What is Cannabicitran (CBT)?

Researchers have long observed the phenomenon that fresh herbs or whole herbal extract work better than some of the isolated compounds from those herbs. It is because, in herbs, hundreds or perhaps thousands of organic compounds work in synergy with each other.

Since there are so many active compounds in every herb, identifying all of them is almost impossible. Even identifying most of the vital compounds and understanding their mode of the action takes decades, if not centuries.

All this means that we have just discovered the tip of the iceberg. There is still a lot to be understood about the cannabis plant. Each year, the number of active compounds identified in the cannabis plant increases. Researchers have identified more than 500 organic compounds and 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.

What has puzzled researchers is that these hundreds of compounds may sometime enhance the action of each other. Other times they may act just in an opposite way. Therefore, to create a perfect symphony, these compounds must be combined in a specific way, a secret known to nature. But unfortunately, recreating this symphony is still out of the realm of modern science.

cannabicitran uses and benefits

Understanding the “entourage effect.”

In pharmacology, if two drugs boost the action of each other and one plus one becomes more than two, it is called synergy. However, the entourage effect is even more complex and powerful.

When you use certain compounds in an isolated form, they may not work at all. However, when you combine them with one or more than one compound, a new kind of potent health effect emerges. CBD experts call it “the entourage effect.” It is not just about boosting the effect of each other, but many times creating an absolutely new kind of effect.

Thus, cannabidiol (CBD) is good. However, if you combine it with other cannabinoids, CBD may start working much better in many health conditions. But that is not all, and it may even begin helping in health conditions in which CBD does not work when used alone. That is why understanding the entourage effect is so important.

It is vital to understand that it is not essential to combine multiple cannabinoids for the entourage effect. One may even combine CBD with other organic compounds. Thus, for example, adding terpenes to CBD products may help provide designer products, products that are especially good for managing certain health conditions.

For example, new studies show that CBD may work much better in managing mood disorders or anxiety issues when combined with terpenes.

What is Cannabicitran (CBT)?

We know that more than a hundred cannabinoids exist, but they remain relatively unexplored. This is despite the fact that science discovered many of these compounds more than half a century back.

CBD is good, but it is vital to explore the less common cannabinoids in the cannabis plant to create safer and more potent remedies for various health conditions.

Many of these cannabinoids are present in traces in the cannabinoid plant. Thus, extracting them on an industrial scale could be a challenge. But then, with an improved understanding of the cannabis plant, science may find ways to convert more common cannabinoids into less prevalent cannabinoids.

As far as Cannabicitran is concerned, it was isolated from the cannabis plant way back in 1974. Researchers have since then known its chemical structure. They even know that it is structurally quite close to some of the synthetic chemicals.

Interestingly enough, Cannabicitran is also present in many other plants and herbs. For example, one of the studies has identified it even in the flowering plant  Rhododendron anthopogonoides.

It is regretful that Cannabicitran remains a poorly studied cannabinoid despite all the interest. In fact, a search on PubMed, the medical research database of the National Library of Medicine, one of the most extensive databases of its kind dedicated to medical research, returned less than 5 results on searching for Cannabicitran.  That is really low compared to cannabidiol (CBD), with almost 5000 published research articles.

Cannabicitran shares many properties with CBD and is a non-psychotic cannabinoid. It means that quite like CBD, it does not cause a high and it is pretty safe and non-addictive. Additionally, it has a relaxing effect and may help overcome pain.

It appears to be especially good for managing glaucoma. It may help lower the intraocular pressure. This is quite interesting, as very few cannabinoids are so good for glaucoma. At present, only one study has shown its benefit in glaucoma, and there is definitely a need for more clinical studies to confirm its usefulness in the condition

CBT vs. CBD: What’s The Difference?

Cannabicitran (CBT) appears to share many traits with cannabidiol (CBD). Both the cannabinoids are non-psychotic. They have relaxing and pain-reducing effects. In addition, both are quite safe for humans and are non-addictive.

However, unlike CBD, it appears that CBT is better for reducing intraocular pressure and thus more beneficial for managing glaucoma. In addition, it is not clear if it can also help with other eyesight problems.

However, unlike CBD, CBT is much less popular and poorly studied by science. It means that it may have many other health benefits, and future studies will shed more light on them.

cannabicitran uses and benefits

Cannabicitran Benefits to The Human Body

CBT appears to be similar to CBD but with some differences. Thus, it is suitable for anxiety and stabilizing mood and may also help with pain and other health issues.

Further, studies show that it is especially good for eye health and may help prevent or even manage glaucoma. However, in some individuals, it is pretty challenging to treat and may even cause worsening of vision.

Cannabicitran Effects: What’s It Used For?

At present, science has a limited understanding of CBT. But they know that it is good to mix it with CBD. In such cases, it appears to increase the health benefits of CBD due to the entourage effect. However, it is rare to use CBT in its isolated form. Additionally, studies show that it may be particularly good to use along with CBD for those living with glaucoma.

Further, studies show that CBT is good when combined with CBD, especially in vape oils. Some studies suggest that it can help prevent the crystallization of CBD and thus improve the shelf life and effectiveness of CBD vape oil.

To conclude, Cannabicitran (CBT) is one of the cannabinoids researchers discovered way back in 1974. Nonetheless, it remains a relatively poorly known cannabinoid. Therefore, it is good to combine it with CBD for the entourage effect. Additionally, it is good for those living with glaucoma. CBT can also help prevent the crystallization of CBD in vape oils and thus prolong its shelf life.

If you want to know more about creating unique CBD products and learn more about uncommon cannabinoids, get in touch with us.

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