Essentia Pura CO2 Supercritical Extraction

Take a look inside Essentia Pura’s production facility where CO2 supercritical extraction technology is used to produce the highest quality extracts from bioactive ingredients such as medicinal plants, herbs and spices.





During the implementation of the “Digitalization Essentia Pura” project, which was co-financed as part of E-BUSINESS 2019-2022 by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (ESSR), the company ESSENTIA PURA conducted training within the framework of MEASURE 6-STRENGTHENING COMPETENCE.

The contractor presented the following topics:

  • The use of new models for establishing sales channels and training on effective value creation processes and other thematically connected topics from set 1.
  • The training was conducted in August 2022.

Implementation of the operation through the public tender “E-BUSINESS 2019-2022”

Implementation of the operation through the public tender “E-BUSINESS 2019-2022”

The “E-BUSINESS Essentia Pura” operation is co-financed through the public tender “E-BUSINESS 2019-2022”, within the framework of measures:

  • Digitization of performances at fairs
  • Websites for foreign markets
  • Online shopping
  • Product sales video,
  • Strengthening of competences-training

The objective of the call for tenders from the perspective of the Operational Program for the Implementation of the European Cohesion Policy is to improve the opportunity for SMEs to enter or expand business in foreign markets by establishing or upgrading electronic business and thus increase their international competitiveness.

The purpose of the operation is to support the entry into global chains and new markets and the increase of international competitiveness through the co-financing of eligible costs of establishing or upgrading electronic business.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development.


Last week of July, the Essentia Pura team composed of Manca, Nika, Nejc, and Oliver attended the Vivaness 2022 trade show to showcase our products and services and present, for the first time, our new skincare brand called Pura Skincare.

Vivaness is one of the world’s leading international trade fairs for natural cosmetics. This year, the show was held from 26th to 29th July 2022, took place in Nuremberg, Germany and attracted more than 24,000 visitors from 137 countires which could explore new skincare products and trends among 2,276 exhibitors from 94 countries.

At this occasion, we would like to thank Spirit Slovenija for co-fininancig the operation including the exhibition costs through the Public call for co-financing of individual company appearances at international fairs abroad in 2019-2022 and making our presence at the trade fair happen.

The operation was co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development:

Is CBD legal in London? [2022]

London is the financial capital of the world. Thus, no surprise that it is among the most vibrant and lively cities. However, it also means that living in London is associated with much stress and using CBD may help.

London is the capital of the United Kingdom (UK). It means that all the laws that apply to the UK are also applicable to London.

The UK has been traditionally quite strict with cannabis. However, things have been changing fast in the last few decades. CBD is now legal in London. Nonetheless, there are few things to know, considering that the UK isn’t part of the EU.

Quite like in the EU, health authorities classify CBD as a Novel Food. It means that one can only sell CBD legally in London after getting Novel Food approval Food Standards Agency. As per UK law, any food is Novel that British people have not consumed traditionally before May 1997.

CBD in london

Is It Legal to Smoke Weed in the UK?

No, you cannot smoke weed or marijuana in the UK or London since the UK does not allow recreational use of cannabis. It means that smoking weed or its possession may result in severe penalties, and even it may lead to prison for a maximum of up to five years.

The UK has some severe issues related to cannabis abuse, and thus it has been hesitant to legalize recreational marijuana.

However, it is worth understanding that medical marijuana or cannabis is legal in the US. One can get medical cannabis only through a medical prescription by a registered doctor. Medical use of cannabis was legalized in the UK in 2018.

Why Is CBD Exempt?

CBD use in London is legal and exempt, though not entirely. Like other food supplements, one can buy CBD without a prescription and use it without supervision. However, there are some restrictions regarding the free sale of CBD products. From March 2021 onwards, all CBD products must undergo approval as Novel Food.

Novel Food regulation may be an issue for CBD manufacturers or businesses, but it benefits consumers. For manufacturers, it means preparing a dossier, going through a tedious approval process, and proving the quality and safety of the product with the help of lab tests and supporting documents.

However, for consumers, the inclusion of CBD in the Novel Food registry means that all CBD products available in the UK or London are of the highest quality. It also means that one gets exactly the same thing as mentioned on the product label. Since the classification of CBD as a Novel Food, only high-quality products could remain on the market.

Why is CBD exempt and not controlled as cannabis? Well, science now understands that CBD is altogether a different thing. Marijuana causes many side effects due to its content of THC, a potent mind-altering substance. However, CBD products in London are THC-free. Thus, they are safe and suitable for health.

Science has proven beyond doubt that CBD is safe for regular and prolonged use. Not only that, but it may also help manage many health conditions. Although extracted from the cannabis plant, but CBD is no comparison to marijuana.

is cbd legal in london

Is CBD Legal in London in Public?

Yes, CBD is totally legal to consume, even in public places. Of course, vaping may not be allowed in public places, but one can use CBD oil and gummies, eat CBD ingested foods, and more.

Here it is vital to understand that Food and Standards Agency (FSA) classifies CBD as a Novel Food. Here the primary term is “food”. It means that one can ingest CBD, quite like other foods and snacks, even in public.

Novel Foods are just those foods that Londoners did not consume traditionally. Other examples of Novel Foods could be imported chia seeds, probiotics, noni fruit juice, and more. Thus, quite like these food items, it is legal to consume CBD in public.

Top CBD Shops in London

Origin 40

It is a store that has a wide range of CBD products like CBD oil and skincare products. However, it is incredible that they also sell delicious CBD-infused foods like jellies, coffee, tea, and more. In addition, many of their products contain multiple herbal extracts, thus resulting in more significant health benefits.

Hemp Botanics

They have really high-quality CBD products for those looking for more potent formulations that may help in various health conditions. Thus, they have high-dose broad spectrum CBD oils, pain relief CBD creams, CBD patches, CBD bath salts, and even suppositories. Therefore, if you are looking to use CBD to manage some health conditions, visiting this store is a must.

Otherside Cannabinoid Dispensary

Suppose you are looking for CBD products containing hemp oil, MCT, and terpenes, then this store has a good range of products. They also have a range of products for vaping.

Green House CBD Specialist

It is interesting to note that every CBD store in London has quite a unique approach. This particular store is perfect for those looking for CBD-infused teas with other herbs. Thus, one can select from CBD teas that come in flavours like turmeric, orange, lemon & ginger, lavender, peppermint, and many more.


London is among the best places to buy CBD. There are many stores selling a range of CBD products. Moreover, most products available in London are of high quality. CBD use is legal in London, and it has the status of Novel food.

However, it is worth understanding that recreational cannabis use is not legal in London.

If you are interested in starting a CBD business in the UK or selling CBD products in London, we have white label CBD, and private label CBD, with numerous products for various usages.

Sustainability in the CBD Industry in 2022

CBD is now a multi-billion dollar industry and thus the question regarding its sustainability. Moreover, it is growing at a tremendous rate. In fact, very few industries are growing as fast as the CBD industry. It means that this is the right time to question the sustainability of the CBD industry.

People are increasingly using CBD as it is a natural health product. However, if something is natural, it does not essentially make it environment-friendly or good for society as a whole.

Additionally, it is worth understanding that in producing any product, many steps are involved. It is not just about growing or cultivation. It is also about CBD extraction, logistics, and the broader impact of various CBD business practices on the environment and society.

Sustainable CBD: What’s The Deal?

Before we continue our discussion about the CBD industry’s sustainability, we need to understand precisely what sustainability means.

As per the experts at Harvard business school, sustainability mainly means two things: the impact of any business on the environment and its effect on society.

Every business or industry has some positive and negative effects on the environment and society, and the CBD industry is no exception.

However, if we want to live in a healthy environment and care about the society we live in, it is essential to consider the sustainability of any industry. Fortunately, when it comes to CBD, there is strong evidence that its benefits outnumber the downsides.

is cbd eco friendly

Is CBD Eco-Friendly?

It would be correct to say that CBD is quite good for the environment. There are some firm reasons to make such a statement. Of course, cultivating, harvesting hemp, and producing CBD would cause some harm to the environment. However, the benefits of hemp cultivation outnumber. The total effect of the CBD industry is positive on the environment.

All parts of the plant are usable

When considering the environmental effect of CBD, it is vital to understand that hemp is not just cultivated for CBD oil production. What is impressive is that every part of the hemp plant is usable. Thus, its leaves and flowers may be used for CBD extract, seeds for producing omega-3 fatty-acid-rich oil, and its fibrous stalk to make ropes, papers, textiles, and more.

Since almost every part of the plant is usable, it means minimal wastage. Moreover, one can even use hemp seed cake as animal feed after oil extraction.

Good for soil and air

This is not to say that hemp cultivation does not cause any harm to the environment, but such damages are very few. Hemp grows quite quickly, does not demand much water, and does not need extensive use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Additionally, hemp leaves are pretty good at removing carbon from the air. Experts estimate that one ton of hemp may remove more than 1.6 tons of carbon from the air. Thus, the hemp plant is among the best plants for air purification.

Harvesting and extraction

When it comes to harvesting, it will cause some ill effects on the environment. Nonetheless, these ill effects are not more than any other crop.

As far as extraction is concerned, some of the extraction methods, like the use of supercritical CO2, are a more environmentally friendly way of CBD extraction. But on the other hand, using solvents or hydrocarbon gases is among the less environmentally friendly methods.

Helps produce ecofriendly products

Hemp fiber is widely used to produce textiles and paper. In addition, hemp textiles are readily biodegradable, unlike nylon or other synthetic fibers. Thus, a fabric made from hemp is entirely environmentally friendly.

Similarly, hemp help reduces deforestation or the cutting of trees. Using hemp for paper production is among the greener ways of paper production.

Impact on society

Sustainability is not just about the environment but also about the industry’s impact on society. Hemp cultivation does not cause harm to society in any way. On the contrary, studies have established beyond doubt that CBD is entirely safe for human consumption. It can help reduce the pain and suffering of people.

Ways to Limit the Environmental Impact of CBD Manufacturing

It is one of the less-discussed topics. Nevertheless, considering the ever-increasing demand for CBD products, it is the right time to understand more about sustainability issues. Below are a few of the things CBD manufacturing must consider to protect the environment.

  • Source hemp from local farms that do not extensively use fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Buy hemp from producers that actively practice crop rotation.
  • Produce CBD from non-GMO varieties of hemp only.
  • Use environment-friendly ways of extraction like supercritical CO2 instead of ethanol and hydrocarbon.
  • Use recyclable product packaging like glass bottles, recyclable papers, and more.

Additionally, for the well-being of society, manufacturers must ensure that their products are free of heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents. Thus, people should prefer CBD products that have been tested by reliable third-party labs.

There are other less-discussed ways of improving sustainability, as CBD manufacturers must invest in research regarding the safety and efficacy of various CBD products. It is vital to ensure that this multi-billion dollar industry fulfills its promise of good health.

Consumers can also play their role in promoting sustainability by buying high-quality and certified products only. For those living in the EU, it is good to buy CBD products that have been approved as a Novel Food by the EU commission. EU commission approval is one of the most reliable indicators of product quality.

cbd sustainability

The Best CBD Manufacturers for Sustainability:

There are many CBD manufacturers in Europe. However, Essentia Pura stands out due to its high focus on sustainability. Essentia Pura manufactures white-label CBD and private-label CBD products, which include full-spectrum CBD oil, and CBD skin care among others. In addition, Essentia Pura supplies CBD in bulk such as broad-spectrum CBD distillates, water-soluble CBD, CBG isolate, and CBD isolate among others.

Essentia Pura pays particular attention to sustainability. Below are some of the factors that Essentia Pura considers during its production processes to ensure sustainability:

  • Using only high-quality hemp – To make this happen, EU-certified industrial hemp, which is grown and cultivated without herbicides and pesticides, is used in our CO2 extraction process. The hemp plants are chosen carefully, grown organically, and harvested by hand with the utmost care from local farmers. This way, all of its CBD products are free of heavy metals, mycotoxins, and pesticides.
  • Traceability – The company pays particular attention to the origins of raw materials and ingredients used in the manufacturing process. It is vital to know the place of hemp cultivation and the methods used in cultivation.
  • Right kind of extraction process – Essentia Pura utilizes supercritical CO2 extraction, which is a highly environment-friendly extraction process. Unlike most other CBD manufacturers that use hydrocarbons due to their higher yield, Essentia Pura uses supercritical CO2 extraction not to damage the environment.
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA) – All Essentia Pura products, either in CBD in bulk, white-label CBD, or private-label CBD products, come with COA from dependable third-party labs. This ensures the quality of ingredients and confirms that the product is free from harmful impurities.

Surely, Essentia Pura is not alone in doing so. There are other companies producing high-quality CBD products. Nevertheless, according to testimonials, it would be confident to say that Essentia Pura is among one the best CBD manufacturers in Europe.

Contact us to learn more about our wholesale CBD products and how Essentia Pura ensures sustainability in the CBD industry.

CBD Market Analysis: Germany

If you are into the CBD business and still not working in Germany, it is a country that should be on your radar. Germany is attractive for numerous reasons.

Germany is the largest economy in the EU zone. Therefore, no surprise that it is also the biggest market for many products, including CBD.

Germany is also a highly dynamic market that is consistently among the first to accept new ideas. Thus, it is no surprise that it has also quickly changed its regulations and legalized CBD.

Even more interesting is that Germany is considering legalizing recreational cannabis, and its government has already taken some initial steps. Legalizing it would also become the largest recreational cannabis and CBD market in the EU zone.

Additionally, many people do not know that Germans prefer natural remedies. Compared to the US or UK, it is relatively easier to get regulatory approval for herbal remedies. All this means that German society more readily accepts natural preparations. Germans would often prefer something natural over pharmacological drugs.

These and many other factors make the German market truly attractive. Moreover, it has one of the best investment climates. It means that German laws generally remain consistent over time, and there are fewer chances of quick regulatory changes that may threaten CBD business or any kind of business.

cbd in germany

A Market Analysis of CBD in Germany

German CBD market is quite vibrant, with numerous CBD products available on the market. CBD products are sold at brick-and-mortar stores, online platforms, and more. One can readily buy CBD oil, gummies, creams, and balms.

Though the EU-wide changes in the regulations, that is, a classification of CBD as a Novel Food, have slowed down the CBD market growth a bit, it will regain momentum as companies start meeting the new regulatory requirements.

Like all other healthy and vibrant markets, the German market is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) above 40%. Industry experts believe that by 2024, Germany will be 50% of the EU cannabis market.

First Off, Is CBD Legal in Germany?

Germany is an industrial nation, and hemp has many industrial uses. Therefore, no surprise that it is a country with a long history of hemp cultivation. It was among the first European nations to legalize hemp cultivation in 1996.

It also amended its laws regarding the sales of low THC cannabis products in 2017, and since then German CBD market has been booming.

So, yes, CBD is legal in Germany. One can sell any CBD product in Germany with THC content below 0.2%.

Further things changed in 2019, when the EU commission made some regulatory changes, thus classifying CBD as a Novel Food. Unfortunately, this means that one can only sell or commercialize CBD products in the German market after getting Novel Food approval from the EU commission.

Getting approval as a Novel Food from the EU commission may be a complex task, but it is worth it. Obtaining such approval means one can sell CBD products almost in any EU nation.

Can I Take CBD Oil to Germany?

Theoretically, yes, you can take CBD oil to Germany. However, there are a few things to know beforehand.

Firstly, one can only take small amounts of CBD oil for personal use. Thus, a bottle or two may be fine, as such a quantity is justifiable. However, larger amounts are almost impossible to justify.

Secondly, one should preferably take a product that is certified and known to contain THC below 0.2%. It is even better not to take THC-containing products at all. Thus, better take CBD isolate or similar products.

Additionally, it is worth understanding that what is legal in the US may not essentially be legal in Germany. For example, the upper limit for THC content in the US is 0.3%, while in Germany or the EU, it is 0.2%. Hence taking broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD oil with high THC to Germany may be illegal and get you in trouble.

Thus, it is always a good idea to take only CBD oil that is entirely THC-free, made from isolate, and certified to be THC free. In addition, it is generally safer to carry CBD products produced in another EU nation and sold legally in that nation.

When it comes to recreational cannabis, it is still illegal in Germany. However, the German government has already started legalizing the limited use of recreational cannabis. But these are still early days, and it may still take a few years before recreational cannabis becomes legal in Germany.

Germany’s CBD Oil Market Size

When it comes to the total CBD market in Germany, data is a bit sketchy. Hence, it is difficult to say how much is the total CBD market in Germany or the CBD oil market size.

Nevertheless, most data indicate that the total European market for CBD products is approximately 2 billion USD, and thus German market is around 1 billion USD strong. But, of course, this is the whole market, including CBD oil, edibles, topicals, and so on. Hence, it would be correct to say that the CBD oil market may be approximately 200-300 million USD.

cbd market break up germany

There are some surveys indicating what kind of products German people want. Studies show that people are most interested in CBD oil, followed by food, capsules, drinks, vapes, topicals, and herbals.

cbd demand in germany

The Top 3 CBD Manufacturers in Germany

By looking at the product profile of some of the leading CBD manufacturers in Germany, one can get a better picture of the German CBD market. Furthermore, looking at these manufacturers’ websites, one can understand what is in demand and what is not.

Below are the three highly reputed CBD manufacturers in Germany:

Nordic oil

It is a German manufacturer with a wide range of CBD products like CBD oil, pills, various CBD combination products like CBD with melatonin, and more. They produce high-quality products that go through extensive testing in third-party labs.

Sanity care

It is a company that focuses on producing CBD products of medicinal quality and thus supplying to pharmacies and institutions. In addition, they also make CBD-based wellness products and even topicals.

Breathe Organics

It is another German company with a wide range of CBD products, oils, cosmetics, liquids, and more. They produce liquids for vapes, cosmetics, CBD for ingestion, aromatic oils containing CBD, hemp oil for hair and massage, and more.

How to promote CBD on Instagram?

We are now living in the age of social media and thus, a necessity to promote CBD on Instagram. Having a website or using Google Ads to promote your product is just not enough.

The reason is simple: people spend much more time on social media than surfing websites. Consequently, they are increasingly looking for information on various social media platforms.

Some people even seem to trust social media more than websites. This could be due to the personal touch provided by social media platforms. Social media is also much more interactive.

Another benefit of social media is the ease of setup, with no upfront costs. Though most platforms offer sponsored ads or paid advertising, one can still achieve outstanding results through free advertising or regular information posting.

Statistics show that more than half of the global population is using social media now. But more important is the fact that people use social media daily. And they appear to spend more than 2 hours a day. Time spent on social media is several times greater than browsing websites.

When it comes to the choice of social media platforms, Instagram is among the top 5 most popular platforms. It primarily attracts adolescents and young adults. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and Instagram is mostly about sharing images and is less about the text. It seems that ease of use is one of the factors of its popularity.

CBD and Instagram

Our Guide to Promoting CBD on Instagram in 2022

These days, it is possible to start any business solely through social media platforms, even without a website. If one can generate enough followership, it is possible to generate hefty revenues without spending a penny on advertising. Though, yes, getting a considerable number of genuine followers may take much effort and time.

When considering Instagram for the CBD business, it is vital to understand that the platform is highly popular among young adults, especially those below the age of 30. More than half of young adults regularly use Instagram. However, its popularity is also increasing in the older generation, that is, in people aged 40-65.

Instagram could be an excellent place to promote CBD products to health-conscious young adults. However, Meta, the owner company of Instagram and Facebook, also understands its social responsibility. Thus, advertising health products is relatively complex compared to other products like cosmetics or kitchenware.

Is CBD Legal to Promote on Instagram?

When we ask about the legality of CBD, we need to understand that though health products are legal to promote on Instagram, but the healthcare industry is relatively more regulated. It means that promoting healthcare products is much more complex than other products. This is true not only for Instagram but other social medial platforms and even for Google Ads.

Instagram and other platforms are so strict about healthcare product promotion because of the health risk posed by some of the products.

So, is it legal to promote CBD on Instagram? Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this. Promoting CBD products on Instagram is possible, but there is a caveat. One cannot mention the word CBD in their posts or hashtags.

The reason is that CBD is related to the marijuana plant. Thus, some wrong people can use the term for advertising high THC products used for recreation.

However, Instagram does allow the use of the term “Hemp” or “Hemp oil,” as it is naturally free of THC. Moreover, laws regarding hemp oil are more transparent, and it is legal almost in every nation.

What Are Instagram’s CBD Advertising Guidelines?

To date, Instagram does not allow the use of the term CBD in posts or hashtags. These limitations are due to its association with the cannabis plant, relation to marijuana, and the ability of some poorly made CBD products to cause euphoria.

Thus, if you mention CBD in Instagram Ads and target young adults, this would generally result in an account block. However, if you mention only CBD but do not target any specific age group, it would result in a warning for violation of privacy policy.

However, using the word Hemp or the term Hemp seed is legal and safe. Moreover, one can promote products in many other ways without mentioning the term CBD. For example, one can share tips regarding overcoming anxiety and provide more information on the website. Thus, gradually taking visitors to the CBD product page.

In short, using the term hemp, talking about various health conditions in which CBD may work (without using the term “CBD”), and other ways of soft selling work.

CBD and Insta

How To Start a CBD Business on Instagram

So, yes, you can start a CBD business on Instagram if you understand the limitations and know the right way to do it. Just avoid a direct mention of CBD, and focus on soft selling. It means creating posts related to health conditions in which CBD may help—using the term Hemp instead of CBD. Additionally, one can use Instagram to drive traffic to their CBD-related website.

Below are some of the tips or effective ways of getting started with Instagram when selling CBD products:

Non-paid advertisements

It means regular Instagram posts that make the backbone of the platform. One can create content related to the CBD, but without mentioning the term CBD anywhere. Additionally, one can tag people. One can also consider using the term Hemp instead of CBD. Finally, one can tag up to 10 people to increase the outreach of the post.

Another way to increase the outreach is to use hashtags. This helps people find your post when looking for specific topics.

The above are the two ways to promote your posts, but make sure that it should by no means indicate that you are selling CBD products. Once someone is interested in your post, they will find a way to buy your products.

Repost relevant content

It is another way of promoting products. Just share the posts that are relevant to the health effects of CBD. Additionally, you can add a hyperlink to your website to get customers.

Post CBD-related images

It is one of the most effective ways of promoting CBD products. One can create attractive images and infographics related to CBD products. For example, one can share information about the endocannabinoid system and how it helps in various health conditions. Or one can share information about hemp oil, its benefits, and more. One may also use an indirect approach, like sharing tips for overcoming pain and anxiety, and so on.

Hire influencers

Just any influencer would not work. One must find a person with a significant number of followers, a high trust level, and one who is known to promote natural remedies.

Here it is worth understanding again that even influencers cannot use the term CBD but can help bring traffic to your website by recommending your products.

Use brand name/organization name in advertising

Every business has a name. Similarly, giving your CBD products some brand name is a good idea. Thus, for example, you may have a company called “Nature remedies LLC” and a CBD oil product called “Canoil.” Thus, in your posts, you may promote your organization “Nature remedies LLC” or some of its brand names like “Canoil,” but without making any direct reference to the CBD.

Once people learn more about your company or brand, they will naturally understand that you sell a range of excellent CBD products. This will ultimately result in business growth.

Be social

Social media marketing is for those who are social and who love posting, sharing information, and participating in various discussions. Therefore, social media advertising is not just about a specific number of daily posts. It is also about engaging with people or the community.

Below is the summary of how to promote CBD on Instagram:

  • Never use the term CBD in your posts.
  • Avoid targeting any specific age group.
  • Share informative posts that do not indicate that you are selling CBD.
  • Provide health tips, especially discussing health conditions in which CBD can help, but do not mention CBD.
  • Do not use paid advertising, as early or later. Instagram will discover that you are selling CBD, which may result in an account ban.
  • You can use the word hemp in your Insta posts.
  • Use images related to your products.
  • Use the right kind of hashtags to grab the attention of your target audience.
  • Go live on Instagram, and share stories regarding natural remedies and even Hemp oil benefits.
  • Tie up with Instagram influencers.

How to Find a CBD Influencer for social media

Finding the Instagram influencer who can help promote your product must not be an issue; there are many ways to do it. Moreover, you do not essentially need someone who specializes in promoting CBD products. You can also find someone who promotes natural remedies, supplements, health tips, and more.

Below are some of the ways of finding CBD influencers for social media:

  • Check for the most popular posts for certain hashtags. For example, if your focus is on promoting your CBD product for managing anxiety, look for hashtags like #anxietyhelp, #anxietyrelief, #anxietyfighter, and so on.
  • Start creating a list of people active on Instagram and promoting natural remedies, and then check the number of followers. Anyone with followers of more than 100 000 may work.
  • Search for influencers on the Explore page of the Instagram app.
  • Use paid tools like Shout to search for influencers.
  • Use google search! It is getting better and can suggest and help identify some of the top influencers in the region.

Where Can I Buy Wholesale White Label CBD?

If you have decided to start your CBD business, the next logical question would be where to source CBD products. The most straightforward way of getting started with the CBD business is buying white label CBD products. These are products ready to be sold.

An excellent white-label manufacturer can provide you with a range of products they have ready for supply. Then, after your order, they can just put your label or pack according to your requirement so that the products meet your organization’s needs and look as if your company produced them.

One such organization with a massive range of CBD products is Essentia Pura. Essentia Pura produces all CBD products using supercritical CO2 extraction, and these products are rich in terpenes and flavonoids.

So, if you want to get started with the CBD business, look no further, and contact Essentia Pura.

Essentia Pura Attends the Natural & Organic Products Europe in London

Finally, after 2 long years spent mostly on online calls and meetings due to Covid-19, we were finally able to meet with our partners in person and make new connections on the 3rd and 4th of April at the Natural and Organic Products Show at the Exhibition Centre London.

We would like to thank Spirit Slovenija since this operation was selected for co-financing on the Public tender for co-financing individual participation of companies at international trade fairs abroad in the years 2019-2022.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development.

We were happy to see the visitors finding interest in our products and services. We have gained lots of attention, especially from shops specializing in natural products who were looking for white-label solutions. Our recently developed natural CBD skincare products got the most interest.

Visitors were greeted by Nejc, Manca and Oliver who presented our company, our products and the services we offer.

Overall they attracted an attendance of around 7.000 visitors who came to meet 800 exhibiting companies, covering the fastest growing sectors in retail, including organic, vegan, and free-from food, drink, supplements, personal care, and natural beauty. With buyers representing the full retail spectrum, from major multiples, to online, convenience, premium stores and the important independent health store sector. The event is also gaining an increasingly international following, with over 1,000 major buyers representing some of the most important retailers from 73 countries.