Exploring the Water Soluble CBD Market

Introducing Water Soluble CBD

Days of offering clients just a CBD oil are over. There is intense competition in the market. Thus, a successful CBD company must offer its clients value-added products. It is also vital to provide a wide range of products. Differentiating the product from others is the key to success. And offering products with better bioavailability in a greater range may help. For example, water soluble CBD may offer an edge over competitors, helping enhance the range of products.

The Water Soluble CBD Market

The water soluble CBD market is relatively nascent yet. It means that it is the right time to explore this segment. Almost every day, there is news for one or another manufacturing launching its water soluble series in the market. At present, most launches of water soluble CBD are happening in larger markets like the UK or Germany. However, it is worth understanding that many EU markets like France or Nordic regions will grow quite fast in the near future. As a result, the European CBD market is expected to grow by at least 400% in coming four years.

Water Soluble CBD’s use in the Food industry

Almost all food items require adding water, and only some foods have added oils. It means that water soluble CBD offers innumerable opportunities. Theoretically, it can be added to any food item without any changes to the original recipe. Did you know that cannabis edibles have been consumed for thousands of years? In India, marijuana-infused sweets and beverages are offered to lord shiva. It is a tradition people have been practicing since the Vedic era, that is, for the last few thousand years. Offering cannabis edibles is a part of rituals. That is why marijuana-based products (full-spectrum CBD with high THC) were never banned in the holy city of Varanasi. Here are some of the most common water-soluble CBD food items available these days:

Baked goods

Some manufacturers are already producing CBD-infused cookies in small batches. However, due to issues related to shelf-life and specific regulatory challenges, CBD-based baked products are generally made in small quantities for local sales. Therefore, producing a range of CBD-baked products may be a good idea for smaller manufacturers.


Europeans are the largest per capita consumers of chocolates. As chocolate has a good shelf life, there are already many manufactures into it. The good thing is that, quite like regular chocolate, people can use CBD chocolate to make their favorite recipes like brownies, chocolate-dipped cones, and much more.

Gummies & candies

Gummies and candies are among the most common and preferred ways of consuming CBD. They can be produced in innumerable flavors and types. Of course, one may use regular CBD isolate powder or CBD crystals to make them. However, water soluble CBD isolate would provide much higher bioavailability.

Snacks foods

It is another less explored area by manufacturers. Sportspeople love CBD. One may produce CBD-infused energy bars, high CBD hemp protein bars. These are examples of excellent value-added products, as they provide CBD along with other health benefits. One may position their product as something that helps with quicker recovery post-workout, and so on.

Cooking ingredients

On searching the internet, one may readily understand how underexplored this segment is. For those selling CBD products via retail chains, supermarkets, cooking ingredients could be an excellent idea. One may add CBD to various blends of spices, baking powders, and much more.


CBD-infused sauces are already making their way to the shelves of certain retail chains.

Water Soluble CBD’s use in the Beverage industry

This is where water soluble CBD excels. After all, one cannot create water-based drinks using CBD oil. The market trend is usually to create sparkling CBD water/drinks. There could be three options for most manufacturers:

CBD infused energy drinks

It is no secret that CBD is mainly loved for its ability to help fight pain and its calming effect. Such drinks may be targeted towards those living an active lifestyle, though not necessarily. One may even create a pre or post-workout drink.

CBD infused soothing drinks

Many people love the calming effect of CBD. Thus, it is a common idea to create CBD drinks infused with extracts of other calming herbs like chamomile, lavender, ashwagandha. These drinks could be good for countering mild episodes of fear and anxiety. They may also help sleep better.

CBD infused flavored or refreshing drinks 

It is the most straightforward approach of adding CBD to commonly used various flavored or refreshing drinks. Such drinks are usually for frequent consumption, and thus only small amounts of CBD need to be added to them.

Water Soluble CBD’s use in the Cosmetic industry

Infusing CBD to cosmetic products helps create cosmeceuticals, products that not only enhance beauty but have some health benefits, too. Topical use of CBD is supported by science, as there is evidence of endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the skin. Dysregulation of ECS may have a role in eczema, psoriasis, and even skin cancer. CBD topical products may offer some unique benefits. CBD may help enhance the hydrating, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory effect of some products. In addition, CBD may help reduce skin itching, slow down skin aging, and much more.  Although CBD oil may be used to produce CBD cosmetics, water-soluble may help create non-sticky unique skincare products. Following products good could be a good option to enter the CBD cosmetics market:

Skincare serum

Serum for special skin concerns like acne. CBD may help due to its mild antimicrobial activity and anti-inflammatory action.


These are generally for preventing skin itching, especially during summer. Such a powder may also help prevent skin allergies caused by certain fabrics.

Makeup cleansers

Makeup cleanser with anti-inflammatory action may be quite an attractive product.


Moisturizing creams are one of the most commonly used products. However, adding water soluble CBD may have some additional benefits in such products.

Sunburns soothing cream

CBD may help reduce skin inflammation and irritation caused by sunburns. 

Massage gel 

Oil-based massage creams or massage oils are indeed loved by many, but not all. Some individuals do not like oily skin left after the massage. Water soluble CBD-based oil-free massage gel may be a great option for many.

Lip balm

Water soluble CBD may be especially effective in preventing local irritation, cracking of lips.

Evening skincare gel

Many people like to apply skincare gels in the evening. When skincare products are applied to the skin before going to bed, they have ample time to work.


CBD shampoos are often recommended for preventing hair loss. In addition, CBD may help due to its antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory action. To conclude, the above are just some of the unique ways to enter a highly competitive CBD market. One may procure water soluble CBD isolate or full spectrum water soluble CBD wholesale and start producing some of these products.

Cosmetics, food, or beverages? Let us know where you think water soluble CBD shines the most. And to make your water soluble formulations happen, contact us on this page.

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