What are Nutricosmetics?

Exploring The Emerging Trend of Nutricosmetics

In the previous post, we talked about nutraceuticals, discussing the importance of “you are what you eat”. Here, we will delve into nutricosmetics, to find the “beauty that comes from within”. 

We are well aware that a healthy lifestyle and diet are reflected in our appearance. We don’t just want to look good, but also feel good in our skin. And the consumer desires to go beyond the traditional beauty solutions.

What are Nutricosmetics?

Nutricosmetics are nutraceuticals that improve the condition of skin, hair, and nails through the supplementation of nutrients. They are products and ingredients developed around the correlation between good health and beauty. 

Nutricosmetics are not traditional cosmetic products, which are applied externally. They are beauty-dietary supplements that help the skin to improve or heal with the oral intake of nutritional substances. Nutricosmetic formulations are a holistic approach. With nutraceuticals, we are not trying to combat skin anomalies when they develop. We try to put our skin in the best shape, to prevent problems from arising!

Nutricosmetics are changing the shape of beauty products!

We cannot avoid getting our skin scratched throughout our lives. We cannot escape wrinkles and grey hair due to aging. But with these revolutionary edible cosmetics, we can restore and maintain our natural beauty.

One thing to keep in mind is to keep using traditional skincare products. Nutraceuticals act on the dermis (lower layer of skin) and should be used in conjunction with topical cosmetics which act on the epidermis (upper layer of skin). Similar to hair conditioners and lotions which nourish the outer layers of hair.

Silky skin, glorious hair, and shiny nails, who wouldn’t want then? But first of all, we must check the possible reasons which make them unable to prosper. These can be:

  • Gender, age, and genetics
  • Environmental factors such as UV light damage, cold, and wind
  • Chemical and mechanical wear and tear
  • Nutritional history

Now, let’s explore what beauty trends the nutraceutical market has in store for us!

In case we are unable to nourish our skin through our daily diet, nutraceuticals come to aid!

Types of Nutricosmetic Products

Nutricosmetics, being a form of dietary supplement, are already available in many convenient forms. We can choose the nutrients in single-serving pill forms, such as soft gels, capsules, and even candies. Some are available as simple herbal blends for infusions, or they can be highly concentrated plant extracts that are dosed by the drop

Powdered nutraceuticals in sachets are available in various flavors, which can be added to smoothies or milkshakes. We can also find ready-made drinks or shots which offer a more practical use.  As the name suggests, nutricosmetics are nutritional supplements that aid our outer look, but from within.

Whichever product we find most suitable for the delivery of our healthy nutrients, we must focus more on the purpose of nutrient supplementation. By getting the right nutrition intake with nutricosmetics we support various biological functions which help us:

  • Prevent skin inflammation 
  • improve skin cell regeneration and structure
  • Boost the immune protection
  • Provide skin hydration and nutrition
  • Diminish the skin aging process

It can take some trial and error to figure out which form of nutricosmetics we are the most comfortable with. It is very important to be consistent when using nutricosmetics. Only with regular absorption of supplements can we experience the health and benefits we are looking for. 

How Nutricosmetic Products improve Health & Appearance

The point of nutricosmetics is to feed the skin, hair, and nails from inside out. They are the internal component of the journey that brings us a perfect look through nutrition. 

  • Photoprotection: The negative effects of UV rays damaging your skin are more apparent with aging. The rejuvenating approach of hyaluronic acid, oil, and antioxidant-rich nutricosmetics should be considered at an early age. It is easier to prevent than repair!
  • Anti-inflammatory: Skin inflammation typically begins at an internal level. Nutricosmetic formulas complete with antioxidants, omega 3&6 fatty acids, vitamins C, E, Zinc, linolenic, and linoleic acids support the cells internally as well.
  • Detox with nutricosmetics: we must use cleansing nutricosmetics for at least one month before the results are apparent. Since the skin is cleansing from inside towards the surface, it might look like the skin condition is becoming worse before it gets better. 
  • Antioxidant effect: controlled oxidative stress can save us from wrinkles, pigmentation, elasticity & collagen breakdown. Glycerin is a great superoxide pronouncing the controlled oxidative stress.
  • Structural component: If we are looking for spongy skin, soft hair, and strong nails we need to reinforce them on every level. Hyaluronic acid improves, krill oil, carotene, and lutein give great aid in protection and rejuvenation.

The Nutricosmetics market

The same beneficial approach as with topicals is applied to nutricosmetics. Moisturiser, serum, concentrate, just in an edible form. The most popular ingredients of nutricosmetic products are:


– Vitamines

– Omega 3 & 6

– Lactic acid

– Placenta

– Polyphenol

– Hyaluronic acid

Nutricosmetic market trends in the US market

The effectiveness of cleansing & detoxifying juices is becoming the staple in healthy diets among Americans. Smoothie & juice bars enabled franchises like Smoothie King and Jamba Juice to become the “Starbucks” of health enthusiasts. Superfood smoothies, cold-pressed juices made with organic vegetables and fruits in a biodegradable cup – the hottest choice to refresh and vitalize with beauty-charged drinks.

The innovations in the nutraceutical US market are already here. Moody Muesli markets its breakfast cereals as the latest anti-aging solution. Nestle started producing coffee packed with collagen. And even the fast-food industry is catching up, where Dotonbury offers to eat the nutrient-perfect meal at their place.

Nutricosmetic market trends in the European market

In Europe, the consumers are in general looking for more science-backed products. The nutricosmetic French giant and pioneer in the industry Biocyte know this well. They are specialists in food supplements for the skin. They offer a wide range of products specially designed to improve skin condition and appearance.

The desire for beauty doesn’t stop at science though. If you wish to dine out for a great look, places like EatYourSelfBeautiful from the UK serve collagen-infused menus of Asian-style dishes.

Nutricosmetic market trends in the Asian Market

Asia, being the most populated continent, is the biggest market for nutricosmetics. This can also be attributed to their young Instagram generation obsessed with beauty and outer look. In Asia, the glorification of white skin made products like White Shots explode. Skin whitening products in Asia are just what the westerners see in tan improving products. This trend also introduced ingestible “sunscreen” products like NO UV, which offer protection from sun exposure for up to 2 hours.

On the other hand, many Asian consumers still rely on products based on traditional Chinese Medicine. Asian nutricosmetic formulas usually include botanical extracts from ginseng, ganoderma, goji berry, angelica, lotus seed, jujube,…

The latest Asian booming trend is in infused bottled vinegar, which is seeing a huge uprise. Chungjungone vinaigrettes are already available globally. They offer multiple benefits such as anti-stress, anti-fatigue, detoxifying, slimming, anti-aging,…

CBD in Nutricosmetics

Deservedly, CBD is earning most of the recent hype among skincare consumers and professionals. CBD is there with a purpose. Science is already uncovering the limitless potential CBD offers in topical applications. And so are coming forth the findings of CBD benefits when it is consumed.

For CBD, to really shine in nutricosmetics as a prime component, a change in regulations has to happen. In most countries around the world, CBD is still not allowed as a food ingredient. The billion-dollar nutricosmetic industry is awaiting the moment when regulations will ease. 

The Essentia Pura R&D department is ready as well!

Let us know which nutricosmetic products you would like to see infused with CBD. Whether you would like to know which products we offer at the moment, use the contact form here

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