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The hemp plant is having its redemption after all the repression seen in the past century. If just a decade ago hemp was grown for seeds and fiber only, now the biggest demand is for hemp resin.  For the spike in demand is responsible Cannabidiol, CBD in short, the most occurring active compound found in hemp. The more time passes, the bigger is the number of studies confirming the formidable health qualities of CBD, which its users are already enjoying every day. CBD, leading the charge in the hemp revolution, opened a new market for hemp and its limitless uses. Years ago, when the first users were discovering hemp’s health potential, CBD tinctures were the flagship product of every company venturing into this business. Now that CBD tinctures found their way into almost every household, myriad new ways of CBD consumption are emerging. It is not even a surprise anymore, that it is possible to find the 7-fingered cannabis leaf printed on virtually any product while doing the groceries at our local supermarket. From prescription CBD pills in pharmacies to CBD mints found at gas stations, we can be assured we haven’t seen it all. But what does it really take to break into such a unique market? Innovation is definitely key, so let's discover some CBD products which are standing out.

CBD Market in 2020

CBD edibles

The CBD tinctures we mentioned earlier definitely work and offer a reliable, efficient, and economic route of CBD administration. The tinctures being just the hemp extracts diluted in carrier oils, haven’t seen much innovation around them. By using different carrier oils we can improve CBD absorption and prolong the product’s shelf life. We can see several other medicinal plant extracts added to CBD tinctures for even more health benefits. Different flavors might be mixed in to mask the taste of the hemp extract, which is found unpleasant by some. But to the modern man, that dropper bottle reminds more of a thing of the past. We are used to seeing medicine in the form of a pill these days, so a similarly practical solution are the soft gels containing CBD oil. If perhaps the gelcaps resemble traditional drugs too much, then the tasty  CBD containing gummies can be your match for single dosing! The CBD products for oral and sublingual consumption are now trending from raw hemp extract to more refined forms. The packaging is also moving towards more practical usability. We can see a shift from tinctures to sprays, from paste to soft gels, but we also observe that the options are limitless.

While many CBD products are being marketed as more efficient in dealing with the ailments, a product can have several other traits to succeed. Like.. being delicious! At Lovechock, handmade raw chocolate is infused with CBD. It is believed that substances in chocolate and cocoa mimic cannabinoids and increase our endocannabinoid levels. What a treat for our endocannabinoid system! Sweet things can also be super healthy and honey is a prime example. So why not make honey, the most appreciated sweetener throughout human history, even better? Slovenian company WeeBee is mixing natural supercritical CO2 Hemp extracts with highly praised pristine Slovenian honey. The result? A health bomb delight. You can always make CBD the secret ingredient of your recipes by adding a few drops of CBD oil to your favorite dishes. We believe CBD infused breakfast is already a morning routine of many happy users. Judging by its rise in popularity we can expect even fine dining restaurants to include CBD in their menu. Hopefully, many more Hemp oriented restaurants like Canape from Milan will emerge. They are offering 15 Italian dishes with a hemp twist, along with many cocktails and other CBD infused drinks.

Oh yes, CBD drinks

Pouring hot water over plant matter is probably the most ancient and primitive way of botanical extraction. But for the sake of simplicity and efficacy, teas or herbal infusions are still thriving today. There is an issue with hemp though. While hemp tea is tasty and still beneficial in many ways, the active cannabinoids like CBD are not water soluble. Companies like Teacan solved this problem by using water soluble CBD for their teas!  If tea is not your morning drink of choice and you are more of a coffee drinker, fear not! With the same principle in mind, water soluble CBD proved to be the best solution to smooth out the uplifting effects of coffee. So be sure to check Canniant, who might have just come up with the perfect morning brew for you with the CBD ground coffee and coffee pods. For those who don’t drink coffee, but still enjoy the caffeine kick,  the Green monkey CBD energy drink can become their go-to dose of relaxed energy. text CBD is also finding its way as an ingredient in the human’s most popular social lubricant - alcohol! Cannabis is closely related to hops, so many breweries are eyeing this promising substitute. And good news is coming from Italy. Whether you like a pale ale, JustMary spiced it up with hemp and launched JustMaryLegend. At Zahre, they opted for a more traditional style and brewed La Bionda alla Canapa, a hemp lager beer. But CBD is not stopping at beer. You can enjoy canned CBD mixed drinks like gin & tonic from Dona Sofia! Or you can make your own cocktails using CBD enhanced Muhu’s Gin or Halewoods’s Rum. And for special occasions, you can count on Cannawine. A bottle of CBD wine can be the star of the evening, either white or red and they even produce bottled CBD sangria!   As we can see, CBD is entering our lifestyles with full steam and changing our habits for the better. So it is only natural that CBD is changing the personal care industry as well.

CBD in personal care

Hemp extracts do make wonders for our well-being. And if we want to feel good in our skin, CBD skincare products can make it happen. We Believe CBD can add great value to cosmetic products. That's why we launched our own line of white label CBD cosmetic products. Our balms, creams, and lotions combined with full-spectrum CBD extract are intended for daily use and treatment of problematic skin. But care for ourselves does not stop at the skin. And Colgate, the oral hygiene giant is well aware of this. Colgate acquired Hello Products, which produces CBD oral care products. Their innovation is not just a CBD toothpaste. But one for kids, one for whitening, one without fluoride... And diversifying the products range to CBD mouthwashes and CBD lip balms. As we can see, CBD products are best targeted to a specific group of people, where CBD can improve the function of their favorite product. A pain relief CBD balm can greatly reduce the soreness for athletes but has also a really broad range of other applications. On the other hand, a product like a tattoo aftercare balm can really help to find a niche market. For example, the CBD tattoo aftercare balm from Full Circle Hemp relieves the itching after a fresh tattoo. And with daily care, the colors will remain vibrant to enhance the beauty of the ink. Whether adding CBD to these products really adds the value we pay for them it’s for us to decide. And the best way to found out is to try it ourselves. The CBD in Pura Vidas organic CBD aftershave cream helps to calm the irritated skin, but how much? And does the CBD in their massage oil really make the experience even more relaxing? Many women might find their god-send cramp cure in CBD in tampons thanks to Daye. But that can’t just happen without trying. At Creme they believe it makes sense to add broad-spectrum CBD to mascaras and is only up to the consumers to find out if their eyelashes are sky-high thanks to CBD. Until the manufacturers are proven wrong by consumers, they will keep bringing up innovative CBD products on the market. So don’t be surprised if you come around items such as Ignites CBD toothpicks.

White Label CBD: your opportunity 

Intrigued by the annual growth of 30%, heaps of entrepreneurs are eyeing the ever-growing CBD market. But how difficult is venturing into such waters? Can I open a shop to sell CBD products? Can I register CBD products for online sales? Do CBD products need a license to market? After you have done your research and are now wondering how to set up your brand, white label CBD is the answer for you. But whether you want to sell CBD products to test your marketing skills, diversify your product range, or just simply help people, finding the right business partner is one of the first steps. And perhaps the most crucial one! At Essentia Pura we pride ourselves as a premium CBD manufacturer, focused on product quality and fully dedicated to our clients as their wholesale CBD supplier. By choosing our white label CBD program the creation of your own CBD brand is pretty much effortless. You can choose from a  wide selection of our proven formulas for the most popular CBD products. The only thing you have to do is brand the CBD products with your desired labels. And if that poses you a problem, we can take over that matter as well, from label design to packaging! Is it so simple? For sure! We offer you the peace of mind of having the highest quality retail-ready CBD products provided by us. So you can focus on other aspects of your new business, like how you can advertise CBD products and how to start selling CBD products.

Private Label CBD: Your take at innovation

But perhaps you haven’t found what you are looking for in our portfolio. Or maybe you have something so innovative in mind that the whole CBD market hasn’t even seen yet. Do you dream of your unique CBD product but don’t know where to start? Our private label program offers you just that! Our research and development team can provide you their expertise and will guide you through the whole process of CBD product creation. Either simple changes to existing products or the formulation of something wild and crazy. Your creativity is the only limit. With our wide array of raw ingredients and well-equipped facility, we can take you from design to production. And don’t forget to take advantage of our supercritical CO2 extractions system. We can process your own hemp to create a CBD product that is truly yours! The CBD market shows great promise in the future and is striving for innovation. So if you believe you are ahead of trends don’t hesitate, try to push forward your idea! But don’t forget you can count on us as we will always try to over-exceed your expectations!

Check our website for more information regarding our white label and private label services. And do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our products.