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How to promote CBD on Instagram?

We are now living in the age of social media and thus, a necessity to promote CBD on Instagram. Having a website or using Google Ads to promote your product is just not enough.

The reason is simple: people spend much more time on social media than surfing websites. Consequently, they are increasingly looking for information on various social media platforms.

Some people even seem to trust social media more than websites. This could be due to the personal touch provided by social media platforms. Social media is also much more interactive.

Another benefit of social media is the ease of setup, with no upfront costs. Though most platforms offer sponsored ads or paid advertising, one can still achieve outstanding results through free advertising or regular information posting.

Statistics show that more than half of the global population is using social media now. But more important is the fact that people use social media daily. And they appear to spend more than 2 hours a day. Time spent on social media is several times greater than browsing websites.

When it comes to the choice of social media platforms, Instagram is among the top 5 most popular platforms. It primarily attracts adolescents and young adults. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and Instagram is mostly about sharing images and is less about the text. It seems that ease of use is one of the factors of its popularity.

CBD and Instagram

Our Guide to Promoting CBD on Instagram in 2022

These days, it is possible to start any business solely through social media platforms, even without a website. If one can generate enough followership, it is possible to generate hefty revenues without spending a penny on advertising. Though, yes, getting a considerable number of genuine followers may take much effort and time.

When considering Instagram for the CBD business, it is vital to understand that the platform is highly popular among young adults, especially those below the age of 30. More than half of young adults regularly use Instagram. However, its popularity is also increasing in the older generation, that is, in people aged 40-65.

Instagram could be an excellent place to promote CBD products to health-conscious young adults. However, Meta, the owner company of Instagram and Facebook, also understands its social responsibility. Thus, advertising health products is relatively complex compared to other products like cosmetics or kitchenware.

When we ask about the legality of CBD, we need to understand that though health products are legal to promote on Instagram, but the healthcare industry is relatively more regulated. It means that promoting healthcare products is much more complex than other products. This is true not only for Instagram but other social medial platforms and even for Google Ads.

Instagram and other platforms are so strict about healthcare product promotion because of the health risk posed by some of the products.

So, is it legal to promote CBD on Instagram? Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this. Promoting CBD products on Instagram is possible, but there is a caveat. One cannot mention the word CBD in their posts or hashtags.

The reason is that CBD is related to the marijuana plant. Thus, some wrong people can use the term for advertising high THC products used for recreation.

However, Instagram does allow the use of the term "Hemp" or "Hemp oil," as it is naturally free of THC. Moreover, laws regarding hemp oil are more transparent, and it is legal almost in every nation.

What Are Instagram's CBD Advertising Guidelines?

To date, Instagram does not allow the use of the term CBD in posts or hashtags. These limitations are due to its association with the cannabis plant, relation to marijuana, and the ability of some poorly made CBD products to cause euphoria.

Thus, if you mention CBD in Instagram Ads and target young adults, this would generally result in an account block. However, if you mention only CBD but do not target any specific age group, it would result in a warning for violation of privacy policy.

However, using the word Hemp or the term Hemp seed is legal and safe. Moreover, one can promote products in many other ways without mentioning the term CBD. For example, one can share tips regarding overcoming anxiety and provide more information on the website. Thus, gradually taking visitors to the CBD product page.

In short, using the term hemp, talking about various health conditions in which CBD may work (without using the term "CBD"), and other ways of soft selling work.

CBD and Insta

How To Start a CBD Business on Instagram

So, yes, you can start a CBD business on Instagram if you understand the limitations and know the right way to do it. Just avoid a direct mention of CBD, and focus on soft selling. It means creating posts related to health conditions in which CBD may help—using the term Hemp instead of CBD. Additionally, one can use Instagram to drive traffic to their CBD-related website.

Below are some of the tips or effective ways of getting started with Instagram when selling CBD products:

Non-paid advertisements

It means regular Instagram posts that make the backbone of the platform. One can create content related to the CBD, but without mentioning the term CBD anywhere. Additionally, one can tag people. One can also consider using the term Hemp instead of CBD. Finally, one can tag up to 10 people to increase the outreach of the post.

Another way to increase the outreach is to use hashtags. This helps people find your post when looking for specific topics.

The above are the two ways to promote your posts, but make sure that it should by no means indicate that you are selling CBD products. Once someone is interested in your post, they will find a way to buy your products.

Repost relevant content

It is another way of promoting products. Just share the posts that are relevant to the health effects of CBD. Additionally, you can add a hyperlink to your website to get customers.

Post CBD-related images

It is one of the most effective ways of promoting CBD products. One can create attractive images and infographics related to CBD products. For example, one can share information about the endocannabinoid system and how it helps in various health conditions. Or one can share information about hemp oil, its benefits, and more. One may also use an indirect approach, like sharing tips for overcoming pain and anxiety, and so on.

Hire influencers

Just any influencer would not work. One must find a person with a significant number of followers, a high trust level, and one who is known to promote natural remedies.

Here it is worth understanding again that even influencers cannot use the term CBD but can help bring traffic to your website by recommending your products.

Use brand name/organization name in advertising

Every business has a name. Similarly, giving your CBD products some brand name is a good idea. Thus, for example, you may have a company called "Nature remedies LLC" and a CBD oil product called "Canoil." Thus, in your posts, you may promote your organization "Nature remedies LLC" or some of its brand names like "Canoil," but without making any direct reference to the CBD.

Once people learn more about your company or brand, they will naturally understand that you sell a range of excellent CBD products. This will ultimately result in business growth.

Be social

Social media marketing is for those who are social and who love posting, sharing information, and participating in various discussions. Therefore, social media advertising is not just about a specific number of daily posts. It is also about engaging with people or the community.

Below is the summary of how to promote CBD on Instagram:

  • Never use the term CBD in your posts.
  • Avoid targeting any specific age group.
  • Share informative posts that do not indicate that you are selling CBD.
  • Provide health tips, especially discussing health conditions in which CBD can help, but do not mention CBD.
  • Do not use paid advertising, as early or later. Instagram will discover that you are selling CBD, which may result in an account ban.
  • You can use the word hemp in your Insta posts.
  • Use images related to your products.
  • Use the right kind of hashtags to grab the attention of your target audience.
  • Go live on Instagram, and share stories regarding natural remedies and even Hemp oil benefits.
  • Tie up with Instagram influencers.

How to Find a CBD Influencer for social media

Finding the Instagram influencer who can help promote your product must not be an issue; there are many ways to do it. Moreover, you do not essentially need someone who specializes in promoting CBD products. You can also find someone who promotes natural remedies, supplements, health tips, and more.

Below are some of the ways of finding CBD influencers for social media:

  • Check for the most popular posts for certain hashtags. For example, if your focus is on promoting your CBD product for managing anxiety, look for hashtags like #anxietyhelp, #anxietyrelief, #anxietyfighter, and so on.
  • Start creating a list of people active on Instagram and promoting natural remedies, and then check the number of followers. Anyone with followers of more than 100 000 may work.
  • Search for influencers on the Explore page of the Instagram app.
  • Use paid tools like Shout to search for influencers.
  • Use google search! It is getting better and can suggest and help identify some of the top influencers in the region.

Where Can I Buy Wholesale White Label CBD?

If you have decided to start your CBD business, the next logical question would be where to source CBD products. The most straightforward way of getting started with the CBD business is buying white label CBD products. These are products ready to be sold.

An excellent white-label manufacturer can provide you with a range of products they have ready for supply. Then, after your order, they can just put your label or pack according to your requirement so that the products meet your organization's needs and look as if your company produced them.

One such organization with a massive range of CBD products is Essentia Pura. Essentia Pura produces all CBD products using supercritical CO2 extraction, and these products are rich in terpenes and flavonoids.

So, if you want to get started with the CBD business, look no further, and contact Essentia Pura.