How Spas Are Incorporating CBD Into Their Treatments

Spas are essentially wellness centres and they are increasingly using CBD in their treatment. Their primary focus is stress and tension relief. Spa treatments may also help reduce body aches. Ultimately spas help reduce stress, prevent various disease conditions, and improve the feeling of wellness. As the diseases associated with chronic stress are rising, so is the significance of spas. It is a place where one can get a range of non-pharmacological treatments like massage, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and more to reduce stress and help people feel better. CBD provides many health benefits that are generally associated with spas. Thus, it is logical for spas to incorporate CBD in their treatments.

How Spas Are Incorporating CBD Into Their Treatments

Spas are incorporating CBD in their treatments in many ways. What is good is that incorporating CBD into their treatment does not pose many challenges. CBD's health and wellness benefits are similar to what one expects from spas. Moreover, CBD oil is relatively easy to incorporate in common spa treatments like massage, aromatherapy, deep muscle pain relief, stress management, and more.

Why Use CBD in Spas?

Incorporating CBD in Spa therapy is helpful as both the treatments may have an additive effect. In addition, both CBD and Spa therapies are suitable for a range of conditions like stress management, pain reduction, and help relax. Below are some of the reasons to use CBD in Spas:
  • Better stress relief- The main reason why people go to Spas is for stress relief and thus prevent stress-related ailments. CBD is also quite good for improving mood. Due to CBDs' impact on the endocannabinoid system, using CBD oil for massage may have a higher stress relief effect than other massage oils.
  • Higher anxiety relief- Almost everyone would suffer from episodes of severe anxiety in their lifetime. Sometimes, anxiety may be severe and prevent a person from functioning adequately. Adding CBD to Spa treatments may help reduce anxiety quickly, and such therapy may also have a prolonged effect.
  • Deep muscle pain management- Massage therapy helps improve blood flow to muscles and get rid of muscle pains. CBD is also good for pain relief and is one of the most common reasons for using CBD oils. Thus, combining both therapies would have added benefits.
  • Mood elevating effect- Massage and other Spa treatments have mood-elevating effects. Adding CBD to various Spa treatments may further have a mood-elevating benefit.
  • Improved feeling of wellness- Science now understands that being healthy is not enough. Many people are relatively healthy, and yet they feel unwell most of the time. Spa treatments, alternative therapies, and CBD can all help boost the feeling of wellness, ensuring both physical and spiritual health.
  • Higher client retention rate for Spas- CBD is a new buzzword, and adding CBD to Spa treatments can help increase clientage, enhance client retention rate, and expand the business. Thus, adding CBD to various Spa treatments is commercially attractive.

CBD in spas

What CBD Spa Treatments Are There?

There are almost innumerable ways of incorporating CBD with Spa treatments. The reason is simple, most of the health benefits of CBD are exactly the same for which people visit Spas. Moreover, CBD products are available in many different forms, making them easy to incorporate into various treatments.

CBD Massage Therapy

The number one reason for people visiting Spas is to have different kinds of massage therapies. Generally, any Spa would offer numerous kinds of massage therapies like full body, Thai, Japanese massage, Deep muscle pain relief massage, and more. Using CBD-infused oils during massage therapy may add to its relaxing and pain relief effects.

CBD Facial Treatment

Facial massage is another common reason for people to visit Spas. It is not only for relaxation, but also to improve facial skin, reduce inflammation, exfoliation, and more. In addition, CBD is known to have a sebostatic effect and is thus especially good for those living with oily skin or acne.

CBD bath

Almost all Spas would offer different kinds of water therapies. Quite often, they would offer baths infused with various herbs. It seems that adding CBD to these baths can have added health benefits. Moreover, CBD mixes quite well with other herbs.

CBD aromatherapy

In recent years, there has been increasing interest in aromatherapy, which is quite good for reducing stress and improving sleep quality. One can use CBD oil as a part of aromatherapy. It may be even better to combine multiple herbs like lemongrass, lavender, ginger, jasmine, and CBD for added benefits. With some experimentation and better knowledge of various essential oils, Spas can even develop some unique offerings.

CBD Teas, Hot Chocolates & other Refreshments

It is wrong to believe that Spa treatment is just about massage or water treatments. Most Spas would offer other treatments like yoga, reflexology, acupuncture, herbals, and more. In addition, almost all Spas would offer relaxing beverages like lavender, ginger tea, and more. Therefore, adding CBD teas, hot chocolates, and other CBD-based products to Spa treatments would be an excellent option. Moreover, studies show that CBD may be more effective in some conditions than many well-known herbal remedies. CBD in spa treatment

What Are Some of The Top CBD Spas to Visit in 2022?

Are you a Spa owner looking to incorporate CBD therapy in your treatments? Or is someone interested in the broader health benefits of CBD? Learning more about Spas that use CBD along with various treatments may help you understand better what to expect from multiple therapies. This may also provide different business insights to Spa owners. Below are some top-rated Spas that have incorporated CBD in their treatments.

The best in Asia

When it comes to Asia, Thailand is the Spa capital of the continent. Some of the best Spas in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ko Samui, and Phuket are now offering CBD-infused teas, baths, and even CBD oil massage. So, next time you consider visiting Thailand, learn more about the Spas that have incorporated CBD treatments.

The best in Europe

Europe is leading when it comes to using various CBD therapies. Thus, there is little surprise that many Spas throughout Europe have incorporated CBD into their treatments. Thus, SchlossSpa in Switzerland was among the first to offer such treatments. Or Aman Spa in the UK provides a range of treatments using CBD. Finally, soul Spa in Malta is among the few that have an extensive focus on the various CBD therapies.

The best of the US

The US has always been a leader in adopting new treatments, research, and innovation. Thus, no surprise that it was among the first nations to legalize CBD. There are just innumerable options in the US like Simply massage, idlipekar wellness studio, Spa Solage at Auberge Resort, and many more. Surely, it is impossible to cover thousands of Spas offering various CBD treatments, and by doing some Google search, one can always find such a Spa nearby. If you are in the CBD business or Spa owner and want to know more about how to incorporate CBD into various treatments, contact us.