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Inside the Lab with Manca Bolčina: The Science Behind Essentia Pura’s Exceptional CBD Products

When producing high-quality CBD products, the magic, or rather the science, happens behind the scenes. At Essentia Pura, our commitment to quality, innovation, and well-being has always been unwavering. We believe in transparency, and what better way to delve deeper into our production processes and quality assurance than a conversation with our Head of R&D, Manca Bolčina?

From Seed to Shelf: Ensuring Quality at Every Step

Manca began by explaining the ethos of Essentia Pura, “We are aiming for consistent quality and practically applicable products.” Our company’s dedication to quality assurance is evident at every stage of the supply chain. From cultivating a proprietary EU-certified variety of industrial hemp organically in Italian regions to a closed-loop supercritical CO2 process for solvent-free hemp extract – every step is meticulously handled to ensure exceptional quality.

Manca shared that to ensure every product meets the high standards set by the company, the manufacturing takes place in a controlled environment, managed by a team of experts from the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries. She emphasized, “We subject both our extracts and products to numerous tests to ensure that Essentia Pura’s standards are met and we are happy with the products. The whole process might take a bit longer, but that way, we can stand behind our products and values.”

On Sourcing and Consistency

Raw materials sourcing is another critical aspect. Our company’s attention to detail ensures we work with suppliers that meet rigorous criteria. Especially when it comes to sourcing hemp biomass, consistency is paramount. As Manca put it, “For us, this is of great importance in order to manufacture high-quality and consistent CBD products.”

A Commitment to Innovation

The R&D department, under Manca’s leadership, has been at the forefront of introducing breakthroughs in extractions and new formulations. At Essentia Pura, science, dedication, and passion intertwine to create genuinely effective products that solve everyday problems like sleep issues, anxiety, or pain. Our goal is to tangibly improve people’s lives.

The Sleep Well Oil

The Sleep Well oil is the latest testament to this commitment. A broad-spectrum CBD oil with 5% CBD and 5% CBN, it caters to those seeking improved sleep quality. And the best part? It’s available in two varieties – one enhanced with melatonin and the other with valerian essential oil. When asked about the product, Manca said confidently, “I really can’t wait for people to try it.”


Consistency in quality and a genuine desire to improve well-being is at Essentia Pura’s heart. As we await the launch of the Sleep Well oil, the insights shared by Manca reaffirm our commitment to these principles. We hope our partners and customers feel as excited and confident in its efficacy as we do. Dive deeper, ask questions, and join us on this well-being journey.

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