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Essentia Pura® CBD Oils are market-proven and consumer-adapted CBD products available as wholesale, white-label, and bulk options.

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Full-Spectrum CBG Oil Drops

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10 ml, 30 ml


You have already heard of CBD oil so you maybe overlooked the hemp plant’s mother cannabinoid – Cannabigerol (CBG). The latest research showed that CBG interacts with the…

Essentia Pura™

CBD Oil For Pets | Cats

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Essentia Pura CBD Oil for cats is specifically formulated at lower strengths so that they work seamlessly with your cat’s unique endocannabinoid system. Available in a salmon fish…

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PG/VG CBD Vape Juice & CBD e-Liquid

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Vape Juice and E-Liquid are manufactured in such a way as to offer your customers nicotine-free CBD e-liquids for vaping. They contain an ISO 9001 certified CBD, which…

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How Our
Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
Is Made

At Essentia Pura™, we take care of everything at every stage of the supply chain, from the initial seed to the finished product. That enables us to provide our customers with consistent products of exceptional quality – all at affordable prices.

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The process begins with the cultivation of a proprietary EU-certified variety of industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.), which is grown organically in carefully selected Italian regions without the use of herbicides and pesticides.


Once the hemp has been delivered to our facility it undergoes a closed-loop supercritical CO2 process in order to obtain solvent-free hemp extract. We use highly pressurized carbon dioxide techniques, allowing us to isolate the most useful phytochemicals and phytocannabinoids from hemp.


The hemp extract is then subjected to further processing depending on the product which is to be used or clients’ needs and requirements. For example, to produce our Full-spectrum CBD Oil drops, the crude extract would be de-carboxylated and de-waxed before being diluted in a carrier oil.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our are proprietary and manufactured from our selected hemp variety yet they distinguish themselves based on the following features.


Premium is derived from de-carboxylated and de-waxed supercritical CO2 hemp extract, meaning it contains fewer acids forms of cannabinoids, waxes, and no-chlorophyll. It is less bitter in taste and has an amber gold appearance.


Primal is manufactured from non-de-carboxylated, non-de-waxed, supercritical CO2 full-spectrum hemp extract, so the product is also termed ‘raw’ or ‘crude’. All waxes and resins are preserved and the product has not been de-carboxylated and de-waxed, which means that it will impart a very strong, bitter taste and has a thicker, more viscous texture. The product was developed for those clients whose customers want to consume their drops in non-de-carboxylated form and experience the strong taste and earthy spiciness.


Broad-Spectrum THC-Free is manufactured from a highly refined, de-carboxylated, THC-Free hemp distillate, which is then diluted in the carrier oil of your choice. The end result is a gold-colored product with 0% THC content yet high in purity and potency with very few residuals. It has an exceptionally mild taste and is great for use in numerous practical applications.

Derived from de-carboxylated and de-waxed supercritical CO2 Cannabis Sativa full-spectrum extract or resin from our proprietary cultivated EU-certified hemp variety, a unique and innovative extraction process allows us to remove the waxes and resins without using any alcoholic solvents. This CBD product is designed to enhance the consumer’s taste experience by removing some of the bitterness and spiciness coming from certain waxes.
Studies show that consumers can benefit from CBD oil in different ways including stress management, anxiety relief, pain management, sleep better, helping with depression, and improving gut health.
This depends on the country you are located in and your government’s regulations. Most of our clients decide to register or distribute their products as cosmetic products using either their name or ours as a responsible person if they are located in the European Union or as food supplements if they are located in the UK. Feel free to reach out to our registration team that is at your disposal not only with full documentation but also to address any challenges you might have.

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