Can CBD Help Aggressive Cats?

Your cat can sometimes be pretty aggressive for no apparent cause and CBD can help. Cats are the favorite pet of Europeans, with data indicating that there are as many as about 75 million pet cats in the EU. Yes, that’s a massive number. It means that there is one cat for every six people in the EU. Countries like Romania, Hungry, Slovenia, and Portugal are among the most cat-friendly countries.

People keep cats and care for them like family members. It means that there is a significant market for cat-care products in the EU.

Additionally, it is worth understanding that cats are mammals, quite like humans. It means they have many similarities to humans, with similar kinds of hormones, metabolic pathways, health issues, and more. Although, of course, they differ significantly from humans, nonetheless, considerable similarity means that what works for humans also works for cats.

In fact, most of the veterinary drugs used to treat different cat disorders are also used in human medicine. So, it means that pain killers, antacids, antianxiety, cardiovascular drugs, and other medications that help humans overcome suffering can also help cats. Hence it also means that health supplements that are good for humans can also help cats, and it is also true for CBD.

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CBD for Aggression in Cats

CBD is relatively safe in humans and can help in a range of conditions. For example, it can help reduce stress, and anxiety, stabilize mood and reduce pain and inflammation. Thus, there is every reason to believe that CBD can help reduce aggression in cats due to its broad spectrum of activity.

Why is my Cat Aggressive All of a Sudden?

Felines are carnivores, which means that aggression is one of their basic instincts. However, domesticated felines differ significantly from wild cats, as they have evolved to be less aggressive. Nevertheless, under certain conditions or for some reason, cats may suddenly become aggressive.

There could be many reasons for cats becoming aggressive all of a sudden. Still, CBD can help, but not in all cases. Moreover, CBD will work better when used along with behavioral therapy. Thus, identifying the cause of sudden aggressiveness in cats is essential.

Below are some of the reasons why a cat may become aggressive all of a sudden:

  • Fear of the unknown– Sometimes, cats may develop some fears of unknown factors and suddenly become aggressive. Unfortunately, pet owners often find it hard to understand those fears.
  • Aggression due to health issues– Animals cannot speak, but they feel the pain and express their distress in different ways. Thus, a cat may develop problems like joint pains, toothache, and infection and suddenly become aggressive due to constant pain. Sometimes cats might become aggressive due to cognitive decline, too.
  • Territorial aggression may occur after moving to a new house, introducing a new pet, or for some other reason.
  • Redirected aggression– It happens due to some external stimuli like a cat getting frightened by some noise or couldn’t catch a squirrel. In such a case, the cat may redirect its aggression towards the human companions.
  • Petting aggression– It may occur due to some sensory changes in the cats. Thus, they may start getting irritated by over-attention from human companions.

As one can understand, CBD can help cats in most of the above cases in different ways. It helps overcome pain and inflammation, reduces stress and anxiety, stabilizes mood, and thus reduces aggression due to various reasons.

cbd and agressive cat

How to Calm an Aggressive Cat

If a cat becomes aggressive too frequently, one needs to identify the cause and find a remedy. Of course, CBD can help, but it works better when combined with other ways of reducing aggression. After all, CBD is not a magical potion. Below are some of the things cat owners can do to calm down aggressive cats:

  • Cats need attention, but not all the time. Sometimes, all they need is a safe and isolated place to rest. Thus, if a cat becomes suddenly aggressive, provide it with a safe place to relax.
  • Visit your veterinarian, as cats cannot speak. In addition, only well-trained and experienced veterinarians can identify various physical ailments that might be causing pain and aggression.
  • Do not yell, as it is not going to solve the problem. Instead, spending more time with a cat and improving the bond may have a better effect.
  • Prevent fight at its earliest stages if you have more than one cat in your house. This would help prevent things from getting worse and prevent future episodes of aggression.

Does CBD Help Aggressive Cats?

There are many reasons to believe that CBD can help. It is vital to understand that most drugs that help people are also good for cats and vice versa. That is why many medications are first tested in mammals, especially in preclinical stages. It means that CBD can also help reduce stress, pain, and inflammation and have a calming effect on cats.

Moreover, there is ever-increasing evidence from various studies that CBD works, and its mode of action is similar to humans. Studies show that the endocannabinoid system is present in various mammals, including cats.

There has been some research into animals, and these studies confirm that CBD may reduce aggressive behavior in various mammals like dogs and cats.

CBD Oil Dosage for Cats

CBD is a natural ingredient that is effective and safe for cats. Moreover, there has been an increasing trend in using CBD in veterinary health in recent years. Studies show that 1-5 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight is a good dose. Generally, it is a good idea to start with a minimum dosage and increase dosage on a weekly basis.

Starting dosage would also depend on the severity of the condition and cause of aggression in a cat. For example, if the cat is suffering from an inflammatory and painful ailment, it would be better to start with about 2 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight.

If the recommended dosages do not work, one can increase the dosage up to 10 mg per 10 pounds of body weight.

It is vital to understand that CBD does not work instantly. It starts showing effect after about 30-45 minutes, and the effect generally lasts for 4-6 hours. It means one would need to give CBD twice or thrice a day.

How to Give CBD to Cats

It is pretty simple. Generally, using CBD oil is the best option. One can use CBD oil specifically created for pets; however, one can also use CBD oil made for humans. One can simply mix CBD oil with food and give it to the cat.

Although it is possible to give CBD oil to cats sublingually, but that is relatively a difficult task as cats do not love such things.

Finally, keep in mind that CBD oil would work better on an empty stomach. It means that one should give CBD oil mixed with some food before feeding the cat or giving the main meal.

If you are into the CBD business and want to start focusing on animal health, we can help you get started. You can also buy CBD oil in bulk from us.

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