Just How Safe is Vaping CBD? Here Are The Facts:

Vaping was first promoted as a way to give up smoking, and this holds true to the day. When compared to tobacco smoking, it is a much safer option. However, slowly vaping picked up, and now many adults who never smoked tobacco are vaping.

Health regulatory authorities like the CDC (centre of disease prevention) US says that if you never smoked or vaped earlier, it is good to avoid it. This is because there are some reports of lung issues caused by vaping.

Nonetheless, it seems that vaping rarely causes any significant health issues, especially if one vapes casually. Hence, it is good to ask how safe vaping CBD is. 

Is Vaping CBD Safe?

Regulatory agencies like CDC are quite cautious, and there is a reason. After all, they are responsible for protecting public health. And they must caution people against the dangers of certain habits and lifestyle choices, even if the threat is small. 

Data suggests that vaping is quite safe. In the US, an estimated 10 million young adults vape regularly, and there are reports of about 3000 lung issues related to vaping. These figures may sound big, but indeed they are not. Considering the number of people vaping, it is clear that lung disease caused by vaping is rare.

Moreover, it is interesting to note that cases of lung diseases peaked in 2019, and after that, there has been a constant decline in the reports of severe lung disease. It is because researchers could identify the cause of lung disease caused by vaping.

Investigation done by CDC shows that there were two main culprits for lung disorders. One reason was smoking high THC products produced illegally. And another reason was the use of vitamin E to increase vaping juice viscosity. Additionally, some vape juice producers added toxic compounds to their juices, like formaldehyde.

Hence, it would be right to say that vaping CBD is safe. However, one should only buy vaping juices produced legally and from well-known manufacturers. Additionally, one should ensure that their vaping juice does not contain toxins like formaldehyde, must be vitamin E free, and should have THC in the permitted amounts or just in traces.

Thus, it would be right to say that vaping CBD is safe. However, most side effects occur when people use vaping juices produced by unethical producers. Such a risk exists even when buying other consumables. For example, contaminated foods may also cause health harm. However, this does not mean that food must be blamed for some health issues.

What Goes into CBD Vape Juice?

Of course, any CBD vape juice would contain CBD, but it would be a minor constituent. Almost all vaping liquids would contain four components or more like fats such as propylene glycerol or glycerin, moisture, flavour, CBD, nicotine, and other chemicals.

Most of the components mentioned above are relatively safe and rarely cause any side effects. However, one should avoid vape juices containing diacetyl, diethylene glycol, and formaldehyde, as these are some of the components known to cause severe lung disease.

Additionally, vaping juices may contain some contaminants like heavy metals, cadmium, and other carcinogens. This is the reason why one should only buy popular brains, as CBD juices from good manufacturers are generally free from toxins or have very low impurities levels.

Can It Be Harmful to My Lungs?

Although vaping is quite safe, it is essential to know that it is not completely safe. Most vaping fluids may contain one or another compound known to cause harm to the lungs. Although, in most cases, the risk is minimum, nonetheless, some risk exists. 

It appears that some young adults are just too sensitive to vaping juices. Additionally, it is worth understanding the effect of prolonged inhalation of some compounds, like flavours and aromas, which remain unknown. Many of these compounds are pretty safe when inhaled casually. However, people develop a vaping habit over time, unlike CBD oil or gummies, and thus health risks of vaping CBD are greater.

Here it is vital to understand that harms caused by vaping are not due to CBD but might occur due to other components.

Almost all vaping juices would contain some kind of fatty acids like glycerin or propylene glycol, as these fatty acids form the basis of vaping liquids. Vaping juices are fat-based and not water-based, which is why even a small amount of vaping juice lasts for so many puffs.

Of course, these fatty acids are safe for oral intake and even a nutrition source. However, inhaling them may cause the building of fatty acid blocks in the lungs, causing lipoid pneumonia in some people. Although the risk of such an illness is quite low, it only occurs in habitual vapers. As if you vape irregularly, body can remove these fats and even some milder toxins.

Smoking vs Vaping CBD

It would be unwise to compare smoking with vaping. Smoking is hundreds of times more harmful. In contrast, vaping causes harm only when someone uses poor-quality vape juices, is sensitive to some of the components, or vapes too much.

The reason is simple, tobacco smoke contains hundreds of highly toxic chemicals, and their toxicity is not limited to the lungs. Smoking exposes a person to carbon monoxide, arsenic, benzene, massive amounts of tar, formaldehyde, and nicotine. 

Smoking causes damage to the lungs and increases the risk of lung cancer and other cancers like prostate, breast, and many more. 

Nicotine is very bad for blood vessels and causes peripheral vascular disease, thus significantly increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other coronary diseases.

It is vital to know that millions of people vape, yet only about 3000 cases of lung diseases are reported to date. However, smoking kills more than 40,000 people in the US alone. Globally, smoking causes disability and severe illnesses in millions of people.

So, yes, vaping is a relatively much safer option. Of course, it causes some side effects, but it would be unwise to classify it as something highly harmful, especially considering the alternatives. 

Can I Vape CBD While Pregnant?

No, you should not be vaping while pregnant. The reason is simple; science still does not know much about the harms caused by vaping. In addition, some impurities in vaping juices may be bad for fetal health. 

It is always good to avoid unessential activities that might cause harm in pregnancy, even if the risk is minimal. However, it is not possible to justify vaping CBD while pregnant.

Is It Safe to Vape CBD Oil While Breastfeeding? 

Like in pregnancy, one should avoid anything that might cause even the minutest harm to the young bodies of breastfed children. Hence, vaping CBD while breastfeeding is not recommended.

Here again, it is vital to note that vaping CBD is not known to cause harm to the breastfed child. However, we do not know. Vaping juices do contain some harmful substances and impurities. Therefore, even doctors have to be very careful when prescribing medications to breastfeeding mothers. 

CBD can help in many health conditions; however, those are not medical emergencies. There are other safer ways of managing those conditions.  

Is It Safe for Children?

No, vaping is not recommended for children. Moreover, growing lungs are more sensitive to certain irritants. Although there is limited data, experts think that even passive exposure to smoke or vaping vapours is not good for children.

Of course, lots would also depend on the age of the children, in the case of passive exposure to the vape cloud. However, it is probably quite safe if you vape now and then and children are grown up. Moreover, one can vape CBD oil when children are away to avoid passive exposure. 

It means that children should not be allowed to vape. However, those who have children can vape CBD, ensuring that they keep some distance and avoid passive exposure.


It would be right to say that vaping CBD is safe but not completely safe. It is relatively less safe when compared to CBD oil or gummies. Nonetheless, raising unnecessary alarms would also be wrong since it rarely causes any harm. Moreover, injury occurs due to vaping juices containing vitamin E or products with very high THC and not being produced following certain standards. It means that if one buys CBD vaping liquids from popular brands, they are quite safe, and there is only a small risk of lung injury.