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What to know about importing CBD into Italy?

Italy differs from other countries in Europe with more relaxed attitudes towards CBD. Italy is one of the largest markets of health supplements in Europe. It is also a fast-growing market for CBD products.

So, the answer to the commonly asked question, is CBD oil legal in Italy is, “Yes”.

Italy has a more incredible experience in controlling the movement of illicit drugs. It may explain why Italy is less worried about CBD or its ill effects. 

There are other historical reasons also for such a relaxed attitude towards CBD. For example, historically, Italy has been one of the biggest growers of Industrial hemp in Europe. 

Italy is also one of the few nations where one can buy hemp flowers in shops. These are generally flowers that are low in THC. Further, they are sold with a label that they are not for human use. Nonetheless, data shows that there are considerable sales of hemp flowers in the country. 

It is worth noticing that many of these legal changes, relaxing laws towards CBD, were introduced in 2016 in the country. Since then, its local production has boomed.

Overview of Italian CBD Regulations and Laws

Italy is an EU member state. It means that the country follows all EU norms. Thus, CBD is regarded as a novel food and must get novel food authorization from European Commission.  

It also means that CBD oil is legal in Italy if it contains THC below 0.2%. 

However, apart from EU norms, each European country has its local laws. Interestingly enough, Italy is among the few nations that allow sales of products containing THC as high as 0.6%. This may have some benefits. For example, some CBD products might contain THC slightly above 0.2% in rare cases, which is a very tight margin. Thus, there won’t be any legal issue in Italy as far as THC is below 0.6%.

Although the chances are slim that any product made outside would have THC higher than 0.2%, nonetheless, there is one less reason to worry about when doing CBD business in Italy.

Criteria & Policies for Importing CBD into Italy

As an EU member state, importing CBD into Italy would require getting novel food authorization from European Commission. It also means that the content of THC in such a product should not be more than 0.2%. Thus, the limit of 0.6% is mainly to benefit local CBD producers.

Other things would be needed with each shipment, like the certificate of analysis of each batch. 

However, it is worth understanding that in Italy, competition is stiff. It is because local producers can market high THC products. Additionally, many people may use hemp flowers instead of CBD oil.

Nonetheless, there is a huge market for consumers who are quality conscious. These are individuals wanting to buy high purity and safe CBD products for health benefits. For those looking to start selling high purity, CBD products Essentiapura may help start a business. For example, it may provide ready-to-sell products through private labeling. Or one may produce water-soluble CBD products to differentiate from other products. Essentiapura has both oil and water-soluble CBD isolate and distillate.

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Importing CBD into Italy within the EU

It is the most straightforward way of doing business. It is because products made in any other EU nation would already have novel food authorization. Thus, as per the EU legal norms and Italian laws, such products can readily enter the Italian markets.

Moreover, it would require minimal documentation, as the certificate of analysis of other European nations would be acceptable in Italy. There would also be no customs duties or other duties.

Simply said, any CBD product legally made in other EU countries can be readily imported into Italy. Likewise, if the product is commercialized in any other EU nation, then there won’t be a need for many documents.

So, importing CBD into Italy from the EU is quite simple.

Importing CBD into Italy from other Countries

If CBD products were made outside the EU, then the procedure would be a bit more complicated. One would first need to get novel food authorization, which is a complex and time taking process.

One would need to prepare a dossier confirming the content, safety, and manufacturing process of the product. In addition, one may require to provide some additional documents like the product was not tested in animals, and so on.

When importing into Italy, there would be a need to find Harmonized System (HS) code for the product as local customs duties would depend on the HS code of the product. Additionally, one would also need to pay the VAT on the imported product.

More importantly, one would require carrying out local analysis of each imported batch to prove that it confirms the required standards.

Generally, it is good to get a certificate of origin for products from the local competent authorities in a country that manufactures CBD products. This certificate may help in some instances, as Italy may have lower customs duties for certain nations.

So, the reply to a question that can I import CBD oil to Italy is firm yes.

Importing CBD into Italy to Sell

Importing CBD oil into Italy is legal and pretty straightforward. It has one of the most relaxed attitudes towards CBD. However, it means that minimum documentation is needed for CBD business in the country.

Only the main hurdle is getting novel food authorization for people producing product in the EU or outside it. Whereas selling the product in Italy is much simpler. It even allows the sales of CBD flowers, though not for human use or consumption. But then everyone knows that most flowers are bought for human use only.

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Importing Hemp into Italy

Italy legalized hemp cultivation in 2017 and is now one of the major producers of hemp in the EU. Italy even allows the import of hemp seeds for sowing if they are the varieties with low THC. Similarly, it allows the import of hemp fiber and other parts if the THC content is below 0.2%

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