take?

With so many fabulous CBD-infused cosmetics, it could be pretty challenging to understand the range of CBD products available. It is a challenge both for consumers and those planning to start selling their range of products. However, learning a bit more about various CBD products may help.

You can start by checking our skincare products HERE.

CBD Skin Cream

Creams should be in the cosmetic box of every home. They are helpful for various purposes like improving skin moisturizer, helping with eczema, reducing skin irritation, keeping it hydrated, reducing fine lines. Thus, one should choose a cream that has multiple antioxidants along with CBD, like flavonoids, polyphenols, and many more. Creams are generally a bit thick in their consistency. There are general-purpose skin creams like face and body cream by SpakeNK. Or creams for more specific needs like CBD replenishing eye cream by dermaquest. Similarly, there are creams for hands, nails, feet, and more.

CBD Body Lotion

Unlike facial creams, body lotions are good in the way that much of the CBD enters the bloodstream as absorbed via the transdermal route. Thus, they have much broader health effects. For example, one can buy a nighttime or body lotion for relaxation, with the benefits of magnesium, arnica, argan oil.

Or one can also opt for a body lotion that can help with sore muscles and tiredness, which comes with organic menthol and jojoba seed oils.

CBD Body Butter

CBD body butter is all about creamy, nourishing, something that has the benefits of CBD along with the benefits of other herbs, almonds, shea butter. It is to delight your body, soothe, and rehydrate. It would absorb within minutes and help sore and broken skin. Although one does not need to use it daily, even using it a few times a week may make a significant difference. One such excellent product is from CUBID CBD.

CBD Balm

When you think of balm, you immediately think about something with a soothing action that can relieve muscular pains, improve mood, help with achy joints, and reduce stress. But how about trying a CBD-infused balm? It means the benefits of a regular balm and added calming and pain-relieving action of cannabinoids. Additionally, added terpenes can provide health benefits and enhance their healing properties. Therefore, If you are looking for a CBD balm, check out this balm from KLORIS.

Final thoughts

CBD products now come in almost every conceivable form. It is because CBD is quite simple to add to various cosmetic products. As a result, manufacturers even do not need to change product formula. Instead, they might add CBD to their already existing range of products. Moreover, both oil and water-soluble CBD isolate, and distillate is available these days.

If you have any queries, want to start your own CBD cosmetics business, or have questions about how can CBD cosmetics fit into your business, contact us.

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