White Label CBD Produkte. Hergestellt in Europa.

„Der richtige White-Label-Partner kann den entscheidenden Unterschied ausmachen„.

Unsere White Label CBD- und Private Label CBD-Dienstleistungen bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit, in die wachsende CBD-Branche einzusteigen, entweder mit vorformulierten, einsatzbereiten CBD-Produkten oder mit Ihren eigenen maßgeschneiderten Rezepturen.

Wir haben mit Branchenführern wie Pharma-, Nutrazeutik- und Kosmetikunternehmen zusammengearbeitet, um ihre eigene einzigartige, hochwertige CBD-Marke zu schaffen. Nehmen Sie noch heute Kontakt mit uns auf, um herauszufinden, was eine White-Label-CBD-Partnerschaft mit uns für Sie tun kann.

Our White Label CBD Products

Essentia Pura™
CBD-Öl mit weißem Etikett
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Essentia Pura™
White Label CBD-Esswaren
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Essentia Pura™
White Label CBD-Hautpflege u0026 CBD-Kosmetikprodukte
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Essentia Pura™
White Label CBD für Haustiere
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Essentia Pura™
White Label CBD Vape Öl
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This white label CBD program offers you the opportunity to make your own CBD brand with our market-proven products as your own, giving you the ultimate freedom to personalize the product packaging with your own design and determine your own sales price to grow your business.

The program gives you the choice of either buying only blank bottles filled with our CBD oils/creams and other retail-ready solutions or you either provide us with your own branding and design and let us handle the labeling and boxing. You can also request a custom design and we will connect you with our partners at a design agency to ensure that the design will be both professional and just the way you want it to be.

Moreover, our team of experts will always support you throughout the entire process, from sourcing to the final distribution of your products. We pledge to work with you to fill the order that meets your requirements, no matter how small or large it may be.

u003ch2u003eTwo Different Types Of Partnership we offeru003c/h2u003e

We have two different ways that you can work with us, each with its own specific benefits. So, if you have a commitment to providing the highest quality products featuring proprietary CBD formulations that work on the market, then we have the means to help you reach your goal no matter the size of your business.
White Label CBD
The ideal solution for companies that want to sell pre-formulated, market-proven, and consumer-adapted CBD products under your own branding.
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Private Label CBD
Custom formulations produced via a collaborative private label CBD product development process. Create differentiated, exclusive CBD products specific to your company’s needs.
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Let Us Help You Decide – White Label CBD vs. Private Label CBD

While these terms are often used interchangeably, they are different things and each has its own range of benefits, applications, and drawbacks that are worth knowing before you take the plunge.

White Label CBD

A White Label CBD product is made by a manufacturer for multiple companies. This offers a company to get a successfully proven product and brands it as its own. The company saves on the research and development necessary for creating a specific product formulation. White Label products are generic with standardized formulations and sold to various retail brands. The main differences are in packaging, bottling, labelling, and branding.

Case Example:

  • Let’s say you want some full-spectrum CBD oils, which we manufacture on-site for our customers.
  • Each customer can rebrand these oils as their own but has to sell them as they are with no product modifications permitted.
  • So, although you have limited influence over what goes into the packaging, everything else – from the branding to the advertising – is up to you.

Private Label CBD

A Private label product is a new, exclusive product co-created between the manufacturer and buyer under its brand. This process gives a truly bespoke and differentiated formulation and the products developed are not sold to other retailers. Our bespoke product development process means that we formulate your special blend precisely according to our customers’ needs.

Case Example:

  • Let’s run with the same example of full-spectrum CBD oils. 
  • Each customer has a range of customisation options, such as adding different botanical extracts, vitamins, flavours, or other ingredients.
  • You will work alongside our R&D team to ensure that all your needs are met. The customised private label CBD products are exclusively produced for you.

How do our White Label CBD & Private Label Partnerships Work?

Just follow these 3 easy steps:

Complete our online order form

Apply your logo and company information to our template

Approve your design and start selling

Essentia Pura™

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Complete our u003cstrongu003eonline u003c/strongu003ernu003cstrongu003eorder form u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003ePick and chooseu003c/strongu003e the products you want to white label

u003cstrongu003eApply your logo and company information to our box u0026amp; u003c/strongu003ernu003cstrongu003elabel templateu003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eApprove your designu003c/strongu003e

Receive the products andrnu003cstrongu003estart sellingu003c/strongu003e

What type of certifications does Essentia Pura have?

We follow the highest requirements in the cosmetic and food industry according to ISO 22716 (cGMP), ISO 22000, GMP FOOD, and FDA quality certificates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Premium products featuring the highest-quality ingredients.rnUnique and proprietary formulations with your branding.rnConsumer-adapted CBD products with a track record and market proof.rnGuaranteed product safety and consistency.rnYour customer repurchase rate of up to 87,9%.rnManufactured according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22716 standards.rnRegistration and getting started are as easy as possible.rnSuperior customer support at every stage of the process.
We manufacture and formulate our products in a way so they interact in the best possible way with our bodies. To achieve this we use unique extraction methods, during which we preserve and very precisely extract all the beneficial active compounds that the hemp plant has, which can often be lost with other extraction methods. The result is a pure, powerful, and completely natural CBD product.


EU: Cosmetics. The majority of our products, including full-spectrum CBD oil and broad-spectrum THC-free CBD Oil, are registered on the CPNP portal as cosmetic products fully compliant with EU regulations.


UK: Food supplements and/or cosmetics. Full-spectrum 5% CBD oil – Premium and Full-spectrum 10% CBD oil – Premium have been approved by FSA and can be sold as food supplements in the UK, while other products are registered as cosmetics.

Please, visit our CBD Novel Food Page for more information.
Yes, Full-spectrum 5% CBD oil – Premium and Full-spectrum 10% CBD oil – Premium have been approved by FSA and can be sold as food supplements in the UK.
To this date, no CBD products have been approved by the EFSA, and that includes ours (for now). Nevertheless, our Novel food application has been submitted to the EFSA and is pending for approval. For more information, visit our CBD Novel Food page.
The initial minimum order size is 2.000,00 EUR, while the minimum re-order size is 1.000,00 EUR. However, this can differ for wholesale u0026 bulk CBD products:

CBD Wholesale

Bulk CBD

Please reach out via our contact form, and express the samples you would like to evaluate and one of our representatives will get back to shortly.