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Top 5 CBD Dropshipping Suppliers in Europe [2023 update]

What do CBD products and dropshipping have in common? To start, they are both fairly new to the average consumer in Europe. But more importantly, they gained their popularity with the rise of online shopping. With CBD oil products rapidly rising in prominence and becoming a multi billion dollar market in the world, with a great outlook, a lot of people are trying to find their place in this upwards trend. We at Essentia Pura will try our best to explain the possibility that CBD dropshipping offers in this exciting industry.

What is CBD dropshipping?

As with any topic, we believe it is best to start with the basics. So, what is CBD and what is dropshipping and is there a good enough market for CBD dropshipping?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive substance derived from the cannabis plant with great health potential. CBD started trending in recent years as a legal cannabis-derived ingredient in various products. Thanks to the internet, CBD hype grew rapidly, and thanks to e-commerce it was made readily available to everyone. At the same time the rapidly growing e-commerce industry also rediscovered dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is a retail business model where the retailer offers products to consumers, but the product moves directly from the wholesaler or manufacturer to the final consumer, without being handled or stored by the retailer, thus significantly reducing your operating costs.

This service was already known in the previous century, mostly via telephone and mail orders. In the era of online shopping, dropshipping has resurged. With companies such as e-bay, Amazon, AliExpress, and Shopify getting involved, dropshipping has exploded.

Having someone else do the shipping and packaging, without keeping stock, saves a lot of time and energy!

Dropshipping, the e-commerce model that is redefining the industry, and CBD, the ultimate wellness product. Don’t they seem like the perfect combination? If you are interested in finding out how dropshipping and CBD oil products fit together and if dropshipping is the right strategy for your business, read below!

Selling CBD Products From Home

The main advantage of dropshipping is its simplicity. From the comfort of your home, you can run your business without most of the hassle. 

How to start a CBD dropshipping business

If you are interested in trying out CBD dropshipping there are some things to consider.

The first step is carefully researching the market you want to enter, this means researching if there is proper demand for CBD oil and who your main competitors are. It is always recommended to check the legal status of CBD oil in your preferred market. The legal status is important as it can effect how you can market your CBD dropshipping business.

The next step is choosing the product, in best case scenario, this should be a product you identified as interesting during your market research. Now you have to choose the supplier who offers the product you are interested in. The only thing that is left is finding consumers to purchase the product from you and get it shipped from your supplier to your consumer. Without any costs involved in manufacturing, storing, and logistics, you become the armchair middleman and collect your markup.

All of this seems pretty easy, and we will help you even further with the list of trusted European dropshippers. The only thing you have to do is to find buyers and generate traffic. 

Building your brand starts with choosing a brand name, a logo, and establishing a website. Increasing your online presence can be done with blogs, posts on social media like Facebook, and through influencers from Youtube and Instagram. You can also rank your website on search engines and pay for Google Ads to increase your visibility in the market. 

Increasing your online presence with digital marketing is an art of its own. And if that is your thing, dropshipping is the way! You can fully focus on your brand, from the design to customer support, while your dropshipping partner will take care of the rest.

If venturing into CBD business, dropshipping is the tool of the trade!

Pros of CBD dropshipping 

So far dropshipping looks like the ideal business model to get involved in CBD sales. Let’s explore some of the upsides and benefits it offers.

Low setting up costs. 

The website and brand design are the biggest costs involved before you are fully operational. If you have the skills required to do it yourself, or if you perhaps already have an up and running online store, you are almost covered! As explained above, you will not bear any packaging or storage costs, which can be significant as they include labor costs for packaging and rental costs for storage.

No stock. 

As you are shipping everything from your CBD dropshipping company, you do not have to stock your inventory yourself, again significantly reducing costs and freeing your time to pursue business development.

No Inventory. 

No inventory means you do not have to worry about CBD products being unsold or expiring. In addition to that you also do not have to deal with the transport logistics and have far greater flexibility to transition to different suppliers if you so choose.


If you see that your sales are increasing and you project the increase to continue, you do not have to expand your personnel, production or storage, but can only pour the extra profits into further marketing activities to expand your reach and grow your business.

Cons of CBD dropshipping 

As any business activity, CBD dropshipping is not always smooth sailing. These are some of the disadvantages you might encounter along the way:

Long delivery times.

As you are not keeping your own inventory, it can take longer to dispatch the order after it was paid, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction. Always carefully consider the terms and conditions of your suppliers, as you grow you might even have some power to influence their delivery times.

Quality control. 

The orders are not fulfilled by you so you cannot know whether the shipped product was defective. This is why you should always carefully research your suppliers and only deal with properly certified companies that can back up their claims with lab confirmed quality control certificates.

No bulk discounts. 

Selling large quantities does not result in better prices as with purchasing the same amounts wholesale, however you must be aware that your final operating costs are still lower, so this might even work out in your favor.

Refunds are costly. 

If the customers are not satisfied with the delivered CBD products and these are returned you may have to cover the costs involved.

Most of the cons above vary depending on the terms you agreed with your CBD drop shipping partner, which you may not be able to influence at the start. 

Every CBD dropshipping company has its own dropshipping system, which one is the most suitable for your CBD business?

If you have the skills and resources, you can do the brand and package design yourself. Otherwise, hiring a professional might be feasible!

Who in Europe can help you with dropshipping CBD products?

Choose wisely when selecting your CBD dropshipper. The price of CBD products is important, but it is not the only thing that counts. Do not overlook the quality of the CBD products, how they are produced and what packaging is used. Be especially cautious on the dropshipping terms and conditions so you do not get caught up in legal trouble, if you want to reorient your business!

1. Cibdol

The Dutch CBD manufacturer Cibdol is one of the leaders in the European market. They use hemp of the highest quality as they take care of their product from the seeds onwards. This is why they regularly test the soil the hemp grows in and only work with trusted and proven suppliers. FUrthermore they produce their CBD products in state of the art Swiss laboratories, with a special process aimed at eliminating impurities in their products and thus setting a high bar in quality control. The quality of the product is ensured by a independent third party lab.

Their sales and customer service team is always at your disposal to support you and help you to optimize and grow your business.

If you are ready to start your CBD adventure, try and contact them to set the terms of your cooperation!

2. Global Cannabinoids

This US-based CBD company from Nevada is one of the biggest global distributors of CBD products. Partnered with US hemp farmers and processors, their supply chain reaches wholesalers and retailers to all parts of the world. 

Their CBD range will satisfy most CBD consumer’s needs, but what stands out is their unique dropshipping program. In addition to standard dropshipping order fulfillment, they will, in a matter of weeks, set you up with everything you need to start your CBD business! From website design to logo and label design and label print. 

They offer 1 on 1 consulting on branding and even take care of credit card payment processing. 

Check out their website https://www.cbdstartup.io/ for more information about their plans and pricings. With the basic subscription, your CBD store can be up and running in just a week!

The subscription plans are not cheap, but considering the value, it is a viable option for those without an existing CBD business.

3. The Real CBD

The Real CBD is a family-owned business from Spain. The Spanish hemp, CO2 extraction, and their passion for CBD are making the customers happy since 2017. With +4 years of experience in the (wholesale) hemp industry, they strive to provide you support, insights, and tips to get your own CBD platform off the ground.

Their dropshipping program is simple, free and available for Europe, the UK, Canada, Mexico and The United States. If you have a webshop ready, contact the sales team at info@therealcbd.com, to receive their dropshipping package.

The Real CBD can supply:

  • Organic full-spectrum CBD oils
  • CBD products for pets and animals
  • Water-soluble CBD Powder
  • CBD topicals/beauty products
  • CBP Vape products
  • CBD supplements
  • CBD candy

Your profit margin is based on the volume of sales, and you can cancel anytime at no charge!

4. Reakiro

The Polish CBD Powerhouse is one of the biggest players in the region. Reakiro, a HACCP/GMP certified manufacturer and supplier of full-spectrum CBD oils, creams and capsules is offering their dropshipping program at no startup costs!

This dropshipping program a classic one, but Reakiro’s CBD product range and prices are not to pass. Fill the form here to apply, and get access to 50% discounts, free shipping and no MOQs, and to never worry again about:

  • Managing or paying for a warehouse
  • Packing and shipping your orders
  • Continually ordering products and managing stock level
  • Paying sales tax, import duties, customs fees, etc.
Simple, yet effective!

5. JM-Wholesale

If you are from the UK and looking for a drop shipping partner, JM-Wholesale might be just the one for you! Founded in 2017, JM-Wholesale is now UK’s largest wholesaler within the vaping, CBD, and smoking categories. With them, you will have access to an impressive diversity of CBD products by leading CBD brands, which can be dropshipped to 180 countries around the world.

JM’s advanced dropshipping program is a fully integrated and fully automated dropshipping solution. You can now upload CBD products, sync inventory & route orders with their drop shipping system to virtually any online store, marketplace, or e-commerce platform. (Woocommerce, Shopify, Weebly,.)

They provide world-class fulfilment of any scale, 24/7 support, and they even help you create a website for your new business. 

All you need to do is focus on marketing and growing your business!

The Premium package obviously costs more. but considering the fees are smaller, the returns are way higher if the volume of sales is there.

Working With CBD Dropshippers

Dropshipping CBD has never been easier, as there are plenty of CBD suppliers to choose from! The choice might not be an easy one. 

If you are new to the e-commerce world, we suggest the following CBD drop shipping tips :

  • Start with a free program or the least expensive subscription plan.
  • Choose a well established CBD brand before starting your private label.
  • Begin with one product to get the feel of things and diversify later.
  • Always order a sample to see its quality, from content to packaging.
  • Make sure the parcel will have only your details and not from your CBD drop shipping partner. You do not want to lose customers this way!
  • Focus on the marketing aspects on what will drive the business and what will increase traffic.
  • Try to get the most out of the free consulting your CBD dropshipping partner offers. Knowledge is gold! 

If you are already operating in the online sales, but new to the CBD world, make sure your CBD dropshipper should:

  • Provide you with full and correct company information, do not fall for frauds and scams. Check the authenticity through reviews and details and publicly available company reports.
  • Be transparent and responsive in communication.
  • Provide you with quality-controlled products backed up by lab reports and certificates.
  • Ensure product traceability with batch id and lot numbers.
  • Set terms on delivery times, order insurance and product returns.

Is CBD dropshipping profitable?

We believe that with the right CBD dropshipping company, your CBD sales have tremendous potential to be profitable, as your operating costs are low and your risk is small. You should prepare a sound business plan and maintain a good grip on your other expenses while maintaining focus on customer acquisition. It is a well-known fact that loyal customers will be your biggest asset and your path to scaling your business! Nevertheless, you should always keep in mind that a dropshipping business is only successful if itis backed by a professional company providing you with reliable supply and quality-assured products. 

Essentia Pura Is One Of The leading CBD manufacturers and suppliers in Europe. We do not offer Dropshipping, as we do not have a B2C brand and we specialize in White Label and Private Label CBD Products for your CBD business. So in case you are looking for what we believe are the Highest-Quality CBD Products At Great Wholesale Prices labelled under your brand, Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us! Use The Contact Form Here Or Send Us An Inquiry At Info@Essentiapura.Com