Can You Vape CBD?

Answering Common Questions on Vaping CBD

In this article, we feature Michael from Got Vape with an introduction to vaping CBD!

Vaping and CBD are more popular than ever. But, can you vape CBD? It is certainly possible! We will get into the different types of CBD and how you can vape them.

Can you Vape CBD?

Manufacturers have been finding more ways to vape CBD. The use of oil vape pens is a misnomer. While they talk about CBD vape oil, there is no actual oil used. Vaping is accomplished with the use of CBD e-liquid, or e juice, or vape juice. This includes combinations of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, with CBD extract.

Most commonly, CBD vape oil actually includes isolates suspended in a liquid that is safe for inhaling. This can also be called an infusion. In addition to infusing isolates, there are full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products available. Isolates are strictly CBD with no trace of THC.

Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD products will use more of the plant’s active ingredients. These products will contain trace amounts of THC (never more than 0.3%). People using broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD products are after the entourage effect. This is where the different compounds, other than CBD, work together to increase the effects each offer.

Make sure not to confuse CBD vape oil with hemp seed oil. The MCT (derived from coconut) oil and hemp seed oil are damaging to your lungs. According to the NCBI, it could lead to conditions such as lipoid pneumonia.

CBD e-juices for electronic cigarettes come in various flavour which make CBD vaping even more exciting!

What Does Vaping CBD Feel Like?

Using a CBD vape is an effective way to get CBD into your system quickly. By inhaling it, the CBD will enter your bloodstream through the lungs. Typically, by using a vape, you will feel the effects of CBD within minutes.

CBD has been used by many to counter pain and inflammation. It is important to realise that most of the claims of health benefits from CBD are not fully proven by studies.

Effects from vaping CBD may vary from one product to another. Generally, you may feel energised at lower doses, while higher doses may make you feel relaxed.

Consuming oil as a part of a tincture, or added to food, has to first pass through the digestive system. This slow absorption process tends to increase the time in which it will take effect. It may take up to two hours to feel the effects when consuming CBD this way.

Another difference between vaping and consuming CBD is the duration and intensity. Vaping may have a shorter duration, but a more intense effect. This is because when consuming CBD, it passes through the liver. This partial metabolises CBD before it enters your bloodstream.

What Types of CBD Can You Vape?

When you are ready to get started with a CBD vape, you need to know what you can and cannot vape. Let’s take a look at the different formats CBD can be available in. We will discuss which ones are good for vaping, which will damage your lungs, and which will damage your vape device.

CBD Liquid

This is the most popular form of CBD for vaping. You can use CBD vape oil that is in different formats like broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, or isolates. They are easy to use with either cartridges or tanks available. This is the least damaging vaping format.

CBD Crystals

This is a CBD isolate that is generally in a powder format. It is not intended to be used for vaping. Attempting to do so may cause harm to your vape device. Some have mixed the powder with an oil carrier, but this is not recommended for vaping. CBD crystals are very potent and are best diluted in PG and VG!

CBD Juices

Similar to liquid, this CBD vape product allows you to have different flavours.

They are available in different concentration levels as well as different types. Many like to use the broad and full-spectrum due to CBD crystals.

CBD Crumble

Using crumble is not legal in the UK and EU. This is a concentrated format for CBD. It requires a special vaping device and could cause damage to a standard vaping device meant for use with CBD vape oils.

CBD Flower

The concentration of CBD will be lower in flowers, but it is also the most flavourful. You will need a vaporiser in order to use flowers. Flower CBD concentrations will differ, and there will always be trace amounts of THC. This is the least damaging format for your lungs.

How Much CBD Should You Vape?

As with any vaping, it is best to proceed with caution. Dosing recommendations always err on the side of a lower dosage. For this reason, you should start with somewhere around 10mg per day. Increase your dosage until you find the perfect level for you.

CBD Electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes and can help abandon the habit of smoking.

Regulate your usage based on how much vaping you do throughout the day. It is suggested that vaping, in general, is not entirely safe. Protect yourself by only purchasing vape oil from a manufacturer with a commitment to quality. Look for those with laboratory testing for purity and potency.

Are CBD vape oils types of Nutricosmetic/Nutraceutical products?

Many who are interested in CBD may also be interested in nutricosmetic supplements. These are products consumed orally. They contain specific nutrients and antioxidants. The intended use is to help with skin, hair, and overall care. The different products available are based on consumer demand. This can include:


These are easy to swallow and deliver specific quantities of nutrients in a time-released format. These are convenient to carry with you at all times and take as needed.


This allows you to make a drink while you are on the go that can be consumed over time. These can be sold in bulk or premeasured and packaged sachets. Most will have no flavour, but you can find flavoured powders.


Premixed liquids make it easy for you to drink down the nutrients in a concentrated format. Adding in flavours to the tinctures makes them more palatable and easier to consume than a pill.

Gummy candy – Just like with CBD, gummy candies make getting your health boost more enjoyable. Different flavours offer you more variety in getting your boost.

Chewing Gum

This relies on the capillaries in the mouth to deliver the nutrients and antioxidants into the system. Again, different varieties in flavours help to make this more enjoyable.

The beauty from the inside-out mindset is exactly what nutricosmetic supplements are all about. It goes hand in hand with eating organic fruits and vegetables and responsibly sourced ingredients for your diet.

More research is still needed in order to find the efficacy of nutricosmetic supplements. Products on the market should be tested and certified by independent laboratories. Make sure to purchase from reputable manufacturers when entering this market.

While CBD vape oils are also a recent invention, they aren’t intended as nutritional supplements and are targeted towards recreational markets.

For more information, read our piece: What are Nutricosmetics?


As you can see, CBD vape oil effects will depend on many factors. How you vape as well as what you vape is up to you. You should take some time to sample different methods to determine which ones are right for you. You may find some products that are perfect for different occasions, so you can plan accordingly. Happy vaping!

Let us know if you have any questions about CBD vaping or CBD liquids. Are you interested in manufacturing any of these products? We would love to talk with you about your interest!

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