CBD Oil & Alcohol Should They Mix?

Generally, the advice is not to mix medications and supplements with alcohol. However, this does not mean that mixing supplements with alcohol is dangerous. Thus, people often ask, what happens if you mix CBD and alcohol?

The question about mixing CBD oil and alcohol is valid. Alcohol is a commonly consumed mind-altering substance. Almost 10% of Europeans drink alcohol daily, one-third weekly, and another one-third at least once a month. On the other hand, just about one-fourth of Europeans do not consume alcohol at all.

Similarly, millions of Europeans are now regularly using CBD oil to manage various health conditions. Thus, it is quite likely that many might mix CBD oil and alcohol.

There is no doubt that people consume alcohol due to its mind-altering effect. However, CBD does not have potent mind-altering properties. Nonetheless, it may help relax. In addition, it may influence the body and mind in multiple ways. So, CBD may interact with alcohol in different ways.

For those who consume alcohol frequently, it is good to know that CBD does not have any severe interactions with alcohol. Nevertheless, there are some possibilities worth exploring.

CBD and alcohol

What Happens if you Mix CBD and Alcohol?

Unlike THC, CBD does not cause euphoria and does not have strong mind-altering properties. CBD is non-addictive. Most people would not experience many changes after taking CBD. Nonetheless, it does not mean that CBD does not influence the working of the brain.

At higher dosages, CBD has a mild relaxing effect. It also improves sleep quality and helps control anxiety. However, this effect of CBD is quite mild.

Unlike CBD, alcohol is a potent central nervous system inhibitor. As a result, it has a potent relaxing effect, especially at moderate dosages. However, alcohol may have an excitatory effect at very high dosages due to the suppression of inhibitory neurons in the brain.

It means that when CBD and alcohol are combined, they may intensify the inhibitory effect of each other, resulting in even greater relaxation and sleepiness. However, it is worth understanding that any such interaction would occur when combining CBD with small amounts of alcohol. At higher dosages, alcohol may have very different kinds of effects.

It means those driving or operating machinery must be careful when mixing CBD with alcohol, as mixing them may result in impaired motor function. In addition, this means that a person may have lower control over their physical activities.

One of the studies found that those who combined CBD with alcohol had a greater motor and mental performance reduction than those who consumed just alcohol. Nevertheless, the study found that the difference in motor and cognitive performance between the two groups was not much.

Hence, it would be correct to say that although CBD may amplify specific properties of alcohol, any such influence is minimal. The practical significance of these findings is unclear.

mixing CBD and alcohol

CBD and Alcohol Benefits

As already mentioned, about 10% of Europeans consume alcohol almost daily. It means that many are addicted to alcohol. A small number of them also suffer from alcoholism. Many of them are looking for ways to get rid of this bad habit. It seems that CBD may help.

CBD may help reduce cell damage caused by alcohol abuse

Alcohol is toxic for various body organs, especially the liver, pancreas, and kidneys. CBD appears to exert protective action.

CBD is good for liver health. It can reduce cellular damage caused by alcohol consumption. It may also help prevent metabolic changes that occur due to extreme alcohol consumption.

The role of CBD in protecting organ damage caused by alcohol is still an emerging subject. Nevertheless, early studies confirm such benefits. For example, one of the studies in lab mice found that injecting CBD help protect the liver from alcohol-induced fatty liver.

CBD may reduce blood alcohol levels

There is some evidence that CBD may even help reduce blood alcohol levels. However, it is worth understanding that this hasn’t any practical significance, as such an effect is only seen at a very high CBD dosage. Nevertheless, it occurs as CBD may stimulate some liver enzyme systems.

CBD may help with alcohol addiction

It is perhaps the most significant reason to consider CBD for someone who consumes alcohol excessively. It appears that alcohol abuse leads to severe withdrawal symptoms causing headaches, shaking of the body, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and mood swings.

Studies suggest that CBD may help control many symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, as it may exert a relaxing effect and help reduce anxiety. A person taking CBD regularly is less likely to seek alcohol.

Mixing CBD and Alcohol: Are There Side Effects?

Although mixing CBD and alcohol does not appear to cause severe side effects, it must be avoided. Unfortunately, there is still insufficient clinical data to say if such a combination is safe.

Generally, taking CBD with drinks may increase some of its effects, causing more significant sedation and loss of mental and physical performance. Although, it seems that any such impact would be pretty mild and may not occur in all cases.

Can CBD Help Alcoholism?

As already mentioned, that CBD may help manage alcoholism. There are at least three ways in which it helps manage alcoholism. Firstly, it may help reduce the toxic effect of alcohol and promote tissue regeneration. It may help protect various organs from further damage.

Secondly, it stimulates alcohol clearance from the body, perhaps by activating specific enzyme systems, and thus aids in faster removal of alcohol from the body.

Thirdly, it helps manage neurological effects of alcohol withdrawal like anxiety and tremors and may also alter alcohol-seeking behaviour.

Sure, CBD is not a potent remedy for managing substance addiction. There is also limited clinical data; thus, it is not clear to what degree it can help. Nevertheless, most studies indicate that CBD is good for those living with severe alcohol dependency or alcoholism.

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PPC for CBD Everything You Need to Know

So, you have finally set up your eCommerce website, started selling the products, done SEO optimization as per the best industry standards and recommendations, and loaded tons of informative materials. PPC for CBD is one of the tools that may provide a much-needed boost to your business

However, this is not enough. It will take months, if not years, of continuous efforts to ensure that your website starts appearing among the top pages on google research. Till then, you will get only a limited amount of traffic.

Seeing traffic growing at the turtle’s pace can be pretty painful, especially when you have put on so much effort and spent many resources developing your online CBD website.

Hence, many people ask if there is a faster way to get more traffic. Well, there is one way of getting tons of traffic in a very short time, which is using PPC (pay per click) advertising. One may use either Google Ads or Facebook Ads to generate traffic to the website.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are paid services. However, investing in paid advertising makes sense as it can bring much traffic in a short time.

PPC for cbd

The ABCs of PPC for CBD: What You Should Know

So, what exactly is the PPC (pay per click). As the name suggests, it means that Google or Facebook does not charge you a penny for showing your ads. Instead, you only pay when someone clicks your ads and thus brings that person to your website. This is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of advertising.

Once the person clicks your advert, they are redirected to your landing webpage. Whether a person buys your product will now depend on the quality of the landing page.

How much do you pay for each click? It depends on the keywords you target. Google has a free tool called “keyword planner”, which informs the approximate cost of each click. Generally, the cost is a dynamic thing and keeps changing. It means that any keyword may become cheaper or more expensive over time. Google just shows the average price of that particular keyword.

Thus, running on a low budget can choose low-volume keywords, generally costing much less. Some keyword clicks cost several dollars, while others may cost just a few pennies. In Google or Facebook campaigns, one can automate most tasks and even decide the daily budget. Thus, there is no risk that the platform would overcharge you.

What Do We Mean By ‘PPC’?

As already explained that PPC is “pay per click”. It means that Google or Facebook shows your ads for free, but you pay if someone clicks your ad. Once the person clicks your ad, that person is redirected to your website.

Whether you get sales or not will ultimately depend on the quality of the landing page. Studies show that, on average, 3% of people will click your ad on Google, though experts recommend that your target must be 10% or above. If very few people click your ads, it means they did not find your ads exciting or informative enough.

To understand how it looks in practice, let’s say that you start a PPC campaign on Google ads and have a conversion rate of 5%, which is more or less normal. It means that if 100 people saw your ad, out of them, 5 clicked your ad and visited your website.

However, it is worth understanding that not everyone visiting your website will buy the product. So, let’s say that only 10% of those who visit your website buy your product, then the actual conversion rate comes down to 0.5% only.

This means that though PPC campaigns might not be very expensive to run if the landing page is not attractive, one may lose more money than make gains.

What Are Some of The Benefits of Pay Per Click?

Going for a PPC campaign is a difficult choice. However, it does almost guarantee some traffic to your website. How much traffic can you drive from such a campaign would depend on your choice of keywords and budget.

The main benefit of PPC is that you can get a massive amount of traffic almost immediately after starting the campaign. Unlike organic growth, which occurs slowly over the period of months and even years.

Thus, for example, it may take you two years to get 50 000 visitors (a day) to your website without PPC, that is, by maintaining a high-quality website and continually updating it with quality content. In contrast, you may get the same number of visitors through PPC in just about a month or two.

It means that PPC, to some degree, is essential for faster business growth as attracting more traffic to the website through other means is a very slow and prolonged process.


PPC Ads for CBD Products: Top Things to Consider

So, now that you have understood the amazing benefits of PPC Ads, you might like to get started? But, wait, things are not as straightforward as they might sound. Though setting up a PPC campaign is a breeze, one can do it in a few minutes. Even a newbie can learn to set up a PPC campaign after a few hours of online tutorials, but neither Google nor Facebook allows the advertising of CBD products!

Google not only prohibits advertising CBD but even hemp. The process of PPC campaign approval is automated. Thus, it will get disapproved whenever you set up a PPC campaign. Thus, the question arises of why we are discussing the PPC at all if CBD or hemp are not even allowed to advertise on Google or Facebook Ads?

Well, because there is a way out. The only way to advertise your CBD products and bring traffic is through indirect ways. It means that you do not promote or focus on keywords like CBD or hemp. Instead, you focus on health conditions like anxiety, pain, relaxation, natural health, and more.

You cannot use terms like CBD or Hemp anywhere in Google or Facebook Ads. But you can create ads, like “looking for natural anti-stress remedy?” or “Here is the best way to get rid of pain without medications”.

But, wait, there is one more obstacle. Google not only looks at the content of ads, but Google bots will also check the landing page! So, it means that even your landing page should not mention the term CBD or Hemp anywhere in the text.

Thus, the only way to get started with Google Ads and Facebook Ads for CBD products are by creating an ad that discusses various health conditions. Similarly, a landing page should not contain any text suggesting that you sell CBD or Hemp products. However, once the campaign has been approved, you can add images or hyperlinks to your landing pages that take your visitors to the main page of your CBD store.

So, yes, it is complicated but possible to get started with PPC for CBD products. However, it will require some practice and learning through trial and error.

Should I Explore PPC As an Option for My CBD Business?

Though it is difficult for CBD sellers to use PPC to generate traffic and sales, it is possible with some effort. Thus, exploring PPC to boost your business is a good idea. If you cannot do it by yourself, many professionals out there know how to create the right kind of PPC campaigns.

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CBD for Cats with Anxiety

Cats are pretty independent creatures though they might also develop anxiety. However, over time they have evolved and become more emotional. As a result, cats can develop a pretty strong bond with their human companions. Unfortunately, it means that they are also prone to anxiety.

Though they might not speak, they express their anxiety through altered behavior. In most cases, anxiety can be resolved by giving greater attention to cats. However, sometimes, quite like humans, they need some extra help.

Fortunately, many natural remedies that work for humans are also good and effective for cats. Natural remedies like CBD are preferred due to their better safety profile and subtle effect.

CBD for Anxiety in Cats

People have been using CBD for cats for some time now, and there is some clinical research to confirm that it works. It appears that cats also have an endocannabinoid system, and thus CBD works in cats similarly to humans.

One should preferably use THC-free CBD products in cats, as THC may cause unexpected effects. Thus, it is better to use CBD isolate-based products in cats.

can anxious

Cat Anxiety Symptoms

Though any cat may develop anxiety symptoms, but experience shows that adopted cats are more prone to such issues. Some cats are inherently more emotional, and thus they are more likely to be affected by even short-term separation.

Some of the symptoms of anxiety that cats may show are:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Significant change in behavior
  • Excessive grooming
  • Excessive attention-seeking behavior
  • Hiding away
  • Defecating or urinating in an unusual manner
  • Destructive behavior like scratching or chewing things

Generally, comforting your cat may help relieve anxiety. However, in some cases, symptoms may worsen and may need some extra effort or even require treatment.

What Causes Anxiety in Cats?

There could be many causes of anxiety in cats, though identifying the cause may not be possible in all cases. Moreover, it is worth understanding that all cats differ genetically and in their early life experiences. Thus, some cats are more prone to anxiety than others. For example, adopted cats are more likely to develop anxiety.

Generally, pets develop quite a strong emotional bond with their human companions, and thus separation is often the leading cause of anxiety. This separation could be due to going on holidays, or some other reasons like a human companion start working longer hours.

Sometimes the introduction of a new pet may also cause anxiety. Other causes could be changes in environment like moving to a new house.

Additionally, some unidentified health issues in a cat may also cause anxiety. That is why it is essential to visit a veterinarian if one observes any behavioral changes in their pets.

In rare cases, anxiety or emotional changes in human companions may also affect the behavior of pets, causing anxiety. Pets like cats and dogs are known to be very sensitive and have the ability to sense emotional changes in their human companions.

How to Cure Cat Anxiety

When it comes to treatment, medications are not an option. Many commonly used antianxiety drugs may be safe for humans, but they might be highly toxic for other mammals. Moreover, there are not enough safety studies regarding antianxiety medications in pets.

Thus, the best bet is natural remedies when it comes to curing anxiety. One should start by making changes to the environment so that cat starts feeling more comfortable. Identifying the cause of anxiety and taking action to overcome those issues can also help.

Another way to manage anxiety in cats is to consider natural remedies. There are many herbals that are quite good for controlling anxiety, like Valerian root extract and CBD. Valerian root may be given along with CBD in more severe cases.

When it comes to CBD, it is among the emerging new treatments for anxiety in pets. There are few studies that indicate that CBD is safe and effective. It may not only help reduce anxiety but may also help by reducing pain and inflammation and improving sleep quality in companion animals. Many of these effects are now supported by clinical studies in companion animals.

cat anxiety and cbd

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. It is one of the more than 400 cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant. CBD is among the most abundant and well-studied cannabinoids. Studies in CBD have been a game-changer, as they proved that THC-free extracts of the cannabis plant do not cause high and have many beneficial health effects.

It is now well known that euphoria or high caused by marijuana or cannabis is due to THC. However, there are wide varieties of the cannabis plant or hemp plant that are naturally low in THC.

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant varieties that are legally cultivated and naturally low in THC. Manufacturers generally extract it using techniques like using supercritical CO2 or hydrocarbon gases like butane.

Research shows that CBD works by influencing the so-called endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS is a network of receptors present throughout the body. It appears that CBD also works by affecting other receptors in the brain and other body tissues.

CBD is so effective that there are already some CBD-based approved medications. These medications can help in many severe conditions like resistant epilepsy. However, CBD is more commonly used as a food supplement to overcome less severe health issues like mild anxiety, pain, inflammation, and more.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

Studies show that CBD is quite safe for use in pets. As the use of CBD is increasing in pets, researchers are also paying greater attention to safety studies. For example, in one of the recent safety studies published in the journal Animals, researchers found that a high dose of 2 mg/kg twice daily for 12 weeks was relatively safe in cats and dogs and did not cause any severe side effects.

The study also found that cats metabolize CBD differently than dogs and generally have lower serum levels of CBD. However, prolonged use of CBD at higher dosages may cause issues like excessive licking, shaking of the head, and other minor problems.

CBD Oil for Cats

When it comes to cats, to most commonly recommended dosage of CBD oil is 2-4 mg per 10 pounds of body weight. However, studies show that one can safely increase the dosage to as much as 10 mg per 10 pounds of body weight.

Generally, giving CBD oil to cats on an empty stomach is a good idea. However, the best way of giving CBD oil to cats is by mixing it with some food items, as a sublingual dosage is not possible, and it may irritate the cat.

If you are into animal health products or want to the extent your offering of CBD range of products, you can contact us. Our team of experts can help you create a range of CBD-based animal health products.

Can CBD Help Aggressive Cats?

Your cat can sometimes be pretty aggressive for no apparent cause and CBD can help. Cats are the favorite pet of Europeans, with data indicating that there are as many as about 75 million pet cats in the EU. Yes, that’s a massive number. It means that there is one cat for every six people in the EU. Countries like Romania, Hungry, Slovenia, and Portugal are among the most cat-friendly countries.

People keep cats and care for them like family members. It means that there is a significant market for cat-care products in the EU.

Additionally, it is worth understanding that cats are mammals, quite like humans. It means they have many similarities to humans, with similar kinds of hormones, metabolic pathways, health issues, and more. Although, of course, they differ significantly from humans, nonetheless, considerable similarity means that what works for humans also works for cats.

In fact, most of the veterinary drugs used to treat different cat disorders are also used in human medicine. So, it means that pain killers, antacids, antianxiety, cardiovascular drugs, and other medications that help humans overcome suffering can also help cats. Hence it also means that health supplements that are good for humans can also help cats, and it is also true for CBD.

cbd for cats

CBD for Aggression in Cats

CBD is relatively safe in humans and can help in a range of conditions. For example, it can help reduce stress, and anxiety, stabilize mood and reduce pain and inflammation. Thus, there is every reason to believe that CBD can help reduce aggression in cats due to its broad spectrum of activity.

Why is my Cat Aggressive All of a Sudden?

Felines are carnivores, which means that aggression is one of their basic instincts. However, domesticated felines differ significantly from wild cats, as they have evolved to be less aggressive. Nevertheless, under certain conditions or for some reason, cats may suddenly become aggressive.

There could be many reasons for cats becoming aggressive all of a sudden. Still, CBD can help, but not in all cases. Moreover, CBD will work better when used along with behavioral therapy. Thus, identifying the cause of sudden aggressiveness in cats is essential.

Below are some of the reasons why a cat may become aggressive all of a sudden:

  • Fear of the unknown– Sometimes, cats may develop some fears of unknown factors and suddenly become aggressive. Unfortunately, pet owners often find it hard to understand those fears.
  • Aggression due to health issues– Animals cannot speak, but they feel the pain and express their distress in different ways. Thus, a cat may develop problems like joint pains, toothache, and infection and suddenly become aggressive due to constant pain. Sometimes cats might become aggressive due to cognitive decline, too.
  • Territorial aggression may occur after moving to a new house, introducing a new pet, or for some other reason.
  • Redirected aggression– It happens due to some external stimuli like a cat getting frightened by some noise or couldn’t catch a squirrel. In such a case, the cat may redirect its aggression towards the human companions.
  • Petting aggression– It may occur due to some sensory changes in the cats. Thus, they may start getting irritated by over-attention from human companions.

As one can understand, CBD can help cats in most of the above cases in different ways. It helps overcome pain and inflammation, reduces stress and anxiety, stabilizes mood, and thus reduces aggression due to various reasons.

cbd and agressive cat

How to Calm an Aggressive Cat

If a cat becomes aggressive too frequently, one needs to identify the cause and find a remedy. Of course, CBD can help, but it works better when combined with other ways of reducing aggression. After all, CBD is not a magical potion. Below are some of the things cat owners can do to calm down aggressive cats:

  • Cats need attention, but not all the time. Sometimes, all they need is a safe and isolated place to rest. Thus, if a cat becomes suddenly aggressive, provide it with a safe place to relax.
  • Visit your veterinarian, as cats cannot speak. In addition, only well-trained and experienced veterinarians can identify various physical ailments that might be causing pain and aggression.
  • Do not yell, as it is not going to solve the problem. Instead, spending more time with a cat and improving the bond may have a better effect.
  • Prevent fight at its earliest stages if you have more than one cat in your house. This would help prevent things from getting worse and prevent future episodes of aggression.

Does CBD Help Aggressive Cats?

There are many reasons to believe that CBD can help. It is vital to understand that most drugs that help people are also good for cats and vice versa. That is why many medications are first tested in mammals, especially in preclinical stages. It means that CBD can also help reduce stress, pain, and inflammation and have a calming effect on cats.

Moreover, there is ever-increasing evidence from various studies that CBD works, and its mode of action is similar to humans. Studies show that the endocannabinoid system is present in various mammals, including cats.

There has been some research into animals, and these studies confirm that CBD may reduce aggressive behavior in various mammals like dogs and cats.

CBD Oil Dosage for Cats

CBD is a natural ingredient that is effective and safe for cats. Moreover, there has been an increasing trend in using CBD in veterinary health in recent years. Studies show that 1-5 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight is a good dose. Generally, it is a good idea to start with a minimum dosage and increase dosage on a weekly basis.

Starting dosage would also depend on the severity of the condition and cause of aggression in a cat. For example, if the cat is suffering from an inflammatory and painful ailment, it would be better to start with about 2 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight.

If the recommended dosages do not work, one can increase the dosage up to 10 mg per 10 pounds of body weight.

It is vital to understand that CBD does not work instantly. It starts showing effect after about 30-45 minutes, and the effect generally lasts for 4-6 hours. It means one would need to give CBD twice or thrice a day.

How to Give CBD to Cats

It is pretty simple. Generally, using CBD oil is the best option. One can use CBD oil specifically created for pets; however, one can also use CBD oil made for humans. One can simply mix CBD oil with food and give it to the cat.

Although it is possible to give CBD oil to cats sublingually, but that is relatively a difficult task as cats do not love such things.

Finally, keep in mind that CBD oil would work better on an empty stomach. It means that one should give CBD oil mixed with some food before feeding the cat or giving the main meal.

If you are into the CBD business and want to start focusing on animal health, we can help you get started. You can also buy CBD oil in bulk from us.

A Guide to The Emerging Trend of CBD Wax

CBD comes in tens of forms like gummies, oil, capsules, foods, vaping fluids, etc. What is amazing is that the forms in which CBD comes are increasing day by day. However, there is one problem with most CBD products. Whether they are gummies or oil, they have low CBD concentrations.

One of the biggest reasons people fail to experience some of the incredible health effects of CBD is its low dose intake. So, what could be the probable solution? It appears that one of the better ways to take CBD at higher dosages is using CBD wax.

Since more people experience the health effects of CBD after using its wax, its popularity is also rising. In just a few years, its demand has increased by multiple times. Now CBD waxed is among the most demanded CBD products.

CBD wax

What Is CBD Wax?

As already said that CBD wax is among the most potent products. It has a wax-like consistency due to higher CBD concentration and higher viscosity. Ideally, CBD wax must be a dry and easy-to-handle product.

Unlike CBD oil, which manufacturers produce by adding small amounts of CBD isolate or distillate to the carrier oil, CBD wax is a real thing. It may have lower purity than CBD oil made using isolate, but it has much more potency.

CBD, by nature, is a fat-soluble substance. Thus, when extracted using various methods, one gets a CBD resin as an intermediate product. One can either create purer isolate or some other products from here.

How To Make CBD Wax

CBD experts often describe wax as something that is quite comparable to CBD resin. Therefore, people may use it as a final product or intermediate to make other products from it. However, unlike CBD isolate, or distillate, it is less pure and may contain other cannabinoids and terpenes, which may be beneficial, though it may also cause more side effects.

Nevertheless, market data indicates that the popularity of wax is increasing. This is readily explained as people are looking for something more potent and a product that really works.

What Is CBD Crumble?

Crumble is just another kind of wax. Basically, CBD wax comes in different consistencies, with some thicker and butter-like, while others are less thick or even solid and may readily crumble. CBD is made by heating cannabis extract and using different air pressure settings. Some settings would produce CBD butter as an end product, while others a crumblier product.

CBD oil and crumble

How To Make CBD Crumble

Though CBD crumble is a type of CBD wax, it is more solid and less buttery, and it crumbles or breaks into small, uneven pieces. Therefore, consider it a drier form of CBD wax. Since it is drier, it may be easier to pack and carry than something that is buttery.

One can create CBD crumble by heating for longer and reducing the pressure to remove most of the moisture. This would produce CBD wax crumbles. Then, one can directly eat these crumbles, smoke them, or even add them to different food items.

Of course, to create a crumbly product, extra effort is needed. For example, one may need to circulate the resin multiple times through the closed loop system during extraction. In addition, the resin has to go through multiple cycles of cooling and heating. Finally, once the pure product is ready, one must place the final extract for about three days in a vacuum oven at higher temperatures to get a truly crumbly product.

CBD Crumble vs. CBD Wax: What’s The Difference?

It is one of the common questions. There is not much difference between CBD crumble and wax, and they are the same things. Crumble is just a bit drier and easier to use. Depending on the preparation temperature and air pressure, one may get live resin, crumble, budder, shatter, and more. As one can understand that the primary difference between them is consistency. Generally, drier forms like crumble are more potent.

How To Use CBD Wax & Crumble: Method & Effects

There are innumerable ways in which this high-potency product can be used, and thus imagination is the only limit. One can also use this product in some unique ways.

Thus, for example, one may use it when smoking an old-fashioned pipe. One may smoke it along with tobacco and even without much of it. Nevertheless, some tobacco would be needed to convert the wax into an inhalable vapor. Though it is not good to smoke, but smoking crumbles may be an option for those who smoke a pipe.

Another good way to use it is just eating these crumbles. One can eat them directly or add them to various foods. They are also quite good for adding to different baked items. However, eating pure crumbles is one of the ways for those wanting to experience the immediate effect of high-dose CBD.

To conclude, CBD wax and crumble are some of the crude and more potent forms of CBD. As a result, some find it easy to use CBD in these forms. However, it is worth understanding that creating CBD crumbles is quite a laborious process, and thus it may be relatively expensive.

Want to learn more about how CBD wax can help you expand your business? contact us.

A Guide to CBD Pens: Do They Work?

Vaping is on the rise worldwide and is growing in popularity day by day. It is especially popular among young adults. It has helped many quit smoking, and what is good is that now many vaping liquids are also enriched with ingredients good for health. CBD pens are just an excellent example of this.

There is a reason why the wellness industry must pay greater attention to vaping. The prime benefit of vaping is the instant effect of any ingredient and excellent bioavailability. In addition, it means that vaping CBD has the advantage of faster action.

For example, consider using CBD oil, which has good sublingual bioavailability but not so good bioavailability when ingested. This is because the intestines take a long time to absorb CBD, which also results in much wastage. Consequently also takes a long time to start acting. However, in the case of vaping, it works almost instantly, and the lungs directly and immediately absorb CBD vapors.

It is worth understanding that people often use CBD for health conditions requiring quick action. For example, more and more people use CBD products to manage conditions like anxiety and seizures. However, if a person takes a CBD capsule, it will start working quite slowly and may not prevent anxiety or seizure in its early stages. So, why not consider vaping?

CBD vaping

First Off, What Are CBD Pens?

CBD pen is just another name for a vaping device. However, there is some difference, as manufacturers make these devices more specifically for CBD e-juices. These pens are quite like regular vaping devices with some minor differences to ensure better availability of CBD.

Additionally, there is something called disposable CBD vape pens. These pens come pre-filled with CBD e-juice, and one can simply discard them once the CBD has finished.

Generally, disposable pens contain a higher quality of CBD e-juice, and they are also simpler to use. However, they are slimmer and often represent a cigarette.

Nevertheless, both disposable and refillable devices or CBD pens are equally good with their own pros and cons.

How Do CBD Pens Make You Feel?

CBD pens do not contain THC, and thus they would not cause a high. However, this does not mean that CBD does not affect mood or the brain’s working. People use CBD for its various effects on mood. However, most of the effects of CBD are quite mild.

Thus, most people who use CBD pens report feeling relaxed, experiencing a sense of calmness, pain relief, and reduced fatigue. Additionally, frequent use may also prevent mood swings and reduce inflammation.

Here it is vital to understand that the effect of CBD pen also depends on the other ingredients. Most CBD e-juices would have some aroma, essential oils, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds.

Should I Use CBD Vape Pens for Anxiety?

It is perhaps a good idea to use CBD vape pens for anxiety. Some people are highly prone to anxiety attacks, and seven a small threat may make them so nervous that they may find it difficult to cope with it.

However, the problem with medications is that they start acting too late. In many instances, an acute anxiety attack is over by the time medications start working.

It is best to prevent anxiety attacks in their early stages as soon as one starts feeling unusually worried. CBD vape pens are good because they might provide an almost instant relaxing effect. In fact, many people start smoking tobacco to overcome stress and anxiety. However, vaping CBD is a much healthier and more effective way to control anxiety.

CBD vape pens can help control anxiety and anxiety-related physical signs and symptoms. Thus, it may help reduce pain sensation and even reduce anxiety-associated gastrointestinal issues.

What Are Some of The Best CBD Vape Pens?

Theoretically, one can simply buy CBD enriched vaping liquid and use it with just any vaping device. However, it is better to use devices specifically created for the purpose, as they have the right kind of heating filament to ensure maximum CBD bioavailability.

When it comes to choosing the devices, there is a choice between disposable and refillable. Disposable devices come pre-filled with CBD and are ready to use. They are also cheaper to procure. However, disposable may be more expensive over the long run.

Refillable CBD vape pens, on the other hand, are made to last long, and thus they are relatively more expensive. However, they are a better option who vape frequently. Additionally, one can also buy different kinds of CBD e-juices for such devices.

CBD vape pens

What Are Some of The Best Disposable CBD Vape Pens?

There are numerous options in the market, and here we introduce some of the best-known brands. This would help both the consumers and business owners looking to introduce vaping products understand how the good vaping products must look like.

Secret Nature CBD Vape produces a range of premium products, both disposable and refill cartilages. This company specializes in full-spectrum CBD oil containing different cannabinoids and terpenes for the best vaping experience. This also helps provide the true plant aroma.

Cheef Botanicals CBD Pen is another example of a company producing an excellent range of CBD vaping products, from disposable vape pens to cartilages. What is good about this company is that it produces CBD vaping products in every imaginable flavor like lime, pine, blackberry, pineapple, mango, and many more. In addition, they have a nice and colorful product packing and provide an aromatic experience.

Funky Farms Reserve, as the name suggests, it produces a range of CBD vaping products that particularly focuses on young adults. And, yes, they also share numerous ideas about using CBD, like adding to various recipes and more.

Farmacy Bliss Vape Pen is good because it contains a moderately good dose of CBD. They have full-spectrum CBD oil that is free from solvents and rich in terpenes. Terpenes provide both aroma and flavor to the products.

PCKT One Plus, their products are for experienced users, as they have ultra-long batter life. However, this also means that their device is bulkier and does not look like a pen or cigarette. But, then larger size often means faster heating, long-lasting battery life, and a better product experience in many cases.

To conclude, there are many CBD vaping devices available. However, for those starting vaping and looking for something relatively affordable and for casual use, disposable CBD pens might be the best option. Moreover, they are quite slim and discreet.

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The Key Challenges of Owning a CBD Business

CBD is already a big thing, and it will become even bigger. Experts estimate that the global CBD market is bigger than 5 billion USD. But, that is not all. It is a market that is bound to grow at an excellent pace for the next decade or more. Thus, it is expected to grow at the rate of 15-20% each year, which is a very high growth rate.

However, again, that is not all to the story. After all, the size of the market or its growth rate does not provide a complete picture. What is good about CBD is the massive profit margins. When compared to other health supplements, one can still sell CBD products at a premium price.

There are many growth drivers of CBD sales. It is worth understanding that still the majority of the world population still has to explore the benefits of CBD products. Another excellent thing about CBD is that it can be added to just any product from foods, supplements, or cosmetics. And thus, the possibilities are almost endless.

Moreover, the covid-19 pandemic has only positively influenced the CBD market. It is because now, more and more people are looking for natural remedies to stay healthy and safe.

Many people wonder if it is the right time to enter the CBD business or if it is not too late?

First and foremost, it is never too late to enter any business. However, one needs to create the right kind of business strategy depending on the market trends. For example, marketing strategy in countries where CBD products are just starting to take off would differ considerably from more mature markets.

CBD business challenges

How To Start Up a CBD Business

It could not be easy for those inexperienced in the health supplements business to understand a few things. However, first and foremost, one must know that the healthcare products market is more regulated than some other products.

Thus, the starting point for CBD business should be exploring the legal regulations regarding CBD products in the nation. For example, in the EU, CBD oil is considered to be a novel food, and thus one must get CBD oil registered as a novel food with health authorities or the European Commission. However, laws in other countries may vary greatly, and some nations are yet to legalize CBD.

Additionally, one should also understand other laws regulating the food products, packing, advertising of the healthcare and food products, and more.

Once the person has fully understood the legal requirement for getting started, the next step should be deciding on the product profile. First, one must determine what kind of segment to enter, like CBD oil, CBD-infused foods, CBD cosmetics, hemp oil products, and more.

Once a person has taken a decision about entering the specific CBD segment, let’s say CBD products for physically active individuals, sports people, products helping them stay focused and train better. First, one would need to think about differentiating the product from competitors. This may is done in many ways, like adding different ingredients to the product.

Next, one should decide on sales channels and product promotion. For example, some may choose to sell their product through Amazon, while others do so through a dedicated Shopify store or WooCommerce store. Finally, depending on the choice of platform, one would need to come up with a product promotion plan.

CBD business and challenges

The Top 3 Challenges CBD Business Owners Face

Starting any business is never going to be a straightforward task. Therefore, initial plans require frequent reassessment and changes. This is especially true for relatively more regulated businesses like food supplements, medications, or novel foods. Below are some of the challenges most CBD business owners face.

Challenging Public Perceptions of CBD

It is true that CBD seems to be everywhere and in everything. But, nonetheless, there are still many people who know almost nothing about CBD. Even worse, they still think that since CBD is from the cannabis plant, it means that it retains some properties of marijuana. Thus, they often consider it as something addictive and harmful to health.

There are many ways to overcome these issues, like sponsoring more clinical research into the subject and sharing scientific information with clients. It also means creating the right kind of promotional campaigns that help clients learn more about CBD.

Dealing With the Legality of CBD in Different Countries

This may often turn out to be the biggest challenge to overcome. Many CBD businesses never turn into reality, as startups find it too difficult to overcome regulatory hurdles. In countries like the US, things may seem pretty straightforward. Nonetheless, laws differ in every state.

Similarly, in the EU, edible CBD products must now get novel food approval, which is quite a tedious process. It means preparing a massive dossier, going through lots of documentation, and investing time and money to get the approval.

Additionally, there are significant differences between how various laws are implemented and interpreted in various nations. For example, some may allow the import of CBD products but not allow their retail sale through online platforms.

Navigating eCommerce Challenges of Selling CBD Online

These days most of the sales come through online platforms, and brick and mortar stores contribute little to the overall sales of CBD products. Moreover, distributing products to traditional stores is quite challenging for a new business. Thus, the best way to sell their products is through e-commerce platforms for new businesses.

However, most people find it quite challenging to get started with eCommerce. Making products available on any online platform is one thing, but a much greater challenge is sales generation. Here the ways of product promotion are almost endless, from Google Ads to social media marketing. All these things are easy said than done. Online advertising requires the allocation of massive resources and prolonged effort to achieve any considerable sales.

Final thoughts

Getting started with the CBD business indeed requires much learning, but it is true for just any business. Thus, these challenges should not be a cause for canceling the business plans. Instead, it only demonstrates the value of proper planning. Additionally, one can readily overcome many of these challenges by finding the right business partner who can help you get started.

CBD in Functional Foods: A Guide

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the more than 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. However, CBD is most popular, as it is most abundant in the plant, readily extractable, and is well studied by science. In addition, CBD has completely changed the way people perceive the cannabis plant. Now, they associate this plant with health benefits rather than substance abuse.

What is incredible about cannabinoids is that they have many different functions. Sometimes, various cannabinoids work in synergy with each other, and other times in an opposite way. Since CBD has so many health effects, it is surely a time to include it in a regular diet to recognize it as one of the most potent functional foods.

There are other reasons why It is necessary to start exploring CBD as a functional food. These days, 70% of all clinical conditions are non-infectious chronic ailments. One of the problems with chronic disorders is that they are difficult to treat with medications and cause significant pain and disability.

Just take an example of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, dementia, joint pains, lower back pain, and more. Most of these conditions are lifelong, or they tend to reoccur.

Studies show that most chronic ailments are lifestyle disorders. It means that they are prevented and better managed through lifestyle interventions rather than through the use of pharmacological drugs.

It means that there is an urgent need to understand the role of CBD in managing various chronic disorders. However, using health supplements daily is a challenge. On the other hand, consuming CBD as a part of the diet may better manage these conditions.

functional foods and CBD

What Are Functional Foods?

These are food items with health benefits extending beyond their nutritional value. It means that they not only provide energy and vital nutrients to the body but also help prevent and even manage health conditions.

Thus, for example, many spices like turmeric are not only used to color the food, improve its aroma, or for nutritional value, but it also has many other health benefits.

Similarly, CBD is excellent functional food. It mainly means creating products high in nutritional value and having the health benefits of CBD. It could be CBD-infused foods or even food products solely made of various parts of the cannabis plant.

Thus, take the example of hemp seed meal or hemp seed cake. It is what is left of the hemp seed after extracting its oil. However, this hemp cake is rich in vegan proteins, vitamins, and minerals, have small amounts of essential fatty acids and can be readily sourced. If we add CBD to this, we can create a food product that is nutritious and has all the health benefits of CBD.

Another example could be hemp seed oil, healthy oil that is quite rich in omega-3 fatty acids. However, hemp seed oil is naturally CBD-free. But, adding CBD to hemp seed oil would create excellent functional food.

Unlike healthy supplements, functional food is primarily for regular consumption as a part of a regular diet. Thus, for example, one can create smoothies using CBD-infused hemp seed meal or CBD-infused hemp seed oil as a salad dressing.

What Are Some Key Functional Food Benefits?

Functional foods provide many unique benefits over other products like food supplements or natural remedies. Perhaps the biggest advantage is a better nutritional profile and palatability. When consuming functional foods, one does not feel like taking some medicine. Thus, functional foods are easier to add to the daily regime. These foods are consumed just like any other food, and yet they have many health benefits.

When it comes to health benefits, the possibilities are limitless. It is because functional foods are not necessarily made using a single plant extract. Thus, one can add CBD to different healthy foods to create functional foods.

As already mentioned, one can use hemp seed meal with added CBD to make smoothies. One can use it before and after the workout. However, unlike conventional high protein supplements, it would also have the benefits of CBD, which may mean low anxiety, better focus, faster recovery, and the lesser problem of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It may also mean improved metabolic health and more.

Similarly, using hemp seed oil as a part of the diet is good, as it is quite nutritious. But hemp seed oil with CBD would be even more wonderful.

As already said that one can create even better products by combining different foods. Thus, just think about having CBD-infused multi-fruit juice daily in the morning. This would have all the benefits of multi-fruit juice, along with the health benefits of CBD. Furthermore, one can even fortify this juice with vitamins and minerals to create a highly beneficial and unique offering. Thus, as one can see possibilities here are endless.

CBD and funcional foods

What Are the Stages of CBD-Infused Functional Food Prep?

As the CBD market is quite saturated,  one of the ways of getting into the CBD business is starting with functional foods. Moreover, here the possibilities are almost endless. For example, one may create CBD infused food range focusing on physically active individuals or foods focused on managing certain ailments.

Creating CBD-infused functional food is pretty straightforward. Perhaps the simplest way of starting is just to come up with an idea of some food supplement range and then merely add some CBD to them. These could be food supplements for sports people like vegan protein powders, pre or post-workout shakes, meal replacement plans, and more. Or one can focus on specific disorders like foods for joint health, diabetes, brain health, and more.

Once you have come up with an idea, one of the most important things you need to know is whether your food item is oil-based or water-based. It is vital to know as CBD is naturally fat soluble but is poorly soluble in the water.

Thus, when it comes to adding CBD to oil-based products, it is pretty simple. One can buy CBD wholesale, like CBD isolate or THC-free broad spectrum CBD distillate, and then add these to foods.

However, if you want to create a CBD-infused energy drink, then you would need to use water soluble CBD isolate or water soluble distillate. Unfortunately, there are very few companies in the market like essentiapura that produce water soluble CBD. It is essentially a nano-emulsified liquid concentrate that is ready to add to just any water-based food and has excellent bioavailability.

Additionally, when creating products, one should also think about adding other beneficial ingredients to differentiate the product from the market. For example, a CBD-infused sports drink with curcumin and vitamin Bs reduces post-workout inflammation.

What Is the State of the Functional Food Market in 2022?

It is relatively difficult to say as there is no clear data. Moreover, definitions of functional foods differ globally. However, what we know is that the wellness market is almost $4 trillion, which is massive. Additionally, we know that CBD has been one of the major growth drivers of the functional food market for the last few years.

There are many reasons for the lack of accurate data. Just take an example of fortified juices. Some would say that it is just a food item, another would call it a health supplement, and yet others may classify it as a functional food. Generally, criteria differentiating between foods, functional foods, and healthy supplements vary significantly between the various nations, creating significant challenges.

Nevertheless, it is evident that the CBD market is growing in North America and Europe. Another encouraging point is that the market will continue to grow for a decade or more. The demand for CBD products is continually growing, and the market is still struggling to meet consumer demands. Thus, though the CBD oil market may be much saturated, the market of CBD-infused foods is still nascent and offers many business opportunities.

Top Ways to Boost Functional Food Intake?

If you have decided to get into the functional food segment, there is still lots to think about before launching any food product. One of the ways to start is to identify the segment that one wants to enter. For example, some may come up with a vegan range of products, others foods for brain health, and more.

If you want to know more about ways of boosting functional food intake, it is not very difficult. Here the secret is pretty simple, instead of choosing usual foods, better choose food products with some added health benefits.

Just take an example of dietary oil intake. Everyone consumes oil in one way or another. However, instead of going for regular vegetable oil, one may opt for organic, cold pressed, omega-3 fatty acids rich vegetable oil. If one can find such vegetable oil with CBD, that would be even great.

Similarly, instead of a regular glass of juice in the morning, why not consider multi-fruit juice fortified with vitamins or other beneficial herbs. Thus, such a juice would be not only nutritious but also beneficial to health.

if you are interested in CBD-infused functional foods, we can help you by giving more information.


CBD And Your Brain: Everything You Need to Know

It is no secret that cannabis contains mind-altering substances like THC, which can affect brain function. However, there has been growing interest in the non-psychotic cannabinoids in the cannabis plant in recent years. There is a particular interest in the role of cannabidiol (CBD) in brain health.

It is true that CBD is non-psychotic and does not give high or cause euphoria. However, this does not mean that CBD does not influence the brain. On the contrary, studies show that it can affect the working of different brain parts and its action on the brain is quite often opposite to THC.

In fact, most people take CBD due to its impact on the brain. Thus, they use CBD to reduce pain and anxiety, improve sleep, and more. There has been significant interest in its role in reducing epileptic seizures in recent years. Now there is no doubt that CBD may help in epilepsy, and there are even some US FDA-approved CBD-based medications for use in resistant cases of epilepsy.

Moreover, the list of indications for CBD is expanding fast. New studies also show that CBD can help improve mental health and has anti-psychotic effects. Experts are even exploring its role in managing conditions like schizophrenia.

Not only that, but it may also help get rid of substance abuse. It appears that CBD has the potential to help people addicted to cannabis, opioids, alcohol, cocaine, and other substances. Not only that, but it may also help reduce the severity of the withdrawal syndrome.

So, yes, CBD has many effects on the brain, and new neuroimaging techniques and other methods of studying brain function are now helping researchers to understand how CBD works.

CBD for brain health

Does CBD Kill Brain Cells?

No, not in any way. It is a commonly asked question as people know that marijuana has a mind-altering effect and may be somewhat toxic to the brain. However, this has nothing to do with CBD. Moreover, there is sufficient evidence that CBD would not kill brain cells even at extremely high dosages.

In fact, CBD is neuroprotective. Studies show that it can boost the antioxidant capacity of the brain and thus help protect the brain cells. This is the reason why researchers are also exploring its role in managing neurodegenerative disorders like dementia or Parkinson’s. In addition, early studies suggest that CBD may help by protecting brain cells from death.

There is strong evidence from animal studies that CBD does not kill brain cells. Moreover, animal studies allow giving CBD at extremely high dosages. Not only that, in experimental animal studies, researchers can use CBD even in embryos. Thus, a study in an embryo of zebra fish found that a high dosage of CBD did not kill brain cells or cause severe neurotoxicity.

Experts are even exploring CBD use for protecting brain cells from various toxins. Thus, one of the in-vivo studies found that CBD may help protect brain cells from alcohol-induced brain toxicity. Studies show that these effects are mainly due to the antioxidant effect of CBD.

How Does CBD Work in the Brain?

It is one of the complex questions that has been subject to much research. Though research has increased understanding of CBD’s mechanism of action, but it is worth understanding that things are not fully clear. It is quite likely CBD has multiple mechanisms of action, and thus is challenging to know how it works in the brain.

The most well-accepted theory is that it works in the brain due to its impact on the endocannabinoid system. However, again, it is not clear how exactly this enables CBD to influence various brain functions. Though CBD can modulate cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, its action is not very strong.

Researchers think that CBD works by affecting the different types of brain receptors and not just endocannabinoid receptors. Thus, CBD seems to affect serotoninergic, dopaminergic, vanilloid receptor 1 (TRPV1), and more.

CBD also appears to increase the plasma levels of anandamide, which is better known as the “bliss molecule.” Its impact on anandamide levels is believed to help in psychiatric disorders.

Although the mechanism of action of CBD is not fully understood yet, nonetheless, brain imaging studies show that there is a considerable change in the activity of various brain centers after taking CBD. This confirms that CBD can influence brain function in many ways.

CBD and blood brain barrier

Can CBD Cross the Blood Brain Barrier?

Many people are not aware of something called blood brain barrier (BBB). It is a network of closely knitted cells and blood vessels that prevent harmful substances from reaching the brain. BBB is like a dedicated security system of the brain. Thus, it controls the movement of all the substances in and out of the brain. That is why very few infections are able to harm the brain.

But BBB also creates some issues. For example, many medications and supplements cannot penetrate the brain. It means that though these substances may have a beneficial impact on brain health in various experiments, they fail to help in real life.

Fortunately, lipophilic or fat soluble substances have better brain penetration, and CBD is a highly fat soluble substance. Thus, CBD can readily enter the central nervous system (CNS) or cross BBB. That is why it has so many effects on brain cells.

Not only that, it appears that CBD can even reduce inflammation of BBB and thus improve its function. This could be one of the ways in which CBD may exert a protective influence on the brain. Experimental studies suggest that CBD may help in ischemic and inflammatory conditions of the brain. CBD is also good for managing acute traumatic brain injury due to its ability to cross BBB and have a beneficial impact on the BBB.

CBD For Brain Tumors: What’s The Evidence?

Although a lot is known about the influence of CBD on mood and pain, however, in recent years, there has been increasing interest in testing CBD for managing more severe conditions. In addition, interest has been significantly rising in the role of managing brain tumors.

Most brain tumors are glioma. These are cancerous tumors that are very aggressive and difficult to treat. Those diagnosed with the condition have a mean survival of just 14-16 months. Doctors mainly treated it with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as surgical removal of the tumor is not an option.

CBD will not cure the tumor. However, interestingly enough, evidence is emerging that when it is used along with regular treatment, it may increase lifespan in many instances. For example, in one of the small studies in nine patients, the mean survival rate increased to 22.3 months. This is a considerable increase in the lifespan.

Since very few medications can prolong life in glioma, researchers have wondered about the underlying mechanism of action of CBD. They have proposed that it may be working in many ways. For example, one of the ways CBD helps is by preventing cancer-associated mitochondrial dysfunction, thus preventing the death of brain cells. They think this happens due to the calcium influx induced by CBD through TRPV4 (transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member 4) activation.

Studies show that cannabidiol helps in brain tumors in multiple ways, and thus it may help in different kinds of brain tumors. Yet another study demonstrated that CBD might help prevent brain cancer progression by increasing the production of antioxidants in the brain.

CBD also has a supportive role in managing brain tumors

CBD is not just for suppressing the growth of brain tumors. It appears that it can also have a supportive role in treating brain tumors. In addition, it can be a part of palliative care. Thus, regular CBD use may help improve mood, reduce anxiety, and prevent cancer-associated depression. It may also help prevent other issues like pain, nausea, and more.

Another reason for using CBD in brain tumor patients could be to reduce tumor-related seizures. In those living with a brain tumor, these seizures tend to be quite resistant to various treatments. Studies show that CBD could be especially good for those living with resistant seizures. It can help reduce their severity and frequency.

CBD and brain

Are There Any Negative Effects of CBD on The Brain?

Regretfully, very little is known about the negative influences of CBD on the brain, as science still does not have a complete understanding of its mechanism of action. Nevertheless, researchers think that one should not abuse CBD. Furthermore, one should not use CBD for no apparent reason.

Since CBD causes widespread changes in the brain and can affect the working of brain cells, it is quite likely that it may cause neurotoxicity in some. Additionally, it can cause drug-drug interactions, alter the working of the liver, and may have some negative effects on gut health.

To conclude, CBD may not be psychoactive, but it does influence the working of the CNS. It may help reduce activity in hyperactive parts of the brain. Thus, it can help in conditions like anxiety, pain, and mood swings.

It may also help normalize the production of certain neurotransmitters, thus helping in depression. Its ability to change the excitability of neurons can help manage seizures due to epilepsy or brain tumors.

Additionally, new studies show that it can help those diagnosed with brain tumors by extending their lifespan. It has a particular role in the palliative care of brain cancer.

If you are interested in CBD products for brain health, contact us and we can provide more information.