Is CBD Oil Beneficial for Cats?

What you need to know about CBD Oil For Cats

With “Cats” being one of the most searched-for terms on the Internet, we know they are many people's favorite pets. Cats are our cutest furry companions, Intelligent, elegant, calming, giving us love and compassion. Can CBD be of aid in their purrsuit of happiness? Read ahead!

Is CBD Oil safe for my cat?

The first question cat owners ask is how safe is to give CBD to their cats. Although there have been no scientific studies that investigate the effect of cannabis on cats, CBD should be generally safe. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant.  Even with long-term use, no real serious side effects should be appearing. However, there are potential adverse effects, especially if the dosing is too high or too frequent. Gastrointestinal upset, drowsiness, and sedation can be observed. Most of the undesirable results can be stopped by discontinuing the administration of CBD. Drug interaction with existing cat medications can also arise! Always make sure and check with your veterinarian if your cat is suitable for CBD consumption.

How does CBD oil affect cats?

Like humans and many other animals, cats also own an endocannabinoid system. This means they are also affected by cannabinoids found in plants, as well as synthetic ones. To gain a deeper understanding of how CBD affects our cats, we must look into the functioning of the endocannabinoid system.

Cats and the endocannabinoid system (ECS)

The endocannabinoid system, consisting of endocannabinoids, CB1 and CB2 receptors, metabolic enzymes is a part of the nervous system assisting neural communication. This lipid signaling system plays an important role in every aspect of the cat's life. It affects appetite, sleep, hunger, memory, mood regulation and stability, pain perception, body temperature, immune resistance, reproduction, and fertility,... Although the distribution of cannabinoid receptors is different than in humans, they can be affected in the same way. This means CBD can bring the ECS to a harmonious tone in cats as well.

How long it takes for CBD to work in cats

We should always consider CBD as a long-term treatment. Minimal doses administered over a long time span are the best way to see the CBD benefits for cats. By receiving a daily dose of CBD, the ECS should improve its function, resulting in a healthier and happier cat. Especially at the first few tries, or if the dosage is increased, there might be some immediate reactions from our cat. We must observe how our cat responds to CBD and diminish or stop giving them CBD if unwanted effects occur.

How does a cat react after taking CBD?

At first, the cat might be curious and seem to like the taste of CBD. Some cats might find the taste repulsive and reject it. Once the CBD oil enters their system, their mood can change, usually becoming calmer. Their appetite can rise and they might sleep longer. Some CBD products and their ingredients might also irritate the cat.

What are the benefits of CBD for cats?

The need for clinical studies in veterinary species is very significant. Science needs to provide evidence-based applications for phytocannabinoid like CBD. Except for the laboratory animal species in which experimental studies have been performed, we need more data regarding the same benefits on our cats. So far, the findings show towards the treatment of: Urinary tract disease: In most cases, the UTD is not caused by bacterias in cats. The cause is inflammation which CBD as a natural anti-inflammatory can ease. Anxiety: CBD can help cats deal with their anxiety, relieving stress, leading to several different complications. Seizure disorders: epilepsy and similar conditions are very difficult to treat with conventional medicine. CBD shows great potential as a legitimate option for uses against seizures. Vomiting and diarrhea: inflammatory bowel disease, chronic vomiting, and diarrhea could all be made easier with the help of cannabinoids. Diabetes: the increasing number of diabetic cats might find a solution from cannabinoid treatment. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD could reduce the hyperglycemic damage caused by type 2 diabetes. Cancer: CBD can provide some systematic pain relief and can benefit cats with cancer by increasing appetite and reducing nausea. Overall wellness: CBD can positively impact the cat's immune system acting as an antioxidant and neuroprotectant.

What is the best type of CBD to give to my cat?

If you are interested in trying cannabidiol for your cat it might be quite difficult to start. CBD for pets comes in many forms, including how it is manufactured and what it is used for. We will stay away from products such as CBD pet treats since they are more prone to contain artificial flavors, colors, grain, and dairy ingredients. We will focus on hemp oil as it is the most popular and widely available product. Several methods exist to obtain CBD oil. It is wise to make sure the best CBD oil for your cat is produced without harmful solvents, which can be retained in the final product. CBD extractions such as CO2 are most suitable for cats. CBD oil is mostly termed as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate. Full-spectrum CBD oil, also known as whole plant CBD, contains all the plants naturally occurring components such as cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc... and is usually deemed most effective. Albeit the THC levels are below 0.2%, the cat can still have a negative reaction from consuming too much full-spectrum CBD oil. Broad-spectrum CBD oil, is like full-spectrum oil, with a key difference. It contains a whole range of different compounds but is without THC. CBD isolate oil contains the CBD isolate in its purest form. It’s the most purified form of CBD oil. Without containing all the plant's potentially beneficial components, it means this CBD oil has less chance of causing allergic reactions to your cat.

CBD topicals for cats

Cats might suffer from joint and muscle pain, or skin anomalies. In this case, CBD topicals are ideal since we can apply them directly to the cat's skin and deliver immediate relief. CBD topicals are meant only for external use and shouldn't be ingested by your cat!

How much CBD oil should I give my cat?

We are usually administrating CBD based on the weight of the subject. As cats are quite small animals, dosing should be careful and accurate. Typically, cats should consume 1-2mg of CBD per serving, once or twice daily. For different dosing options, check the chart below.

Can CBD calm cat anxiety or cat aggression?

One of the most common things troubling cat owners are overexcited pets. They are looking up CBD to calm their cats and ease their anxiety. CBD is very often discussed as a potential treatment for anxiety, stress, and irritation.

Cats, CBD, and anxiety

CBD and anxiety (after pain management) is the most discussed topic when pet owners visit the veterinary clinic. In CBD topicals veterinarians found CBD to be at least somewhat helpful in treating canine anxiety. And just in around 10% it produces side effects. CBD was also deemed to help reduce anxiety by over 75% of participants

CBD and Cats agression

Most lives of domestic cats are pretty far from their natural habitats. As they are natural predators they are very active by instinct. But sometimes, things get out of hand. CBD might be a tool to calm these situations. According to this study, CBD shows some effectiveness in taming aggression. Another thing to note from the study is that THC, found in full-spectrum CBD products, might potentiate aggression group settings.


So far we found out CBD can be quite a treat for our cats. As no harmful side effects are expected to be seen from cats, Essentia Pura offers all kinds of CBD oil formulations for your pets. Let us know which one you think suits your cat and we will get you going! CBD full spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate, blended with salmon fish oil is available for you to order.

Reach out to us here for any further information on the topic. To place an order, complete our form and let all pets discover the wonders of CBD!